I Am Not in Love With My Husband, Should I Leave?

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"I am not in love with my husband and never was. He knows this, I met him at a very bad time in my life and he saved me form abuse but he was never “the one” for me. He is my best friend we just do not have a romantic connection. The issue is, we have kids together and i refuse to leave because he is the worlds most amazing father. Is it wrong to stay when he literally knows me every thought and feeling? we are not miserable together and i want to raise our kids together. Or should I just do him a favor and leave?"

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"How does he feel about the situation? Is it a roommate situation? FWB? Do you get along? Are you happy? So many things to consider. Could you still live together to coparent whilst dating others? Who says you even have to live conventionally???"

"If you are happy then stay. Marriages turn into companionship as you age anyways."

"So your not miserable. But are you both happy? Would either step outside the marriage and if so what would be the consequences"

"If you both feel this way, why not try an open marriage?"

"Grass probably won’t be greener"

"Are you comfortable or happy? Only you can decide this."

"You should be thankful you got a good man, nowadays its HARD to find a loyal decent man. The grass is not greener on the other side, its greener where you water it. Its up to you, Go gamble your life away to find “the one”."

"Let that man go. Why keep him and yourself from being happy. Y’all can still be the best of friends and do great in coparenting"

"Consider an discrete open marriage. Continue to raise your children together and see if he would interested in you giving one another a pass. Works for some quite well"

"Tell him whats up. Let him go find somebody who will love him back. He deserves that. Surely he will still father his children and if you do this right, perhaps y’all can still salvage your friendship. Sounds like you jumped at an opportunity to better your life situation and it lead to all of this. That man did not deserve that."

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