I am not producing much breast milk: Advice?

Hello. I have a question that I would love some help with. I had my baby almost two months ago, and certain circumstances kept me from breastfeeding. I am, however, pumping every 3 hours for 30 minutes. My question is, I’m not producing a whole lot. On regular 3 oz a pump. That was working ok, but now it looks like she might start to need more. I’m getting discouraged because I’ve tried a few things to help my supply increase (mother tea, and I’ve gone to my Dr. to get pills prescribed). Nothing is working!! I feel like giving up because I’m constantly in pain with clogged milk ducts (enough to keep me in bed in tears) and feel like a failure for not being able to produce enough for my baby. Has anyone else been through this? Does it get easier, or should I give up? Oh, and I do drink a 16oz bottle of water every pump session.


Read online about natural supplements . Fenugreek and chardon bénit

Oatmeal. Drink lots of water!

The baby needs to suck…its chemistry and physics that allow production of milk, shared hormones

bumps babies and breastfeeding group they are amazing and can help

I didnt experience any problems breastfeeding my little one. But my 2 sister in laws couldnt breatfeed at all. Its ok. Sounds like ur doing all u can and its ok if u cant breastfeed, just love ur baby!! Congratulations on ur baby btw

Target had some different powders that increases productivity. Fenugreek works wonders. Even had cookies to change things up! But never feel bad!! A fed baby is a happy baby. No matter if it’s breast milk or formula!! Good luck!!

The more often you pump the more your breasts will produce and you’ll get a larger supply. I used to pump while feeding and pump in between feedings.

Eat oatmeal.
Stay away from alcohol.
There are cookies that help with breast milk too they are kind of expensive but they worked for me.

Make sure you are eating 3 meals and healthy snacks in between. Like nuts, avocados, fruits and veggies.


You may need to pump more often. There is a major growth spurt at that time, so normally she would be nursing a lot more frequently.

Power pumping and fluid and calorie intake. Everything else is woo can actually hurt supply. Nothing wrong with combo feeding.

Sorry to sound prudent but i e been through nursing for 9 years of having 6 babies and i nurse my 1 year old exclusively so im an expert

Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. The more you nurse/pump the more you make.

3 ounces in 3 hours is perfect! A breastfed babe should be pacefed-this is crucial so you can Keep up. A breastfed babe only needs 1-1.25 ounces per hour, so 3 in 3 hours is exactly what babe needs!

Don’t do fenugreek. It can drastically decrease your supply.

Also. Your pumping output is not what you make (unless strictly pumping) babe is much more efficient than a pump.

Do lots of skin to skin with babe as well.

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Check thyroid levels

Brewers yeast ! They have the vitamin form at Walmart. Or a dark beer , power pumping , oatmeal, lots and lots of water… skin to skin , feeding on demand.

Give up? :woman_shrugging: don’t lose your mind over it. You’ve got better things to worry about.


Also 3 months they start to cluster feed and you wont be able to pump as much because of it baby takes all that they can. You can try self expressed in the shower with warm water on your breasts

Latch her on more or pump more often try pumping every 30 min to an hr, that will also help with your ducts too

The best thing you can do is just keep pumping! I was pumping every 2hrs around the clock until I got my supply established, it DOES get easier! I tried all the supplements ect but honestly the most effective way to increase supply is to just pump more! Power pumping helped too( pump 20 mins wait 10 pump 10 wait 10 pump 10) try not to obsess over it bc stress will decrease your supply I used to stare at the bottles waiting for milk to come out and when I stopped stressing and watching every last milk drop, I noticed an increase!
Even if you’re pumping and nothings coming out, don’t stop or be discouraged the act of pumping is telling your body to make milk and eventually you will!!

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Oatmeal. Try latching the baby on to release oxytocin. Pump more often if possible, for shorter amounts of time. So instead of 30 minutes every 3 hours, do 15 minutes every 2 hours.

Milky Mama, LLC products are also pretty much sworn by among my friends. I havent needed them but I’ve been referred to them by everyone I know who uses them.

Try taking a warm shower and massaging them as weird as it sounds. Itll help with clogged ducts


Eat oatmeal and drink SO much water. SO SO much. Also latch baby as much as possible. Pump when baby isn’t attached. Breastfeeding is like a full time job, but so worth it!

Oatmeal, water, mother’s milk tea.

Drink, drink, drink water and lots of it plus rest.

From my experience struggling with breast feeding, it is not worth it to drain yourself. There are lots if great suggestions here to continue breast feeding and if you want to continue to try, do them. But understand that your baby needs a happy mommy more than they need breast milk and do not feel discouraged if you get to a point where you feel you need to stop trying. Formula is expensive, but still feeds your baby.


Pump every 1-2 hours to increase production also skin to skin… self express after pumping also to completely get all milk out… U want to get milk out because that tells ur body baby needs more… Also helps from getting clogged. What I did was after I pumpwd and wants getting anymore I would “milk” myself into the cones that attach to the nipple… Eat healthy and drink lots of water…

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First of all, you are NOT a failure. I never got much when I pumped. If you’re able, put your baby to your breast. If you can’t, remember, the most important thing is the baby being fed. Formula was designed for mamas who can’t nurse, for whatever reason. Go easy on yourself mama.


I had the same issues, had a C-section and not sure if that had anything to do with it. Saw a lactation consultant that helped quite a bit, especially with the pain. Never forget, fed is best even if that’s formula. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and not matter what happens, remember you are a good mom.


I have to pump exclusively because baby won’t latch on. I have had to supplement with formula at times.

Body Armor drinks! Oatmeal and tons of water. More than you are drinking now.


There is some kind of scientific research to back up that the contact from the baby’s mouth to your nipple, tends to make more milk production. However, with your special circumstances, not knowing exactly what they are, I would say supplement with formula. I have six children, and with my youngest one, from about the two months point on, it was impossible for me to exclusively breastfeed. And as much as I felt horrible for it, fed is best. It doesn’t matter if it’s breast or bottle, as long as your baby isn’t hungry, that’s all that matters.

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Nursing baby will increase production more than anything. If you’re having trouble with getting baby to latch, get in touch with a lactation consultant.

And don’t read into too much comments, every child is different! some cluster feed at a month some cluster feed at two, or three. As long as your baby isn’t hungry, you know you’re doing the right thing.

Honey I hate to tell you this but it might not work for you. I have been producing breast milk ever since I had my first kid and he is now 13 now it did slow down but if you laugh. Baby on to it or squeeze on it sometimes during my. I would like to take a little and then my out of my younger ones my oldest is five so I’ve been consecutively breastfeeding for five years because I have five four 2 and a 4 month. now the first time I could pump and I produced a lot and I did it for a while the second time I use the pump I was able to pump for about 2 months and then my milk flow stopped but I could still breastfeed my daughter chose bottle so I just decided to stop feeding her but my milk was still there I just couldn’t physically produce any with the pump with my second I was actually able to pump for about six months and get literally so much milk that it lasted like it went bad and then mice my third one he breastfed for 2 years and I never come to with him and then my last one I tried pumping a little but honestly it was just too much for me and I was just too tired too overwhelmed too much stuff going on but I’m still producing milk so sometimes when I use the phone I won’t be able to get anything more than an ounce sometimes I can get 10 oz of off of one boob so sometimes it just the way it goes

#1 Definitely do not feel like a failure.
I don’t have a thyroid and after my 6 week check up and my doctor changing my meds I immediately lost milk production. It wasn’t worth the added stress to me but you can follow mother’s milk on IG and they have some pills I tried and has worked for some. Good luck!

Why do you not think you’re producing enough. Breastfed babies only need like 1-1.5 ounce every hour. A feeding schedule background would be nice. Also are you pace feeding?

I went through the same thing. Nothing wrong with mixing breast milk with formula. What I could pump (average 2oz) I would mix in with her formula and let her eat.
You are by no means a failure. You are doing great mama!!!

Water is key! Its alot of work to drink enough to up your supply but it trully works. I was ready to give up, i wasnt producing and it was during a snow storm so i had no other choice but drink a ton of water and it literly wasnt long and i was pumping more then enough

Go up a size on your pump flanges.

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Drink lots of water, do the tea, and if in the end you can’t make enough, then don’t be too hard on yourself if you have to supplement with formula.

Just feed your baby and you’ll never fail

Consult a lactation specialist and ask them to help size your flanges on your pump. If your using to small or to large it can decrease your supply and cause clogged ducts. Don’t feel like a failure! You’re doing great. Check out the milky mama page too! Good luck you’re doing amazing💖

Perhaps it is time for a change. Doesnt mean you are a failure, etc. Sometimes it just does not work out… Feeding should be relaxing and a joy for both of you.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Also stress played a huge role in my decreasing supply which then dropped more (vicious cycle) so anything you can do to let stuff go that’s not important is great. I ended up supplementing and after that initial feeling of “failure” it lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Also join a couple breastfeeding groups on FB and see which one you like

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Drink a lottttt of water… take care of yourself. Make sure you are eating and still taking your prenatal. Try to have as much as skin on skin contact and have her try to latch…she still might not… but it’ll help w producing more milk. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Warm compressant on them clogged ducts. Will help loosen it up. I hear another good way for hydration to get that milk flowing is coconut water w pineapple. Dont give up but also, dont beat yourself up if u have to switch to formula. Fed is best. Take it day by day and see what happens. Try what I and others have advised. Hopefully itll work for ya…but again, pls dont beat yourself up or get too crazy over it. Do what u can to produce more but if u truly cant and you know that baby needs more oz, then can either add formula oz w what u pumped out. Still will get the benefits from breastmilk but also your LO will have a full belly. Can do that til u can produce more or whatever works for you and that LO of yours


Oatmeal helps with milk production. Also pumping as often as possible, even if nothing is coming out

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Try power pumping…pumping for 20 mins break for 10 mins pumping for 20 (look it up for the exact directions I found it on Pinterest) also body armour

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Increase your healthy fat intake. Avacados nuts oils things like that.

Mother’s milk tea I’m pretty sure has fenugreek in it. Fenugreek can help in some cases but for others all it causes is stomach distress in mom and baby loss of supply. I’d be very careful with taking it.

I know how you feel! I was never able to produce enough for any of my 4 children. You are NOT a failure! Keep your head up momma!

Remove coffee and caffinated tea … try a tea called Mothers Milk …it’s herbal and helps you produce more milk

Oatmeal, toasted coconut, LOTS of water and pumping every 1-2 hours. It’s a lot of work to boost your milk production but definitely worth it.

2 months starts a growth spurt and cluster feeding, your doing good momma! Keep on keepin’ on :heart:

Oatmeal and lots of water. Put some rice in a bag, microwave it, to make a homemade heat pack thing. Put the bags on your boobs, itll help get the milk out. Buy veggie juices. Eat lots of snacks.

That’s why we have formula, sweetie. Breastmilk doesn’t work for everyone. It’s okay. Nobody cares which kindergartener was breastfed as a child. If you can afford it, just do formula. You’ve tried your best, and exclusively pumping can be a nightmare. Let it go and focus on happy momma. That makes a happy baby. And don’t let anyone on the internet tell you differently.

Put the baby on the boob. I have ebf seven kids and don’t get much when I pump. You might need a new flange size though.

Never give up on a bad day. That’s my advise. On the worst of days everyone feels like quitting. If you still feel like quitting on a good day that is different. In your heart you know it’s what you want. But on bad days the gloom over shadows all

Feed that baby however you can. Do not stress it. Not every mother can produce, not every baby can latch, and not every baby can have their mother’s milk. It’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up.

You need to see an IBCLC

I couldn’t make enough milk for any of my 3 babies either :sob:So glad they make such wonderful formula ! If it was back in the prairie days I would have been knocking on someone’s door to help feed my baby :heart_eyes: I think you can even buy it now days :thinking: but I’m almost
60 yrs old that was a long time ago

Need to pump every 2 hours day and night … pump 3-5 mins after milk stops as you may have another key down

I sadly could not pump.

I’m one of those that pumping makes my milk supply dwindle. I could pump once in a while but never daily and constantly. I tried all kinds of pumps even manual.

The best thing that helped my milk supply was that I had to have the baby latched to my nipple most of the day and night. Suckling. Constantly drinking water.

I bought a baby carrier and a thin blanket and was walking around the house doing chores with baby latched while laying care of the other kids.

My milk supply would double in two days.

Try that if you can? If you can’t do it for the whole day then maybe for an hour or two at a time?

My baby is 6 days old and I’ve had to massage through the hard clogged ducts for several days, every 3 hours. It’s very painful, but you have to do it. Put a heating pack on them for 10-15 minutes before, that was a huge help in getting the flow going!

Pump flange size makes a huge impact! Try larger or smaller to make sure you’re the right size. It sounds like you’re producing enough, but unable to get it out all the way.


The mix I made for my daughter was in a 10ml roller bottle 5 drops lavender, 8 drops clary sage and basil. Filled the bottle with coconut oil. She is nursing a 19 month old and a 3 month old. She said applying it to the sides of her breasts have double her production making it so much easier for her.

Old wife’s tale but it works have a beer!!! It worked for me and me and baby were fine after that!!!

I never responded to a pump very well but I have close friends, one in particular, that pumped full time and they would hold their baby or look at a picture or smell the baby’s blanky while they were pumping. It Always helped them so much to get more milk! Your diet also is very important; leafy greens, oats, barley, good protein like chicken or pork and eggs. Keep drinking your water for sure and Mother’s tea but don’t go over board with the tea because it can produce too much foremilk and make baby gassy so keep that in mind. Follow your mommy instincts and keep trying to see what work’s for you and try and calm your mind :purple_heart:
** mama of 5 BF babies :sunflower:

ALL OF THE WATER! seriously Like a gallon a day. Also… this is why formula exists. A fed baby is best!!!

Breastfeeding is not for everybody don’t feel bad there’s formula now and days don’t worry about it

The only way I got my supply up was by constantly feeding my son literally every 20 mins since I wasn’t producing enough he was hungry often eventually it went up and he fed less often.

Power pumping, pump 20 mins , stop for 10 mins. Then pump for 10 mins. Rest 10 mins, pump 10 mins. Do that for a whole hour every 2 hours. Pump more than every 3 hours

Babies only NEED 1-1 1/2 oz breastmilk per hour… so 3 ounces every 3 hours sounds about right. You’re not going to be able to pump as much as your baby could pull out if they were directly on your breast… if you’re really concerned look into power pumping. Change your pump parts out (membranes should be replaced like monthly). The fact that you’re getting clogged ducts tells me you’re not emptying your breasts enough - maybe your pump isn’t strong enough, maybe the wrong size flanges, worn out membranes, etc.

That is a normal amount and all the baby should need at this point. Lots of mothers believe they’re not producing enough, but in reality it IS enough, even though it’s only 3 oz

Honestly keep trying pumping is so hard if you are able to get your baby to latch on (ask about nipple guards if it’s a issue) do it naked skin to skin really helps also watching your diet because there are a lot of things that can cause low flow but stressing over it will not help pump what you can on a regular basis for clogged ducks warm towels really help

Don’t beat yourself up, you are doing your best and your baby knows it. I was able to pump for 4 months and then my supply decreased and I had to start formula.

Cabbage leaves thin the milk enough to unclog the ducts. I wore a cold cabbage leaf in my bra for about 2 days and not only did I unclog but I was leaking uncontrollably. Also look into lactation brownies and cookies


I feel the same way I was not producing very good put my son on formula and he is perfect

Since its clogged Massage ur breast in hot shower
Express milk in shower
U may have mastitis
U need meds
It shouldnt hurt

Lactation nurse said that the hormone that produces breast milk is active most at night. So breast feed all night if possible. And saliva from baby to breast.

After reading some of the comments, i find it really annoying that after only two months, some are saying it’s just not for you. Maybe they are just trying to give you permission to stop. And there is a certain amount of guilt that comes with stopping. But breastfeeding is a process. For you and baby. As long as you want to do it, stay in touch with a lactation nurse. They have some that do video chats and can physically see how baby is or isn’t latching. Just continue to push thru until you know in ur heart it’s time. :heartpulse:

Eat oatmeal and oatmeal cookies also drink red Gatorade thats what ive been doing and I pump to full bottles and drink lots of water to also make sure baby is eating every 2 to 3 hours and make a schedule for pumping and feeding

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Breast milk works on demand and supply. The more you pump (power pump) the more milk you will inevitably produce. It’s difficult but pushing through you will produce more milk just hang in there

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Sounds strange but massage your breasts. I did not before I gave birth (advised by my diabetic team) and i produced a ton of both colostrum and breat milk and that’s because I massaged them beforehand.

I don’t know what kind of pump you have, but try setting the suction as high as you feel comfortable for the first 15 minutes and then using the letdown setting again. Sometimes this will trigger a second letdown and that seems to help. Also try heat packs and massaging while pumping. Good luck mama!

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I breastfed all 3 of my children and pumped because I worked fulltime and I traveled overnight for my job. No matter how fancy your breast pump is, it does not work as efficiently as a baby that is nursing. The volume your are pumping is normal, but the pain and the clogged ducts are because the pump is not capable if completely emptier your breasts. It is not too late to try to let your baby nurse. But, if you choose not to, dont feel guilty. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it would be to exclusively pump. If you cannot nurse, try to find a good quality formula and make both you and your baby more comfortable! Good luck!!

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And nursing at night does help to produce milk. My supply dried up when my babies started sleeping through the night!!

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I just know doctor told me to drink at least 8 cups of milk a day cause you can’t give the calcium unless you have it.

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I’m so sorry you feel so bad about this. Lots of advice has been given in this post, if you choose to try it, that’s wonderful. If you choose to switch to formula that is also wonderful. It is not giving up it is giving your baby a less stressed, happier momma. I know this is easier said than done, but whatever happens with your breastfeeding journey don’t feel bad about it. Formula is one of the greatest inventions ever, because it allows anyone’s baby to thrive, no matter their ability to breastfeed. Best wishes to you and baby!

Try milky mama - Milky Mama, LLC

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Put her on your breast

3oz from each side or 3oz all together?
Maybe tray pumping every 2 hours now? and make sure your drinking alot of water. Try some lactation cookies and oatmeal.
Pumping more often should tell your body that baby needs more milk and should start producing more.also since baby isnt latching, lay baby on your chest for awhile afew times a day, should help your body with procuding what nutrients she needs
Take a warm/hot shower or bath and pump right after to help unclog ducts. And make an appointment with your doctor to get checked for mastitis.

I didnt produce milk with both of my kids the blue similac formula is what we put them on

I did pumping for a hr 30 mins on then a 10 min break pump for 10 then a break 10 then pump 10 more minutes that really helped. I noticed if I didn’t completely empty my breast I would get clogged ducks.

I pumped ever 1-1 1/2 hours and my milk only lasted a month. Yes its a crappy feeling but if you cant do more then go back and forth between breast milk and formula! Dont let that make you feel like a bad mom because you are not! To go by some of these comments you will only end up starving your kid. I was also told by my Dr to keep taking my pre natal vitamins also and to pump for a minimum 20 min each (not sire how long you are doing it for). So yes breast is best but fed is even better! Dont beat yourself up over it!


My best advice is this: fed is best. Breast milk, formula, both is completely fine. You are NOT a failure in any way.
We all do the best we can for our babies and it’s quite clear you are. Please take care of yourself as well, clogged ducts can have some complications so make sure your doc or lactation specialist knows about this as well.
You are doing great mama. Just breathe

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Never feel sad about yourself, some of us just don’t have the production for a baby. Look into a formula for your little one. Save yourself from feeling bad cause there is nothing wrong with you. Myself and one sister couldn’t and one of my sisters could. My Mom couldn’t so it happens to many mom’s. You are a good Mom for even asking.

With 2 of mine after about 3 months my milk decided to just dry up. No real reason why. So we started using bottles. You’re baby needs to eat and you need to feel well enough to take better care of your baby. If you want to quit, do it. No one thinks less of you. In fact, doing what is right for your baby is exactly the right thing to do.

If you don’t want to nurse or can’t, Increase pumping to every 2 hours. When you’re up at night, pump. Look up power pumping. Talk to an International Board Certified Lactation consultant.
Remember that any amount of breast milk is great for your baby even if you end up needing to supplement with formula or donor milk. I had to do that with 3 babies (major breast surgery) They are healthy and great. I did the best I could and supplemented when I had to. Yes, I did feel guilty (:woman_shrugging:t2:), but looking back, there was no reason to feel guilty. I love my children and I kept them fed.

Some of the comments you made about being a failure, giving up and worrying about things before it happens all sound like a first time mother. Stress can cause lots of issues. Warm compresses can help with the breast pain. Supplement with formula to ensure the baby is getting enough to eat, this way the baby will sleep better. You need your rest too. There are benefits to nursing and you have to decide on your own if it is worth the effort. Take it a day at a time.

Don’t give up
Massage your breast in the hot shower to help unclog milk ducts
Calm yourself
If you are anxious and unsettled your baby senses that
Dim the light
Use a pillow to raise baby to your breast
Talk Sing or read to your baby while nursing
Breastfeeding instead of pumping and bottle will help your baby’s natural sucking increase your milk supply to eat they need
You are doing the best you can do
Do not ever feel like a failure

I’m a mom that nursed all of six of my babies (all grown now, including set of preemie twins)

God bless you and good luck