I am overwhelmed with my teens: Advice?

Ok I have a 15 year old boy and a 16 year old girl. When is it time for Mama. 24/7. Drama. Classes, friends, grades, omg I’m blessed but feeling so overwhelmed.


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I feel you, teens 16 and 17. I keep thinking how lucky I am that they come to me with news and drama but I also remember there’s only 1-2 years left til 18, when the next adventure will begin. I’ll be needed less and less and less… so really I only have 2 years left to enjoy the teen drama and grades.

Never. I’m 32 and my mom is my go to

You signed up for it, lol.

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I’m 36 have two kids of my own and still talk to my mum every day.

Never lol
I’m 27, pregnant, and still need my mom for daily talks ect lol