I am pregnant after tubal ligation has this happened to anyone else?

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Please get an ultrasound right away to make sure it isn’t ectopic. I had three ectopic pregnancies within 18 months after a cut and burn tubal ligation. It was devastating.


I had clamps and they disappeared after 7 years . I was viable and was 3 months pregnant with an ectopic . I was bleeding out and went to the hospital told them I knew I was and needed emergency surgery . They thought I was crazy kept me all night never notifying the er physician. She was so mad . I just had to share my story .Anything is possible .


Oh wow, i had mine done in my c-sec 5yrs ago and i would freak if i found out i was ever pregnant again. Good luck.


There is a small percentage of failures with tubal ligation. Those percentages should have been discussed with the patient by her doctor.


My husband is the result of a failed tubal ligation. Thank goodness for me!! :relaxed:
So yes, they can happen :grimacing:


Happened to my mom. The baby did not survive. If you haven’t already, please go to the docs immediately

This would kill me. I hope it never happens :sob: I have a friend who was born after a ligation though.


I’ve had my tubes done and this is my worst nightmare honestly. I almost died with my last baby and no way am I going thru that again. I would sue.


Yes. But It was an ectopic pregnancy.


Yes, but I miscarried.

The fail rate is approx 1:200 or higher if it’s done at the time of a caesarean. It also increases your risk of ectopic pregnancies. I had my cs now hubby can get the snip - it’s his turn :joy:


Happened to the wife of a teacher of mine one of the stitches popped on one side and it was puckered on the other. There was a big enough space for the egg to get out.

Yep had a beautiful little girl.


Omg I can’t believe these comments :weary: I’m considering getting it done! This is so crazy to me how many people actually become pregnant after this!

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Yes. 17 weeks pregnant with twins


Yup! She is now 7!!


Didnt happen to me BUT happened to my mom, hence me :raising_hand_woman:…lol . I was her 13th child…10 girls, 3 boys (all biological/same dad & mom). She had me at 40 but yes, had 2 failed tubals… finally worked after I was born. Good luck!


I kind of am praying this happens to me… had 3 beautiful babies, 1 after the other (aged 2, 3 and 4 now), with my abuser… he manipulated me into getting them tied… got the procedure done the 8th of October 2019, he left on the 29th of that same month…

Now I have a healthy partner, who has no kids, and would like one of his own… but I had clamps put on mine, no snipping or nothing.

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I know of one person, alot older then me, she fell pregnant but couldn’t carry it :disappointed_relieved: lasted 9weeks

Not to hijack this post, but how long after did you all fall pregnant?
I had mine done nearly two years ago and now I’m scared lol

No, but I wish it would. :frowning: My youngest is now 9 and its hard to watch everyone around me with babies.

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I would freak out its been 3 yrs since my last child had tubal ligation at the same time i told my husband be prepared i sue u the hospital the doctors :joy::joy::joy:

My aunt and twins but they did not make it.

Mmm :thinking: I’m over here thinking now … I keep getting pregnant with the IUD I’m thinking of getting my tubes tide now I’m thinking this won’t help either … damn I’m have a whole farm of kids :confounded:

I’m new to this word can someone explain lol

Yes. I got pregnant 3 times after my tubal. Sadly I lost 2 of them but have a healthy beautiful 9 month old rainbow baby :heart:


My girl was a miracle. I got my tubal after my CS, my heart couldn’t handle the pregnancy . I had a heart attack, it completely traumatized me. I am absolutely terrified of this happening and leaving my girl to grow up without me.

My mom and she had a healthy baby

They did it wrong. I got it too and never popped babies thank god

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An here I am Struggling

Congratulations!!! :heart::heart::heart:

Jacs it can happen :laughing:

My little brother was born after mom had a tubal ligation. He’s 32 now :joy::joy:


I’ve had my tubes done now for 10 yrs. they actually cut mine took 2 inch off both sides , so i aint gotta worry about this ever happening i asked to have them cut my doc actually wanted to do clips i said no snip em , i did research on it before i got them done found out that snipping/cutting the tubes is 99.9% more likely to work then if you had clips or bands , hense why i asked for snipping , i actually ask him to take it all but of course that didnt happen , i have 5 kids already i dont want no more … go get an ultrasound because if it is eptopic which risk is higher if you’ve got a tubal done an get pregnant , you can die if it is a eptopic an it burst , so i’d get checked asap


I had my tubes tied in 09/04 following a cesarean delivery. A year later 11/05 I was at work experiencing mild cramping. Well come to find out I was pregnant, ectopic…severed my right tube. I thought it was over but in January I still felt very pregnant so I went back to my doctor who gave me a test and I was indeed pregnant. I delivered a healthy girl the early part of August 2006.

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My friends mom had twins after got her tubes tied. It was way back in the 60’s though. Hopefully it has changed a lot since then.

When mine was done, Drs told me that there is a 1% failure rate in the first 7 years, after that I was home free…lol

Had this happen to a pt 2 times both kids are great and they are 16 yrs apart from two other siblings so it is a thing​:woman_facepalming::joy::rofl::joy::pray:God is in command not US have a great Sunday


Yes to me i had four an then I got this done an still got in the family way…

It all depends on how the physician does the surgery. The physician must make sure you’re not already pregnant. The tubes must be cut inches on both sides, burned and tied!!! I could not get pregnant again for medical reasons and my GYN DR knew this and would not have taken a chance with my life. It’s heartbreaking reading your stories and these physicians should be ashamed to take a surgery like this so lightly​:disappointed_relieved::heart::pray::heart::disappointed_relieved:

I’ve had multiple friends go through this and carry the baby just fine. They were all surprised it even happen but mommy and baby did great


I guess God’s got a special little one, who gets to be loved by you! Best wishes!

My doc to me it could happen but there would be no where for the baby to grow because there would be no sac for them. As someone else stated call your doc to get an ultrasound to see what is happening and be prepared in case you have to abort. Because the baby will not survive. Praying that is not the road but just be prepared.

I got mine completely removed. It also lowers the chance of ovarian cancer if removed.


I had a procedure done called Adiana which was similar to the Essure one. Failed miserably & he’s now 8. That pregnancy was the worst due to my mental state.

Yes, after 7 year of having it done, I became pregnant

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Had mine done 13 years ago and I am good. They cut and tie.

This is why i had my tubes removed! Cant get preg with bits missing

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Tubal ligation is not 100% effective and is and should be consulted this way

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Yes, 7 years after a tubal ligation but it was etopic.

I was told it was better to have them cut and tied back rather than just tied or clamped.

I have been ‘save’ for 16+ yrs. But that is a possibility.

I have read of it happening alot when the Dr simply ties the tube. Alot of Drs now will cut a space between the tube and tie both ends to prevent the tie feom slipping.

What is a tubal ligation?

11 years post tubal, never! I would probably have a heart attack!

I would never trust having my tubes tied or clamped or anything like that. It’s way to risky. If your for sure done and ready to take this step just have them removed. No accidental anything that way.

I heard you get pregnant very y easy after a tubal ligation

When I had mine, my OB/GYN told me that nothing was 100%.

:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: going on 3 years with mine burnt and the comments makes me want to panic :pleading_face::joy:

Oh gosh this best not happen to me y

Yes my mom had me 7 years after she had hers tied

It’s been 5 years since i had my tubes tied and not got pregnant since thank God because i almost bled to death having her.

Please use all the advice of these women

This can happen a tubal also with a vasectomy

Me personally no, my mom yes.

My daughter is 27 now

Back in the day they use to really “tie” your Fallopian tubes & if they “untied”, you could get pregnant. Now-a-days they laser burn off both ends permanently closing off the Fallopian tubes after they cut into them . So it’s not possible to get pregnant after a procedure like that… Is it possible they didn’t do they the procedure?

Not me personally, but to a friend. She had a tubal pregnancy, but thank God was found in time.

Ree Mawimba svikai pano,u not safe my sstr😄