I am pregnant and cannot get comfortable in bed...advice?

Okay mommas, I’m currently 12 1/2 weeks with baby #2 and I can NOT get comfortable in bed for the life of me. I’ve done the pillow between my knees and it helped for a while. I’m usually a back/belly sleeper and I can’t do either of those. I’m waking up constantly, turning like a hot dog on a gas station warmer. I just want to get a good nights sleep just once at least! Any advice or ideas that aren’t expensive at all?! This momma is uncomfortable and exhausted!


I just had my 2nd child and slept most on the couch and tucked the blanket to the belly and between my legs I’m the same way I sleep on my and stomach but the couch I could promp my back up againt is and it helped alot

I slide a pillow under my side just a little and lay a little more on belly all 5 pregnancies I’m a belly sleeper can’t stand my back and can only do side for so long before I rotate to belly so pillow under my belly and as far on it as I can go to feel like I’m on my belly

I got a pregnancy pillow from Amazon with my second that worked pretty well. Ross has really comfy pillows to prop yourself up that helps me or maybe find a comfy recliner on marketplace or offer up. Sometimes I move to the couch. Now that I’m thinking about it I pretty much use every room in the house :joy::woman_facepalming: good luck mama! It’s a hard knock life for us! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I had a pregnancy pillow with a bunch of pillows piled under me lol. I had a hell of a time getting comfortable even early on. Leg pain sciatica the lightning crotch lol. I could only sleep on my right side for most of my pregnancy. It’s tough. The best advice is to get a body pillow and maybe a mattress topper. I know the mattress topper I finally got was a lifesaver in my 2nd trimester on. I got a pillow top one and still use it now.

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I’ve found sleeping a little elevated has helps

I never slept comfortably while being pregnant with my 2nd baby… I hope you find something that works

Take a hot bath before bed, pillow between your legs and a heating pad!

Get used to it even after birth they will make u miserable for the rest of your life