I am pregnant and cannot stand my partner: help!

Is anyone else pregnant and cannot stand their partner or is it just me? he touches me and i literally cringe and i feel so bad for sayin that because he is amazing…is this my hormones? i know i love him i just cant right now


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am pregnant and cannot stand my partner: help!

Hormones are going off. For me anytime I tried to cuddle with him I would smell pickles and get sick.

Yep. I hated being hugged and cuddled because he smelled weird to me :rofl:. But it wasn’t him

I felt like this when I was pregnant with my son but not my daughters!!! It gets better

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Probably hormones. I had PPD after my second and felt the same way towards my husband. Once I got on meds I went back to loving him again lol

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It’s hormones for sure.

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Totally normal :heart: You will feel differently once you see what a great dad he is. And how much help he is to you after baby is born. :heart:

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Read baby laughs by Jenny McCarthy she has a chapter on it and it’s normal

Yes! We used to sleep literally forehead to forehead but when I was pregnant I didn’t even want him breathing my air. :joy: I used to get so mad at him for breathing in all the good air and leaving me to breathe his bad air. I didn’t want him anywhere near me.


It’s definitely a normal thing. I know couples who had to sleep in different rooms because mom couldn’t stand being around dad while pregnant lol.

Definitely normal. I went through this & my husband said I thought we were done for, it was just hormones. After I had him everything was back to normal.

Yeah happened to me in first trimester
Was constantly being sick :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: so my partner touching me / wearing clothes/ brushing my teeth and even warm water made me uncomfortable and nauseous.

Wasn’t until the second trimester I was okay with him wrapping his arms around me - I obviously showered and brushed my teeth throughout my whole pregnancy but it was so uncomfortable

but if I didn’t have to wear clothes… I didn’t- except maybe a dressing gown and that was up until I gave birth .

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This happened to me with both of my girls. With my son I adored him🤷‍♀️

The nurse described it to me this way… His genes are growing inside your body and it’s like foreign so everything from his voice to his smell and the bs they do literally drives you crazy and can even disgust you. This was only with our first and I can tell you we’re still happily together, 18 years this year and our oldest is 14 now. It can and does definitely go back to what it was and we’re more in love today than ever back then and neither of us would’ve thought that possible if you told us


I couldn’t stand my Dog’s smell lol

Definitely hormones.

Is absolutely normal !!!

Yes hormones playing a huge part . Now acknowledging that and be gentle with your partner they love you just the same as befor

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For our last baby, I was like this with my hubby. I felt horrible but truly couldn’t control it. He’s an AMAZING man, and he knew it was just the pregnancy. Our littlest is 2 now and all is well again :smile: lol

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Been there…I remember fights with my ex cause I said I don’t want sex. I didn’t touch him during my entire time pregnant, he disgusted me

I absolutely could not stand my son’s dad when I was pregnant. Didn’t know it was hormonal tho :joy:. I was mean to everyone. With my daughter I wasn’t quite so mean but i was mean from time to time. Shes one now and he’s almost 11 so i look back sometimes to regular and pregnant me and im like dang it’s a wonder anyone talks to me I was hateful at times for no good reason. They understood and i apologized when i was done being crazy but it happened a lot more than I care to admit when i was pregnant :joy:

I honestly can’t say if it’s hormones or not. I was that way with my daughters dad and it never went away. We split the first time when she was 13 months, reconciled when she was around 14.5 months and officially ended it when she was 16 months old for unrelated reasons.

Could definitely be from being pregnant. I was like that with BOTH my kids :joy: I couldn’t stand to be touched or bothered.

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Welcome to motherhood

It’s definitely hormones, don’t feel alone. I think you just aren’t in the mood for physical touch right now and that’s alright.
It doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner.
I have this issue with him kissing my back, which is usually something I love for him to do, but right now it gets me very angry :rofl:
Hormones are weird!

Lol its normal. Lol