I am pregnant and cannot stay asleep: Advice?

I’ll be 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow but I’m super uncomfortable and can’t stay asleep at night. I fall asleep just fine it’s when I get up have have to use the bathroom and can’t go back to sleep. I’m exhausted and very tired any help or advice would be greatly appreciated please help plus how do I get my 2 year old to sleep through the night at times. She wakes up at midnight and stays up for an hour or so and I can’t sleep when she’s playing


I’m 22 weeks pregnant and one of my first symptoms with both pregnancies is insomnia. It’s terrible. I take unisom and that doesn’t really keep me asleep. I sleep like 3-4 hours maybe, then when I wake up I’m up :sob: all I can say is hang in there!! I’ve just learned to deal with it and nap if/when I can.

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Unfortunately insomnia is normal during pregnancy and will probably be worse during the 3 trimester so talk to your doctor about that. As for the 2 year old, if you don’t have a bedtime routine, I suggest starting one or you can talk to your child’s doctor. Sometimes toddlers get sleep regression.

I haven’t slept well my whole pregnancy. I’m 30 weeks now and just getting more uncomfortable. I know some women say they’ve taken unisom but check with your Dr.

I slept terrible while pregnant. I was a a prescription sleep med but had to stop it when pregnant. I did take unisome or Tylenol pm throughout my pregnancy. Check with your provider.

A two year old should not be up playing in the middle of the night

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Liquid sleep aid. This saved me!