I am pregnant and can't stand this smell: Advice?

I am currently pregnant with my second baby, I had no weird cravings or smells in my first pregnancy but this time around, I cant stand the smell of fresh air, like the smell when you bring your washing in of the line. Everyone else has said it smells fine as I obsessing now it is the smell of my washing or my washing machine. It just seems to weird. I would love to know if anyone else experienced this??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am pregnant and can't stand this smell: Advice?

My first pregnancy, laundry and laundry detergent was the worst for me!! It was all smelling like a swamp. :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Get non scented detergent or go pick a different scent u can tolerate

I couldn’t stand the smell of Gain detergent…:nauseated_face:

Food I hated the smell of food cooking with my 2nd and 4th baby not the taste just the smell it was horrible didn’t matter what it was it just all smelt so bad :rofl::rofl:

My sense of smell is way off and actually very different. I attribute it to having had COVID 19 twice. My doctor says I may never get my sense of smell and taste back to what it was previously.
So if you had COVID, you might consider that it may be the reason.

I didn’t even know my cellphone had a smell until I was pregnant :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Pregnancy hormones… normal.

I’m the same this time around . Everytime I clean or use any products I swear it smells like cat pee :joy::joy: everyone tells me I’m crazy and it smells all good and clean but something about it is just grossing me out

I had purchased my new car when I was pregnant. I could t stand the smell of new car. Like projectile vomiting. Pregnancy is weird.

Put a close pin on your nose while you do it. Should advert it, or paper clip, close pin might hurt.