I am pregnant and constantly hungry: Advice?

I am 13 weeks pregnant and I feel like I am starving all the time nothing I eat makes the feeling go away … I am having a boy the only thing that helps is like a huge steak … I can’t afford to cook a huge steak every night or go out to eat every night any tips anyone else go thru this


I would look into an iron supplement. I was anemic.


Snack on veggies, fruits, increase your proteins and lots of water:)


I was always starving when I was pregnant. The only thing that would help was to snack, literally, all day. Try some healthy snacks and keep them on you at all times. Didn’t matter that I just ate breakfast, lunch, or dinner… I was still hungry. I would also reach out to your OB to make sure that you’re not deficient in anything because that could be a potential cause.


I drink those instant breakfast in the mornings along with my prenatal an constantly snack through the day. But ask your ob doc if there’s anything to help.

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Lots of water and snack on fruit and veggies throughout the day…


Yes!! I’m in week 14 of my second pregnancy and feel the same! I wasn’t like this with my first. With this baby I can never seem to feel full. I could literally eat all day long

I’m also having a boy, we got 8 weeks to go. I’m on an iron supplement and I’m still starving all the time, like a bottomless pit. I eat about double what I did before and then I stop because of not ill get Hella uncomfortable.

My due date is tomorrow. I am having a boy and literally felt like this my entire pregnancy even with morning sickness constantly! I tried the fruit, veggies, healthy snacks and drinking water blah blah it never helped me unfortunately. :joy:

Iron deficiency maybe or gestational diabetes…I was like that with gestational diabetes, nothing satisfied my hunger. :thinking:


Eat small snacks throughout the day instead of a couple big meals. Lots of water :blush:

eat. even if you’re just snacking or eating tons of small meals.
If you don’t you’ll eventually get sick.
But damn, its expensive too lol

EAT! Lol try healthy snacks too ! Lots of water

Snack on fruits and veggies al the time between meals. Get yourself green leafy foods, you need iron

Need to balance blood sugar and pair carbs with protein and fat. It will keep you satiated and not hungry every hour.

Protien powder, peanut butter, cocoa powder, plain yogurt and a third of a banana, sweeten with stevia and throw it in the Ninja with water, that will slay your monsters for about 5 hours

Eat a large salad with lots of vegetables, cheese and some ham, good for you and baby or eat apples

Sometimes upset stomach or thirst makes you feel like hunger pains

Most likely an iron deficiency, get some iron supplements and a stool softener after consulting your ob.


Boys can be a nightmare to carry lol. Feels like they are taking every bit of goodness out your body.
But your body talks to you and we must learn to listen. If you can’t fill up on anything but steak…maybe you need supliments. Dont buy otc without having your bloods checked though

They say the how much you eat while pregnant with a boy is how they’re (the baby boy) gonna eat when they’re teens. I chewed gum to fool myself into thinking I was eating something when I couldn’t eat, otherwise I ate whatever I wanted when I could.

You are feeding two and that’s normal

try eating smaller more frequent meals and drinking more water. Unfortunately the hungry feeling is something that almost all pregnant women deal with throughout their entire pregnancy, it’s annoying lol but after you have the baby you’ll most likely go back to normal. Unless you breastfeed then you’ll find your self always hungry not like what your feeling now but still.

Your pre Natals are packed with enough iron to kill a small child lol if you’re taking those regularly your craving for red meat should calm down.

You crave what you need when you’re pregnant. Iron!

Drink more water…ppl often confuse thirst with hunger

Talk to your doctor, sounds like you are low on something. And remember to take your multivitamins. Also try eat more food with a good source of iron and protein.
Pregnancy cravings are the worst.

I craved steak with my son…had to be mooing…
And my son is a meat eater

Drink more water and at 13 weeks you already know what your having? Yeah sure jan

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Increase your protein, and healthy fats. Eat when hungry. As long as you are eating nutritious foods, you can eat whenever and whatever you want!

No I didn’t feel this way but your levels may be off a little. Talk with the doctor about getting your iron and stuff checked out.

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I was like that at first. Make sure you are eating enough protein


I had to take iron supplements when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had gestational diabetes and anemic. It all went away after I had her.

Stakes to exp lol fruits veg chicken :joy:

I mean you’re growing a human… :relaxed:

Have your iron levels tested next time you go in. at more protein to fill you up