I am pregnant and don't feel like myself anymore: When does this pass?

I just entered 2nd trimester with my first baby… and while the morning sickness has slowed down “to a degree,” I still feel gross, I know obviously with all the changes my body is going through, it’s not gonna feel normal, but I can’t even put on semi-nice clothes without being uncomfortable… Idk how pregnant people wear jeans or anything tight-fitting, when most of the time when I’m at home, I walk around starkers naked or just with loose PJ pants on cause it’s a bit easier, and if I go shopping, I’m in PJ pants and my partner’s shirt with my hair in a bun. I haven’t worn makeup or gotten my eyebrows waxed in months. Shaving is just in the too hard basket ATM. Even showering or anything to do with Water makes me nauseous or sick “yes, I still shower to be clean, but my head is in the toilet straight after” Tbh I’m surprised my partner still wants to do the Horizontal shuffle with me cause the last thing I feel right now is attractive. Does this feeling ever go away? Cause I am SO not feeling the “Glow” yet.

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Im in the 2nd trimester and I’m feeling exactly the same girl. I feel like crap most days… hard to really get anything done either. I’m hoping this feeling passes for both of us

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I wore a lot of long loose skirts and t-shirts or just a comfy dress no undies required morning sickness will pass soon even though you feel you want to die it will get better

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3rd baby 3rd trimester and im feeling that way
Since the beginning. This pregnancy is alot diff than the other 2. Idk what the heck.
Hope you start feeling better :blue_heart:

Maternity pants were my life during and after pregnancy. I found decent price maternity clothes at Ross’s

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I swear by old navy maternity leggings. I’m wearing them now and their maternity camp nursing hoodies. A lil foundation and mascara and I feel somewhat put together.

But I def had a breakdown today cause my other half doesn’t compliment me enough :grimacing:

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Not really feeling any glow. More like a bloated whale. Lol. It feels better when you start to see the baby kick. Then it sorta hits you that you’re doing a miracle and growing a tiny human :grin: and then by week 36 ish you start to get fed up of waddling around and just want the baby out. But it’s all worth it. They come out so cute and squishy. And the new baby smell is the best thing ever!!

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no pajama pants outside of house they make pregnant pants

Honestly there’s not really anything that’s gonna change the way you feel. Try to do your best to be as comfortable as possible. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. I wore whatever made me not feel uncomfortable regardless of what anyone thought.

I bought a few maternity pants & leggings. It helped I still wore them 2 years after😂 But 3 years ago I had to throw em away.

Ladies ur all beautiful :heart:bringing a life into the world is so amazing Been there done that all those feelings of being ugly pass once u see n touch ur baby ugly isn’t what u shud feel or think :heart:god bless all of u​:heart::heart:

I’m 8 weeks and felt horrible since the beginning. My first baby 6 years ago was nothing like I feel now I sleep all day I am wxact same with the water side of things I just throw up right away never realised how many smells set me off gagging until now being pregnant is supposed to feel good and have a glow I definitely don’t feel that way now either your not on your own huni xx

It does go away. I wish I could say its easy, but it’s not. I have felt the same way with both of my pregnancies. It only went away for me after the baby is born and I started working out and eating right on a regular basis. Once we all got into a routine and the weight started to fall off I felt like myself again. It just takes time momma

Get yourself some maternity pants and tops. Ross has a maternity section/ rack and target has some good maternity clothes too. No sense in feeling bad bc normal clothes just do not fit right. You’ll want to get a good nursing cami and/or bra to for later.

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I had my baby a week ago and I basically spent this entire pregnancy in sweatpants.

Be comfortable. If you want/need to wear something like jeans or dress pants, see if you can get a pair of maternity pants with the elastic belly panel. You won’t be able to wear the regular tight fitting clothes and you should prioritize your comfort over how you look as often as you can.

You might not be comfortable again until after you have your baby. Some people love pregnancy but a lot of people are very uncomfortable throughout. Try not to judge yourself compared to how other people feel.

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I didn’t feel the “glow” with my first 2 pregnancies :grimacing: this is baby #3 and I most definitely do. Probably because I know how much I’m going to miss my man when the baby comes and we switch from man-to-man defense to zone :rofl::woman_shrugging:t3:

Girl do not feel bad. Mt first pregnancy, I didn’t wear any clothes unless I left the house, I felt completely suffocated with them on, not only that, I was sick my entire pregnancy, it slowed come 2nd trimester but I still puked more often then I wanted.

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I’m felling this same way, honestly it’s good to know I’m not alone.


When you’ve had the baby lol because your body is always changing

I never had a glow. I threw up all the damn time. I had acne for the first time in my life and it was horrible and painful. felt like crap for most of my pregnancy. I guess it’s just like that sometimes. Wear the loose clothes and relax as much as you feel necessary. Its rough. Media lies and makes us think pregnancy is all glamorous and stuff but moms everywhere will tell you otherwise lol. The reward at the end is why we do it. I wish you all the best for your pregnancy.

IDK what’s up with a “pregnancy glow” unless someone was referring to my washed out face with sweat dripping down from being sick. I had maybe a month or 2 where I had good days and felt like “that bish” but tbh it’s all just exhausting. And you may feel that way for a couple months after. But this to shall pass momma! It is completely normal to feel this way. I know it sucks

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You need to start counseling now because it will probably get worse or lead to ppd after you give birth.


It’ll go away when you accept your new body after birth and practice self love :two_hearts:

BE comfy but also spend a few minutes a day taking care of yourself either painting your nails, doing your hair, taking a bath… anything small like that helps me feel a bit better!

I felt this way my third pregnancy! I thought it was just me. I had her in August and honestly, I still feel that way some mostly every day. I just…don’t feel like me, physically. I’m my prepregnancy weight (for the weight I was before this last pregnancy anyways) but my weight is sitting differently now or something. I feel like I look heavier. Nothing fits me the way I’d like it to. I’d rather just be in my comfy clothes. I hope this feeling passes soon.

Every pregnancy and every woman are different. I certainly never felt beautiful while pregnant, but I wasn’t miserable, either. I found wearing maternity shorts (pants in this season probably) really helped me as they didn’t feel right but I still felt normal. Also, if you’re struggling with showers, try baths if you have a tub at home. You will get clean and it might even help you feel better and help you relax. Hope everything gets better for you, mama.

I felt like that completely. I went out and bought 3xl shirts and Xl pants even tho I’m a L bottom and top M/L I just didn’t want anything sticking to my body. I too did shave , get my eyebrows done and had my hair up in a bun the whole 2nd and 3rd trimester around 36/37 weeks I did get the need to glam up as I wanted a pregnancy picture to remember and I felt like myself :100: the next day I went back to my baggy pregnancy self my son is now 5 days old and I’m back to my glam self but still have my hair in the bun

I never had the glow I didn’t like being pregnant at all. I just wore sweatpants and t-shirts. I had a couple of maternity jeans. I wasn’t a cute pregnant person at all. My mom would tell me I looked a mess.

Maybe if you get yourself on a small routine like getting up in the morning, and just washing your face, it might make you feel good. You can try pregnancy yoga if you’re comfortable with trying it out. Play some music that used to make you feel good. Ask your partner to paint your nails for you and pamper you a bit. Maybe your making your showers to hot, and not drinking enough water before getting in? That was the only reason why I would get nauseous from being in hot water. I was in pajamas majority of my pregnancy lol.

Guys are just gross anyway but you’re his Love so he’s definitely in😂 I didn’t glow either of my pregnancies…it just skips some girls I guess BUT I do believe we have the less needy and more cute babies, so hang in there! Eat all of the time too!! Doesn’t matter if it’s mints or crackers or toast every 15 minutes…seriously eat, you’ll feel better.

Also guessing a girl??

I feel the same way right now, hate wearing anything tight and I’ve felt miserable emotionally and physically, this one is definitely a hard pregnancy I just wanna be done with it

Sweetheart I had 4 kids suffered morning, noon and night sickness, if wearing pjs pants and a comfy tshirt, you go girl. I know when I suffered the morning sickness the looser the close the better, anything else made me worse. All will pass in good time, just remember the best parts of your pregnancy are also there at this time, cherish it, because at the end you will have a beautiful baby.

This is ABSOLUTELY normal.
That’d exactly how I felt during my pregnancy 2 years ago.
And I’m gonna be honest with you, it doesn’t get better after the baby. It took me a year for my body to be completely normal after having my baby.
It was until I completely lost the baby weight that I felt good about myself.
I remember I threw all my pretty bras bc I thought I would always felt the way I was feeling in that time.
Get sport bras and pregnancy leggings or pants.
The uglier you see yourself in the outside the worst you’ll feel.
Try to put yourself together as much as you can. I know it feels like something just absorbed your energy off your body but it does help a bit.
Best of lucks to you!!!

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It goes away but not for awhile. Give yourself time. I was sick my whole pregnancy and it took a year for me to start feeling normal again, two years total. Everyone is different. Just rest and do what you can. Sending you love, mama.

Hunny I’m 11mo post partum and nursing. And I still feel uncomfortable in anything but sweats. I dont enjoy dressing up at all. But I like to pamper myself with nice shower products when I get the chance. Like a good razor and expensive shampoo. It always makes me feel purdy when I’m done.

R you having a son? I was like this when pregnant with my only son… never felt or had pregnancy glow…

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I’m 35+2. I’ve lived in pjs for weeks. I shower & put fresh pjs on. I don’t leave the house unless it’s for scans, I leave my hair to dry after showering shoved in a bun and it stays there till I next wash it. I’ve been like this for weeks. Don’t worry about it, I haven’t had a pregnancy glow this time. I’m the size of a whale atm with having extra fluid (having baby at 37 weeks due to an awful lot!) so even walking downstairs is exhausting so attempting to leave the house is just a worse case scenario for me. As much as I feel crappy constantly, in pain and uncomfortable, I just keep telling myself it’ll soon be over and I will feel human again👌

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My daughter just turned three and I still feel like shit :woman_shrugging:

Same 23 weeks live in pjs or leggings and shirt hair just threw up still have sickness sometimes always tired x

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Stretchy pants, yoga pants, leggings whatever. I lived in them my entire pregnancy. The nice thing about them is you can dress them up or dress them down. I was sick my entire pregnancy I just tried to take anything small as a victory and it helped me feel a little normal.

Hang in there mama… It’ll pass!

I remember wearing literally trash to work 2 years ago when I was pregnant. I was so uncomfortable with anything sitting on my belly (even though I didn’t even have a belly at the time). I bought myself some jumpsuits and it made it easier for me to wear something on top of that. Leggings and jeans were such a pain. I did get maternity jeans but really, they didn’t feel comfortable until I was at least 20 weeks.

Good luck!

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It’s different for everyone. I am almost 29 weeks with twins (also my first pregnancy) and I haven’t felt much different about myself than I did before. I love clothes that show my belly. Personally I think the best thing you can do for yourself is “force” yourself to get back into what would have been your normal routine. Get dressed. Get off the couch. Go out in public without looking like you just rolled out of bed. If you’re not feeling good about yourself then you need to do what made you feel good before otherwise you’re only hurting yourself more.


It’s a huge adjustment I’m on my 2nd pregnancy 8 years later from my 1st and this one is so much different. I work full time also so I’m constantly tired, don’t get sick often, I even have a higher sex drive then I did before, and I have to wear lose fitted clothing I literally can’t wear jeans now bc it hurts to wear them. I’m in my 2nd trimester, it will get better but with time and time to adjust to your first pregnancy. But I would suggest asking your doctor and see what she suggests.

My jeans were maternity jeans so had stretch in the tummy area. I never felt the glow but thankfully taking a shower did not make me sick. Everything else did but not that. I worked through entire pregnancy so not getting ready every day was not an option.

It goes away. I was sick most of my pregnancy so I get the shower thing!!! Give yourself some grace and most importantly, honor the miracle that your body is doing because it really is a miracle. I’m a fan of maternity leggings and a loose top. Also, if you like make up, maybe putting some on will boost your mood a little. As far as the sickness, have they given you any anti nausea meds? Ice, popsicles and lollipops were the only thing that’s curved mine along with the meds. Praying you feel better soon on every level and can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Blessings :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Each pregnancy is different and theres no definitive answer for this but it should start to get better. However. If that feeling isnt gone by the time you hit the 3rd trimester chances are itll feel like that the rest of your pregnancy. Pregnancy isnt easy on the body it’s literally shifting and moving everything in your body on top of building a tiny human from scratch. I want to tell you itll get better soon but if im being honest with you it probably wont and itll most likely continue after you give birth. It takes time to feel like yourself again but itll happen in time just let your body heal.

Indicators for postpartum depression are now recognized in the perinatal time - have a discussion with your GYN or mental health professional for support. It is never too early to shine a light on intervention. Best of luck to you!


It goes away when they are all self sufficient and you have time for yourself again :rofl:


Your growing a person, get your hair done and eyebrows. Your hormones are wonky right now but try to get back into your “normal routine.

I hated anything tight on my belly, empire waist sundresses were my go to


Around the baby’s second birthday maybe… :woman_shrugging:t2: you’re creating a new version of yourself.

This is me right now to a T and I’m only 11 weeks it is my second pregnancy and for me I had time where it got better before getting worse again

When the child is about 40!


yes, it will go away. Buy yourself maternity jeans. they have them. Don’t wear anything tight fighting now.


Idk my kids are 12 and 14 and I’m still like that lol

Sounds like HG. I never recover until I give birth

I hated being pregnant it did not agree with me at all. Stay comfortable, wear what makes you happy. The coolest thing is you are creating life. It’s worth it.


I guess it goes away for some people shortly into 2nd tri…for me with 3 of my 4 babies born I felt like that… my 2nd pregnancy was the only good one and I still felt like a stuffed sausage i think that glow is the 1950’s way of saying u feel like shit all the time lol i hated being prego lol I’m not afraid to say it the reward is amazing but getting there sucks a lot!!!

My first two I felt so pretty and glowy all the time and the 3rd I got acne and put on weight in weird places and nothing fit. I would cut my pants just to still try and feel pretty in them. But I would suggest wear what you want and what makes you feel pretty. You are growing a human inside you. You’re doing enough.

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I felt so gross my whole pregnancy. My daughter was sucking out any beauty I thought I had. My hair looked like it was destroyed ( I chopped 12 inches off hoping it’d help. It didn’t), my skin was so gross, I couldn’t find ANYTHING that fit so I wore my husband’s shirts and maternity leggings all day. I didn’t start feeling like myself until about a year postpartum. I hated being pregnant. Enough so that I don’t plan on doing it again. :sweat_smile:

Just keep reminding yourself that you’re doing something incredible. Make sure you practice self care and healthy habits with YOU in mind once you have the baby.
Also, target has super comfy maternity pants and just buy a size up or two in your regular clothing. I wish I would’ve done that when I started really showing rather than a month before I had my baby. :joy:

When your beautiful baby is born you will forget everything who cares what’s happening now you are beautiful only you don’t feel it now when you hold your bundle of joy in your arms you will forget what you went thru and like I said you are beautiful

That glow thing never came for me. I just always felt uncomfortable, in pain and that my skin was about to rip all over my body

Each person is different, I didn’t feel comfortable being showey with my pregnancy but my experience didn’t have that many downfalls besides getting larger so I just got looser fitting clothing. I hope you start to feel better soon

When I had my son, I had AMAZING skin and hair. When I had my daughters my hair became brittle and my skin was awful and pimpley. I heard a saying once that “the daughters suck the beauty from their mothers.”

When they move out of the house???

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Iv been struggling to feel confident with the clothes I wear some days even though they look good , I just don’t feel the same some days . It’s hard not sure how to fix that .
I feel ya girl I hope you find something that helps you feel like you xxx

I popped the button off my pregnancy jeans at four months! Don’t wear the tailored stuff it’s really uncomfortable. Buy superstretchy trousers and cheap tops in a larger size. By the end of my pregnancy, I was wearing sleep tees as daywear with trousers! The glowy stage is probably more like 4-6mths so it’s on its way.

I pouffed out at two months and went right into balloony clothes, though I did have to dress nicely for work. Stop trying to fit into regular or fitted things! You’re not meant to! Get some pretty maternity clothes new or second hand. Tent/tee dresses with pretty necklines mean there’s nothing touching your waist. Midi or maxi length and you can avoid leg shaving, or wear opaque knee highs (again, zero touching your belly other than maternity underpants (or go commando if you dare).

Get some comfy but attractive flat shoes (maybe pretty indoor/outdoor loafer/moccasin slippers or comfy but pretty clogs/mules (velvet even!) maybe even a half size larger if your feet are prone to swelling. I like Merrill, Sketchers Go Walk, Lands End or LL Bean mocs. Also maybe stretchy or slip-on sneakers you don’t have to bend over or tie. There are also curly stretch laces you can get for existing sneaks so you don’t have to bend down to tie them. These are good all the time, not just when preggo.

If you do want to up your game, have hubs shave your legs and dress you. If he washed you by pouring buckets of warm water on you would that make you less nauseous than shower or bath? Put on jewelry you can leave on all the time day/night/in the shower, like gold hoops or pretty studs & a chain necklace or bracelet. Nothing that will poke, scratch, irritate or rust/tarnish. Or get one of those spring necklaces you just push on. Almost nobody can tell fake pearls from real. You’ll look more put together without effort.

Learn to tie scarves around your head with online tutorials when you can’t be bothered to wash or comb your hair. Look exotic vs. disheveled. Or find a pretty cloche or other hat or a fancy baseball cap (not a ratty one). Or slick your greasy hair down & distract with a very fancy hair band or barrettes. No babushka scarves though!

A big shawl/ruana/scarf artfully draped and pinned around your clothes adds warmth, beauty, polish and distracts from your figure or the fact you’ve been wearing the same maternity leggings for an entire week. Or get a super stretchy dress or jumpsuit and show off that growing belly.

Upgrade to “loungewear” from pajamas. Same idea, just in drapier and plainer fabrics vs those fuzzy cartoon jammies or flannel nightie and more acceptable outside the house. At home, naked is fine, depending on your neighborhood and window coverings.

Talk to your OB about what you can take/do for sickness and depression. Even if it helps a little, that’s something. Are you getting gentle exercise and fresh air? Walking, maternity yoga or t’ai chi (online during the pandemic), or walking/swimming in a pool (you may be able to reserve a lane to yourself for an hour at a gym or rec center during the pandemic). Maternity massage or reflexology or reiki massage might help balance you out too.

Hope your misery is a quickly passing phase. For me months 3-6 were a lot more pleasant and energetic, so hope yours are too. I kept an adorable baby outfit that I’d look at when I felt crappy & it always made me smile & focus on the end game.

Keep saltines and water with you so you can sip & nibble constantly, plus on the bedside table. Cheese & meat sticks are good to carry with you too if you can stomach tiny bites. Grapes, applesauce tubs & a spoon. Paradoxically, an empty stomach can make you feel worse.

Take your prenatal vitamins & ask at your local health food store if there are any natural remedies for what ails you. You can do this by phone or online chat + delivery of products if you don’t want to go out.

I will be completely honest with you I felt just as depress with my third pregnancy. I had my daughter in November and it will not get easier I’m just going to be as blunt as possible. Your world is changing and you have to accept and adapt to it. This was the first pregnancy, out of my three that I was extremely depress. My first two I was happy and felt the pregnancy glow, but this one I was so miserable, uncomfortable, hated my body, I was lazy and always tired, I stopped doing so many of my girly beauty routine stuff, and felt ugly all the times. I have two other kids and I was constantly paranoid of bringing a third child into this world. We are women, we are mothers, we are strong we can get through anything and adjust. You have to figure out a way to adjust. What you are feeling is normal, but if you don’t adjust you will fall into a deeper depression after you have the baby. I won’t deny that I almost did I had to fight my way out of it because my daughter didn’t deserve that. I will be praying for you.


Personally i had three kids and never experienced the big “glow up” i felt exactly like you do . it did get better setting daily goals for myself and before i knew it i was almost semi normal again

If your taking prenatals talk to your dr about taking one without iron … The iron can make the neasaua worse and as long as your not inemic you don’t really need it also try hard lemon candies and eat small meals often

When I was pregnant last yeat I worked full time I made myself get up every morning take a shower find something cute comfortable to wear did my hair and makeup every single day it helped alot

You have created life!! Be comfortable and know that your beautiful even in sweats!!!

I started feeling more like myself 3 years after the birth

I never had a honeymoon period during my pregnancy…from hyperemesis gravidarum to severe pregnancy induced hypertension to preterm emergency Caesarean section…just felt unlucky and was so mad at people with uneventful pregnancies “nothing really changes when I’m pregnant “
I’m 2wks post delivery now and beginning to feel better and reenergized
Have started sending out apologies to everyone I offended during my pregnancy…was very antisocial and told people straight up to get lost
I thought I would neither recover not want to be intimate with my partner ever again but I actually yearn for him now
Eventually you’ll be fine
It’s all worth it…they say

Aw mama, I’m sorry. Every pregnancy is different. My first I could probably count on 1 hand the times we did the horizontal shuffle. I did not feel sexy! Second pregnancy I was a sex goddess. My only suggestion is to carve some time out to pamper yourself. If you’re in a place where you can go get a mani pedi, do that. Do anything that makes you feel spoiled and even a little pretty.

Hate to be the one to break the news but my daughter felt all those things n more the whole 9 months

My first one everything went perfect I didn’t feel like this at all i loved being pregnant. This time around with the same gender I don’t feel much like myself and the nausea is so much worse and I just can’t wait for it to be over. I love feeling my baby move and everything I just don’t feel the same.

Feel blessed. Your carring a new life and that is a miracle in itself. Some can never experience the miracle of a life growing. You’ll be fine and your baby will be the most perfect being in your eyes. Wait and see its great.

Ya… welcome to motherhood. It will be easier once you see that baby for the first time :slight_smile: