I am pregnant and fell: Advice?

I’m really nervous. I’m only 25 weeks pregnant, and I slipped and fell hard. I landed on my whole right side, but I can’t remember if I also fell on my stomach. My hip is killing me. But since then, I have been experiencing periods like cramps, Back pain, tons of pressure in my pelvis, Braxton hicks that really hurt that come and go. When I stand or walk, it HURTS. I bend over in pain. I went to the ER the day after it happened… they checked the placenta, which is still attached. They did an NST, which was good, and they check my cervix, and it was hard and closed… so that’s all good. I’m just really worried. I fell Sunday, and it’s now Thursday, and I am still feeling like this. Has anyone else been through something like this?


Make another appointment just to be sure but I am sure you are fine. They are surrounded in so much fluid and are safe inside you <3

Get into the Dr ASAP.

I would definitely go back to the dr

I’d go back to the hospital one that delivers babies so they can check on you thoroughly

I fell when I was 20 weeks, was in a lot of pain for about a week after, had same tests as you my son is fine, but just to be sure get yourself checked out again hun, I did twice x

Definitely er. Call your doc

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I hope you went to the Dr I fell down some stairs while pregnant and I was glad I went

Definitely see a doctor. Still having those pains you need to see your doctor

Call your doctor! Everyone’s experience, symptoms are different. I wouldn’t go by other peoples experiences.


Go to a chiropractor

Call your Dr that you are going to for baby

My whole pregnancy was painful and I was fine. I accidentally got kneed in the stomach ass well and everything was okay. Gets checked to ease your mind but stay positive :heart:

Demand labor and delivery.
You demand a fair treatment for you and your baby. .you’re 25 weeks which is normally when you can go up to the labor and delivery floor. .you should have been hooked up and the baby tested for a few hours!
Call your doctor.
But call the hospital and ask for labor and delivery.


call your OB and let them know! i slipped on ice at about 24 weeks and although i didn’t hit my stomach i fell hard on my left side, she had me go in for an ultrasound just to make sure and listened to babies heartbeat. but because your braxton hicks are hurting and happening often, it may be preterm labor. my OB told me if they’re happening every 10 minutes to call her or go to the ER.

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I fell with my first pregnancy an they monitored me twice a week in labor and delivery my ob wanted to be extra safe

Def go back to the Dr. But i fell just like that when i was 37 weeks and i was still sore and had those symptoms a week later. Your bodies already going through alot so a fall even a small one will take you longer to recover

Go get checked out. It is always best to “waste a doctors time” and find nothing than not go and miss something huge.

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It might be a good idea to go to a chiropractor, your hips could be out of alignment

You’re fine, good that you went and got checked. That baby is so protected mire that we realize. Make sure you’re hydrated and relax.

You need to go see your oby gyn


go get examined right away at hospital dr. if can get in tell the your pg and fell. ive had a falls myself

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Get examined I did that at 32 weeks pregnant and it turned into preterm labor

Go again get a second opinion I never comment on things like this but go back in! Call your Dr!!!

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Call your OB, they’ll likely want to get you in to check on the baby. I hope they do to give u some peace of mind. I understand how scary and worrisome it can be, but your body is designed to protect your baby!


:speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:call your doctor. Look out for bright red bleeding-hell any bleeding :drop_of_blood:
Even spotting I would call.(esp if it’s within a wk or so of the fall. Sex is totally different.,and it’s ok to spot then.

Did you call your OB?

Call your doctor again pls.

Go get checked again. Something could’ve happened and you’re only feeling the effects more now. Keep us posted

Ya’ll didn’t read she went and got checked. Bed rest and lots of water, baby will be okay.

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Go back to the hospital. You shouldn’t still be in pain like that. I fell on ice at 32 weeks pregnant with my son and he was fine, but they suggested I take time off and go on bed rest.

Yeah… you fell :woman_shrugging:. How do you think you’re supposed to feel :thinking:?


When I was 30 weeks pregnant, I fell down my stairs, about 10 of them. I did go in and get checked just to be safe, and my babygirl was ok thankfully. I did land on the left side of my belly so I was really nervous also. Aside from being extremely sore for a couple weeks, baby and I were just fine.

I was told from my midwife that bubs is usually tucked in there pretty well an safe.

Most likely ur body healing, probably bruised. an it’s ok to be worried.
But If ur to worried go back up an get checked out again. For piece of mind.

I done something (can’t remember now) beant over an hit my belly hard on something an I Freaked out a lot. An was cramping badly. But they think I over did it with house work while I was pregnant an pulled a muscle in my vagina area. Bubs was fine.

I fell and actually landed on my belly. I was fine. If ur still hurting it never hurts to call ur ob and tell them ur still in pain and see if they think u need checked again.

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I’d go to another hospital and get rechecked like a second opinion.

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Go to the Doctor???

You should of went to the doctor the day of the fall. Praying for you and the little one♡

Call your OB and let them know your symptoms, it’s always okay to double check if you are concerned (if not for your mental health and comfort). I hope everything is okay and it’s just symptoms of the fall

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Go get checked i was only 11 weeks pregnant when we was in an almost accident my husband had to hit the breaks to keep a wreckless driver from hitting my side of the car (it would have hit my door head on) I started cramping no bleeding called ob they said everything was fine as long as no blood a week later I went in for my blood results and check up found out my daughter had died the umbilical cord had severed I wish that pain on no one not even my worst enemy… not saying this happened to you just saying anything can happen its better to be safe than sorry later and feel like you could have done something differently… yes I was wearing my seat belt and was wearing it correctly this was my 6th pregnancie at the time and 4th miscarriage!


Did you talk to your obstetrician? He/she’s the only one can answer all your concerns. Please do not ask for layman’s advice. With your condition I would have check with my OB right away .


Go get checked again, and demand a 3rd opinion if needed. I lost my son at 20 weeks because I couldn’t get 2 doctors to pay attention to me. They kept saying I was a nervous first time mother. If they had, there was a chance he could have been saved before I went into labor a week later because they blew my symptoms off.


You should have gone to the emergency room right away after fall especially if it was really hard but if you’re experiencing symptoms after your fall you should definitely not delay medical care

I would go back. I had a dr tell me once it’s better to go in to the er and find out it’s nothing than stay at home and find out it’s something. It would give you peace of mind at least. Even if everything is 100% perfect it’s no use making your self sick worrying.

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Don’t worry god got you just be careful in Jesus name amen

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Like falling in luv falling or an actual like fell was it more of a pain

Nobody knows your body like you do, pregnant or not, if you feel something isnt right then you need to be checked again. If I were pregnant and bending over in pain, I would go to the e.r immediately.

Go back to the ER and tell them everything you are feeling.

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Get yourself to the doctor!!! Better safe than sorry


Get another opinion from a dr or back to er

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Go back and get checked again. They can’t deny you. If you need reassure that everything is okay, you do that :slightly_smiling_face:


Go to the doc he’ll go to the er right now

When i was 20 3 weeks pregnant i fell really hare down 20 steps. I broke my knee and dented a frying pan with my head and gave my self a concussion. Needless to say my baby will be 21 next week. They are reslly protected quite well within there sac and us. Im sure you’ll be just fine. Thinking about you though.


I fell so hard right around the 25 wk mark too, same thing too right side unsure if I landed on my stomach but I didn’t think I did also went to the ER baby was and is fine I now have an almost 2 year old. But my body hurt like hell for like a week after. I’m sure everything is most likely fine at least with the baby but if you’re concerned give your dr a call anyways. Good luck!


I strongly recomend u going to your ob doctor . Just to be on the safe side .
U should have gone in the day u fell instead of waiting


Go to your er and follow up with your obstetrician asap ask them to do a stress test on the baby.


My sister fell right in her stomach in the middle of the road once with my first nephew he’s around 8-9 now they’re really protected but honestly I would get another opinion cause it’s better to be safe then sorry. I know someone who’s placenta detach she was in lots of pain and when she went they said everything was fine send her home she ended up delivering her full term baby still born. :disappointed: go see another dr or diff hospital

And I’m not telling I’m just trying to get your attention. Lol. Sorry. But seriously pleas get baby checked.


SHE DID GO TO THE ER. They said it was all good. But she feels like something isn’t right.

Go back to the hospital. Please just have them check everything again. Better safe than sorry.

I was in a car accident going 55 when I was around 25-30 weeks and the baby was completely fine but I would go into the dr if I was you

Call your doctor, give them your symptoms and see if they want you to come in. They’ll be able to tell you if it’s normal or if you need to be checked again. Hoping everything is ok :heart:

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I fell at 35w4d I delivered my son the next day

Call your OB. Or return to the ER and ask to be seen by an OB there.

I fell when I was 30 weeks pregnant and had bleeding a week later, which I also had my son at 31 weeks. So the best things to do is go back and have another check up.

Follow your instincts :heart: If you feel something is not right, bring yourself to your doctor. Glad they said baby is fine, falling pregnant is definitely scary xo

I am clumsy af, and have fallen down stairs with every pregnancy, and been in 2 or 3 accidents. All were around what you are now. The baby is super protected at this point and I now have 3 healthy kids. BUT you know your body, and if something doesn’t feel right, go back in or follow up with your OB.