I am pregnant and found a lump in my breast: Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi, can I ask a question anonymously? I’m 24 and nearly five months and noticed a lumpy area in one my breasts been there for a few months (I have breastfed not sure it’s related) (no family history if BC) the doctor thought it was nothing to worry about but still referred me for a mammogram, which I thought if she thinks it’s nothing to worry about why would she send me for one. Has this happened to anyone else and being pregnant??


It’s better to be safe than sorry! I’m glad your dr is on top
Of it. Good luck mama


Could be a milk lump I had it before


They do that as precautionary, sometimes either milk ducts or lymph nodes swell. I had one under my arm and they sent me for an ultrasound, it was just a swollen lymph node. Best to go and have it check than worry throughout your pregnancy.

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Sounds like swollen or clogged milk ducts to me.

There probably nothing to worry about. I think the doctor is sending you for a mammogram for your peace of mind.

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Better to be safe than sorry. It’s probably nothing but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

I had a few throughout my pregnancy/breast feeding journey. My doctor told me it was more than likely a milk duct, but better safe than sorry!

Shes just covering her butt, better safe then sorry with these things, not worth leaving it on the tiny chance it is something more serious.

Better safe than sorry. I had/have one at 6.5 mo pregnant, and was reassured that it’s just a cyst, which I guess are very common when the hormones start going. I definitely would have gone for the mammogram if they’d recommended it, though.

Research modern methods of mammography. No one should be getting the old fashion method!!

I’d request a Ultrasound be done over the Mammogram.

Some women have more fatty tissue that feels like lumps. You need to get it checked to ensure it’s nothing serious.

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Go see your doctor ASAP!!!

They do the mammogram just to make sure it’s nothing to worry about. It’s probably just milk ducts being swollen or clogged.

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I have big boobs had them throughout my pregnancy was checked and it was only dense tissue it’s better to be safe then sorry doctors can usually feel the difference between dense tissue and a cancerous lump but they always send you to get checked as a precaution don’t let it stress you I know it’s easier said then done but you’re in good hands I’d be worried if they didn’t send you to have further tests to check

It’s good that she sent you even if she thought it was nothing because she could be wrong. Better safe than sorry as someone said before.

Although The dr might of felt it is nothing to worry about, it’s best that you have the mammogram done to absolutely confirm there is nothing there. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Because even though the doctor “thinks” you’re ok, she needs to protect herself & make sure. She can guess,but can’t see inside you!

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I had swollen milk ducts before, its probably that.

I’d still get checked. But yes. It was my milk coming in

Better safe than sorry, get the mammogram for peace of mind

Call your doc for an ultrasound. I had that with my son- left breast, it was caused by my hormones. It went away after birth.

I had a blocked milk ducts from wearing an underwired bra in my last pregnancy

Yes. Ultrasound and mammogram. It’s standard to thoroughly check, because of pregnancy. Everything was fine.

I’ve been breastfeeding for 6 years(3 different babies) & I found a lump in my breast. Turns out it was just breastfeeding related. But always better safe than sorry.

From what I’ve been told, cancer 99% of the time feels like gravel or super hard rock. Normal breast tissue can be more firm but should not feel way different next to the other tissue surrounding it. Also if you don’t have this on the other breast anywhere, I’d def get it looked at. The word of a doctor saying “I don’t think it’s anything to worry about” isn’t good enough for me. Doctors aren’t perfect. Also clogged milk ducts can feel like gravel so I’d try to do something to get rid of that- google etc about it. I was told though by my OB that those should not stay clogged months on end. Good luck :blush:

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Sure have. The mamogram is just to be sure.

She is sending you to make sure. Even if she says it is nothing, she should send you.
Always double check.

I had a swollen milk duct almost my entire pregnancy on the left side up closer to my armpit that I noticed probably somewhere around month 4 that was tender to the touch so like others said, it may just be that. But better safe than sorry, I’m glad she referred you for a mammogram. That way even if it is nothing, you can have the peace of mind for the rest of your pregnancy knowing it’s nothing to worry about. Best of luck!! :two_hearts:

I had one, it turned out to be a clogged duct. I wasnt nursing because the baby wasnt born yet so I had to massage it every day and change my bra to no underwire to make it go away.

Liability suits are a big cause for diagnostic referrals.
Better safe than sorry.
Best of thoughts to you.

I had lumps when I was pregnant. Doctor told me its normal to have them during pregnancy…I am guessing your doctor is being cautious. Its better to get the test and it be normal then not get it and end up needing one.

Yes, i noticed mine at about 20weeks. Ive had ultrasounds and even saw a surgeon. Mine just happened from the over production of hormones from being pregnant. Im 3mos pp and it hasnt gone away, but its nothing to be worried about.

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They always send u if they find a lump

talk to your OB & do it k=now. Could it be nothing, hopefully yes. But it also could be something that needs to really be watched…for your sake

I have lumps in my breast, I got them from a medication I took long ago. The doctor told me my lumps feel different than the lumps associated with breast cancer. Ask your doctor to be specific about the lumps he/she is feeling and why it wasn’t a concern, just incase more pop up.

Fatty deposit or cyst… but obviously consult your Dr to be :100: sure

I had caffeine lumps. I was told it’s because I drank a lot of pop then when I found out I was pregnant I stopped. That’s what my doctor told me, they went away a few months later

My doctor found a lump when i was around 5 months pregnant and it turned out to be a fibroadenoma. Its a harmless tumor but they took a biopsy just to be sure after I had my son. I do have to get a yearly mammogram to keep track of it but I usually forget i even have it. I just refer to it as my titty tumor lol

Literally go to the doctor…

Ive had calcified breast milk in my milk ducts before. Honestly just ask your doctor before you freak yourself out. Good luck.

Happened to me and I had fibrocystic breast disease. Pretty much just lumpy breasts

Most likely a mammory gland but when in doubt go see your OB. Good luck momma

Super common. So I have had bc and had a lump start in pregnancy and grow rapidly the process is just to cover butts but I’ll bet you have a fatty tumor from hormones

I had that before but it was clog milk and had to massage it toward the nipple to let it out.

Not trying for a horror story but! Young friend, pregnant with second child had lump and red painful breast. Dr. said it was mastitis, gave antibiotics and went away. Returned a bit later and again with antibiotics. Same thing. Sadly, it was breast cancer and even with a mastectomy, it had metastasized and we lost her two years post partum. Other side of the story, daughter had breast lump, biopsy and thank God benign. Don’t fool around.

My best friend has a cousin. She got pregnant and found out she had breast cancer. She wouldn’t have known if she didn’t get pregnant. They had to deliver the baby about 10weeks early or so for her to start chemo before it got to far

I get that with every pregnancy express in shower see if u have colostrum yet each time ive had a mammo its been clear, its generally just a precaution but you should get one to be sure normally its just a hormone thing your boobs create somatic cells and they cluster x

I had a 2cm lump right breast nov 2018 I got pregnant april 2019 and during the course of my pregnancy my lump disappeared completely

Try not to worry. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can do some strange things to your breasts even if it’s nothing to worry about. The only thing that’s important is you’re checking it just to be sure.

I found out I had a lump on the side of my boob about 4 yrs ago… of course I was worried wondering what could it be…so I went to my obgyn and he scheduled an appointment which they did an ultrasound which turned out to be a fibroadenoma… he said it was non cancerous… but make sure u get checked​:pray::pray:

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Lumps can be caused by ducts clogging from breastfeeding as well as pregnancy. Even though your doc feels that it is most likely nothing, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


I had lumps in my breast during pregnancy, was just my breast preparing for child. Certainly get it checked out if it concerns you, but after my first I knew that was normal for me.

Do not get a mammogram. They are not safe. The chances of breast cancer popping up while pregnant or nursing is highly unlikely. I think the safer method they use now if ultrasound instead of mammogram if you are still super concerned.

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You should definitely get it checked , but pregnancy can cause this as well, I had one caused by too much caffeine, but first thing Dr thought was I was pregnant.

Never. Ever. Ignore. A. Lump. Even if you waste several days and time to be told all tests were normal. <—Oncology RN


Better safe than sorry. Have the mammogram, and get peace of mind.

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I’ve never been pregnant. I have had a lump on my breast and gotten a mammogram. The lump was just hormonal and went away after a couple weeks. If I was you I would still check it out just in case.

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I found a lump in my breast when I was 5 months along?. Turned out to be nothing. Dr said due to pregnancy, was the reason I could feel it. Sure enough, it went away after I had my daughter

I had a blocked duct at 24 weeks. Scared me to death. I didn’t know I started lactating that’s early. My dr just assessed it and it went down.

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Sister in law was told it was nothing.After baby was born ,cancer,and spreadShe lived five years,don’t let it go

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It could be something it could be nothing. But see your doctor asap. You don’t want to mess around with the lady’s.

Every avenue explored be so grateful :). Xxx Im waiting for a letter also so know how you are feeling try not to panic. Xxxx

Pregnancy does crazy things to your breasts. Go to the mammogram, but try not to panic. You Dr. Is more then likely correct, but is checking to be sure.

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Better to be safe than sorry I’m sure is what the doc is thinking


They send you just as a precautions. It is very common for pregnant women to find a lump.

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Get the mammogram done.
It will put your mind at ease to know what it is.

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I had a lump that was nothing but was still sent for ultrasound on it. They said NEVER ignore a lump in your breast! Its better to be safe then sorry!


I found a lump while I was pregnant and it scared me to death! Turned out it was a milk gland, same thing happened 5 years after my last child was born. But I strongly recommend you still have your doctor check it

Yes I had that issue it ended up being nothin serious. Diffently get checked though

Get the mammo! You don’t want to take the chance, do you? You have a child on the way.

Have a mammogram just to be sace

Probably a.milk duct gland

Sending you for a mam is to set your mind at ease and for them to be positive its nothing.

Wish my ob would have given me one when I asked. You don’t wanna know her response. I was 42 gave birth to our change of life baby girl, breast cancer very strong in my family, my mom and her 3 sisters all fought the battle.

My dr was just in a hurry.

Were not going to talk about how things are now… :roll_eyes:

Just go get the mam and be glad you did please. Im begging you do it for your husband for the baby your carrying for yourself most of all.

Get a second referral now

Never ignore the lump. Have the mamagram and do what your doctor says. Some women have lumpy breasts during pregnancy

I had it with both pregnancies and turned out to be just my supply starting to come in. On both it happened about 5th month. I’m sure it will be fine but any doubt then see your doctor. Better safe then sorry. Best of luck.

Could be fibrocystic breasts. (Spelling might be wrong). I have had them for a fear years now. Sometimes they’re painful. My doctor was pretty confident that’s what they were and still sent me to get an ultrasound done just to make sure. She was right. They’re caused by hormones and you’re at greater risk if you drink a lot of caffeine. At the time that they started I just switched to a different kind of birth control so it made sense. She said they’ll go away in time.

This happened when I wasn’t pregnant. I was 25. It’s standard to do testing to rule out anything being wrong.

I found out I was pregnant when I felt a lump in my breast and thought it was a tumor or something lol went to the doctor they did a urine test and then I found out I was pregnant. They said it was just a clogged milk duct.
If you’re breast feeding its probably just that, milk clogged up in breast tissue but it’s always better safe then sorry. If its concerning you you might wanna go see a doctor just be safe and for peace of mind.

Could be a swollen lymphnode. We though my mom had BC and it was just that.

Just get it checked to be safe! I wasn’t preggers but I had a concern and mine turned out to be excess hormonal tissue in the breast.

Not a doctor but it could be common with breast ducts especially if you have breastfed before and the new milk is getting ready. But to side with caution it doesnt hurt to get check. Some doctors find it easier to instruct their patients to do test just to help ease the worry.

it’s better to be safe than sorry. But lumpy breasts is common in pregnancy.

Me! But mine turned out to be 99% cancerous. I could of gotten breast cancer in 1-4 years if I didn’t treat it.
My advice is see a breast specialist & go from there. Odds are its just a blocked duct & you’ll be fine. But see a breast specialist if you feel you need extra care.

I have multiple lumps in my breasts that are blocked milk ducts from many years ago when I breastfeed. I do not notice them normally, only the week before my period is due (my breasts become sore and lumpy on the sides). I visited my doctor and had a scan as I was concerned to start with. They turned out to be nothing.

I totally recommend getting them checked out. It is always better to be safe and to take care of yourself.