I am pregnant and have anxiety that I will miscarry: Advice?

I’d like to ask a guest question if possible I’m worried as I’ve just found out I’m pregnant ( second baby) first child is three next month and although I’d really love another baby I’m so anxious as I had bad anxiety after having my first and I’m also so scared I’ll miscarry x


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am pregnant and have anxiety that I will miscarry: Advice?

Every time I get pregnant I have this anxiety. I wish I could help ease your mind love. I’m currently 15 weeks :heart:


My entire pregnancy was fear and worry that I’d finally lose my miracle. But you can’t change much. If you do you do and if you don’t then PERFECT. Embrace it and enjoy!


Pray :pray: God’s got you.

I’ve felt the same way this entire pregnancy (I’m 25 weeks) … unfortunately I have no advice how to make the anxiety go away:( just keep thinking positive! :heart:

Talk to your Dr. They may be able to give you something fir anxiety that will be ok to take while pregnant.

Everything you get the feeling just rebuke it praying eat healthy meal and smile cause you don’t need that energy

Wait until you have a teenager. There’s anxiety.

Think happy thoughts

I pray.
Sometimes every few minutes.
Try to think logically, I know hormones can get in the way of that :sweat_smile:.
Do the best you can and you both should be fine.

I always had that fear as well…get a fetal doppler…sonoline b …think it was $20
Gave SOME piece of mind

I’ve had this anxiety every time I was pregnant. I just try to keep positive, and any time my anxiety gets the best of me, I call my doctor and they’ll do a quick well check to make sure Baby is fine. Now that I’ve reached the stage in pregnancy that I can feel my daughter move regularly, I have less anxiety. Now it’s just a smooth ride until she’s here.

Talk to your doctor. Maybe some therapy, safe-for-baby meds, relaxation techniques like meditation, pregnancy yoga, tai chi, hypnosis, behavior modification—or all of the above would help change your doomsday thinking.

Worry doesn’t help at all or change outcomes, so see if you can redirect your thoughts. One technique is to wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it every time you start to worry. Think of kittens, a nice day at the beach, and visualize a healthy, happy pregnancy, labor and delivery instead. Reframing or redirecting your thoughts can work wonders, and not just in this situation.

Keep a gratitude journal and write down all the things that went right in your first pregnancy as well as more general stuff. You are probably blessed to live in a first world country with competent, advanced medical care for you and baby, and you don’t live in a war zone, for example.

The more you learn ways to de-stress and practice them until it’s a habit, the happier you will be. :+1:t3::heartpulse::grinning:

Girl I found out at 6 weeks (thinking I was more 12 w or so :joy::woman_shrugging:) and was scared and am still scared today at 17 w …it’s hard not to worry but I’m sure all will be fine :pleading_face::kissing_heart:

I was worried I would lose my child until the moment she was in my arms, its normal and shows you will be an amazing loving Mama.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am pregnant and have anxiety that I will miscarry: Advice?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am pregnant and have anxiety that I will miscarry: Advice?

I miscarried after a perfectly healthy pregnancy with zero issues and a flawless birth. Now have a 2.5 year old running around. But my second baby didn’t make it. Fir whatever reason and I carry that with me daily but its life. I understand being scared. But its not helpful

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I miscarried in October 2020 now I am 5 months pregnant with my rainbow baby and it was sooo hard at first in the first trimester because of my anxiety of miscarrying again but here we are, have faith in your body. :heart:

Stressing over something you cannot control will only increase your chance of miscarriage by raised BP and stress. Relax my dear. Buy one of those doplars. I too have anxiety and major depressive disorder and thought I was losing my daughter in the beginning of my pregnancy because I had a subchronic hemorrhage but a year later, she’s here and beautiful. Stay off Google and WebMD. The first trimester is the roughest because of the risk of losing baby yes, BUT the perfect time to start taking better care of yourself and create better habits. Eating healthier, catching up on rest and begin to plan your future family. It’s a roller coarser of a ride but you cannot let your mind race into dark thoughts. Don’t do any heavy lifting, take your prenatal vitamin, drink lots of water and relax :heartbeat:


Go check with your doctor about anxiety you can get almost like ppd while pregnant due to hormones

Just breathe and even you think the negative thoughts, try to redirect your thoughts to what has gone right today… Miscarriages do happen and for no reason, but say things like… I’m scared but I’m ok, I had no bleeding today, I had no pain today, I had morning sickness so my hormone levels are good…etc. I have to remind myself all the time of all the things that mean I’m ok otherwise the anxiety gets to me and I break. I’d also like to say that the doctor advised my not to panic if any of the odd things happen because you can cramp and bleed and still be fine so let your doctor tell you if you should worry or not. You just remind yourself of what you know is for sure going right. I try to look for things like my veins showing up more and my nails growing an insane amount in a week… All signs that we’re right on track.

Try calming techniques and let your doctor, partner/support know where your at mentally and emotionally. Breathe. Go to your happy place. You will get through it. Been there.

I just want to hug you. I miscarried between my 1st and my second 2x. I don’t have any advice for you to ease the anxiety but I put everything by I had into “everything happens for a reason” I was so devastated with my loss at 12 weeks that I was terrified how I would react to be pregnant again even though I wanted it so badly. Surprisingly I just let go of what I could
Not control. Stress is the worst thing you can do. Go about your business, take care of yourself, maybe do something for yourself and try your hardest to let it be
:heart: I am wishing all the best!

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Those kind of things are out of your hands! What will be is gonna be! Just know that you are doing everything possible to keep the baby and you healthy and that’s all you can do! I have miscarried before and it’s devastating but I also have had two healthy babies between! Try to focus on Postive and what you can control! Much luck! Anxiety is no joke!! Hope things get better

Ok, unfortunately, if we miscarry there really seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I know it’s not really helpful, but what I did was just pray everyday that baby would be ok, that heart would beat strong, body would grow correctly, ect… I would pray for the development and a strong heart everyday. A few times my prayers were not answered and I did Miscarry… but that 1 time my prayers were answered and she is amazing.
Deep Breaths… try to have the positive mindset… good luck.


I had 4 healthy pregnancies of 4 beautiful boys ages 10, 6, 4, 3 and miscarried with my 5th in 2019 now I’m 5 months with my rainbow baby and it’s also a beautiful boy I also had anxiety with my current pregnancy and until I past the time frame of when I miss carried

Trust & have faith your beautiful baby will make it. This is my first normal pregnancy after a miscarriage and tubal. I still get nervous my self but i have faith it will all work out :heart:

I would find a therapist and talk with them. Unfortunately, miscarriages are out of our control, but finding someone to talk you through all of these big emotions will help you enjoy this rather than worry over it. Prayers for a safe pregnancy and delivery

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To miscarry is out of your control…to sit and worry about it , will not do you any good…I know easier said then done, especially when anxiety kicks in. Just focus on what you can control , exercise healthy eating , time spent with child, cant remember the name for it but perhaps purchase a device that lets you hear the baby heartbeat ,that may bring you some comfort. ,… just remember to breathe take it one day at a time, talk to your family, friends even your doctor about your concerns/thoughts…


I would definitely talk with your OB. Tell them how you are feeling it helps I was the same way! But it was my first pregnancy. Now I have a beautiful little girl who turned 4 months today!

I have bad anxiety and depression second time round and worse. Doctors told me I cant possibly have depression as I went blank when I tried to explain my symptoms and refused to help me although I’ve been coping and I feel you can get the right support out there I’m just stupid enough to not do that

Anxiety is the worst. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing it now. Can you reach out to your doctor about possible treatment?

Just gotta breathe mama… think positive, I had a miscarriage almost 3 years ago… after that my husband did not want to try anymore :pensive: but I do have two children before my miscarriage

I know this is gonna sound odd and maybe rude but you can’t worry over things you have no control over. What will be, will be. Try to enjoy every moment you can and always think that things do happen for a reason. I suffer from Mayor Depressive Disorder & Extreme Anxiety and I know it gets hard sometimes, even overwhelming on a daily. But when it comes to things that you have no control or fault of your own, we need to learn to let things happen.


I have the worst anxiety in the world!! I did not miscarry from it. I’m not a Dr but I am not sure u could. Sending :pray::pray::pray:

I think all women have this fear when pregnant
Ask your doctor to talk to someone but sadly it’s a feeling that won’t go away till baby is born

And after a miscarriage is 1000000 time worst

I know personal

With my first I was scared to lose her because you have no clue what’s happening inside

Then I had a miscarriage after my first and when I got pregnant again I felt like I was going to lose it
I was so scared and it was after a D&C had to be dont so I was extra scared she wouldn’t stay They touched since they had to scrape to me like a month prior.
I had a wonderful midwife talk to me constantly and tried her best to put me at ease she did offer me medication but I wasn’t willing to take anything while pregnant but it was nice to know she was there and she completely understood my feelings and never made me feel bad about them at all

It’s normal to worry mama. I’m 32 weeks pregnant now with my 3rd and I still worry something is gonna happen every now and then. Easier said than done but try not to stress about it and eat well and take care of yourself. Get yourself one of them Dopplers so when you get worried you can just hear that little babies heart beat without having to have that panicky feeling of waiting to go to the doctors. :slightly_smiling_face: miscarriages do happen unfortunately most of the time without any fault of the mama. All you can do is treat your body right, take your prenatals and try to relax because the stress isn’t good for you or your baby.

Just tell yourself you can’t control that if it does happen and ask for help when you need it

Take it as easy as you can and stay positive

I understand. I miscarried at 22 weeks. It was traumatic and I will never be the same.

Just remember, women do drugs and still have healthy babies. Don’t stress.

I found having a fetal doppler helpful for my anxiety in the beginning before you can feel the flutters and kicks


I have anxiety too. And I hate “be positive” cause when it goes wrong it = great let down.

My advice is to be healthy and keep your routine the same. You can’t stop it from happening yaknow? Chances are it won’t. Good luck and congrats

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am pregnant and have anxiety that I will miscarry: Advice?

I had 8 miscarriages and 2 rainbow babies. I understand your anxiety completely! I made sure to keep open communication with my doctor and they monitored me very closely. They gave me ultrasounds every time I would start to freak out. It helped tremendously having a doctor that understood and was great at keeping my anxiety down. I would suggest being completely open and honest with your OB and they are usually great at finding ways to help you. Best of luck! :heart:

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Ur gonna have to let it go cuz ur anxiety about it will be to much stress and will cause u to have one. I understand ur scared. But it is out of ur control.


What Charlotte said, i have so much anxiety this time around. Getting a doppler has helped so much!! i do it once every day just to ease my anxiety

I had a miscarriage at almost 6 months pregnant had to have a dnc when i got pregnant with my almost 3 year old i was scared to move breathe anything i was completely terrified something was gonna happen to him like it did with my first pregnancy i was sick as a dog the whole time i fractured my spine becuase even though i was taking vitamins i didnt have enough in my system from the constant throwing up i stayed in bed only thing that helped me was talking to my husband about how i was feeling and my two bonus sons pushing me threw it those boys saved me and they love their lil brothers and their lil sister with our other two kids i had given birth to my almost three year old and my anxiety wasnt as bad

Keep your mind healthy! Exercise daily- walks… diet is the key to positive mind, avoid too much sugar and carbs, more veggies and food! And remember God give you this gift … as long as you take good care of you and the baby, he will do his part and deliver a healthy baby! Take good prenatal vitamins( organic ) and vitamin d3

I was so paranoid with my last 2 babies and the anxiety was overwhelming. This website that shows probability of miscarriage by day is the only thing that eased my mind.

I used a home doppler once you are anywhere from about 10 to 15 weeks you should be able to pick up a heart beat and that helped me reduce my fears

Meditate! There are some great guided meditations on pregnancy on YouTube or the insight timer app.

I have stress, anxiety and depression and had 3 beautiful healthy babies through it all but I did have 2 miscarriages also. My first was a miscarriage, 2nd full term, 3rd miscarriage, 4th full term, 5th full term. Maybe talk to your doctor to get put on anxiety meds to help.

Do you have any reason to believe you will miscarry? Pcos, a history of miscarriage… If this is the case your doctor can monitor you and make sure your hormones are rising and give you medication to keep it rising… If you don’t… you’re only freaking yourself out…and you should still see your doctor about what you can take for anxiety while pregnant… stress is not good for your body.