I am pregnant and have anxiety that something is going to go wrong: Advice?

I just found out that I’m pregnant with my first baby, and I guess I’m just really nervous things are going to go wrong, that I’m going to have a miscarriage or something is going to be wrong with the baby. I’m also really scared that I’m just not going to know what to do when it comes to labor and delivery or anything. I have pretty bad anxiety, to begin with, so this is just really hard. I guess I just need advice and words of encouragement.


Breathe. Take ur prenatal, drink water. Ur body will do what it’s supposed to do when it comes to labor.

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You got this. Your body is the perfect baby making factory and know what is best for you and that baby. Deep breaths mommas!! Try to keep calm and handle only what is right in front of you.

Every mom has a mind set like this so it’s totally normal. Breath in, relax, be calm and just try to thing more positive and think about what happy things you can do while baby is in the tummy like shopping, reading, talking to baby, and after baby is born you’ll see his face full of happiness. Be healthy and get a baby app that way you know what size is the baby and how their development is going. If it’s to where it’s really concerning get a counselor to help you more or contact your ob if anything goes wrong with the pregnancy always ask questions to your ob or what you’re concerned of. Watch labor videos always be prepared for good and bad . :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Congratulations first off sweetie. Take one day at a time, I was the same last February was I was being induced in march, my anxiety was horrendous but your body is a wonderful thing and knows exactly what to do when the time comes. You grow your little pudding and look forward to all the joyful memories you are going to be able to make when the little bubba is here. You are strong enough to do this lovely. If you ever need to confide in someone, feel free to drop me a message, if not I understand that too and I wish you all the best x

Everyone goes through it. I went through it too. I was worried of miscarriage and then when I started to become full tern was extremely paranoid of a stillbirth. I had my heartbeat monitor out pretty much hourly… And my labor was 25 hours long. When you’re at that point of labor, your body takes over and just knows what its got to do… Alongside of a team of doctors and nurses to help you with it.

I’ve been there! Hormones changing made my anxiety and depression sooo much worse!

Just listen to your doctor, and no one knows your body like you do…baby is healthy on every check up? Then no need to worry. Go about your normal day. I was like that in the beginning, I stopped running and working out my obgyn said continue , baby is great and the only thing you need to change is your diet and make sure to take your prenatals :grin:

Oh yeah ,Stay of you tube videos!

These are all very normal for Mama’s. Do your best to not stress it. Stress can affect the pregnancy in many ways. Keep yourself busy without over doing it, if you decided medication is needed I would do your research beyond just taking your OBGYNs word for it AND know that most babies/pregnancies go healthly…most are pre-term labor and NICUs are very successful (98% graduation rate). I have had 3 babies and I was never ready for labor and delivery but when I got there things went better than I feared AND I had all 3 just fine (I had an un-planned pre-term birth with NICU stay AND an un-planned c-section). There are so many options for pain management that you can get at almost any point during the labor and delivery possible if so choose. I hope this helps.

That feeling is 100% normal. Labor and delivery are what you choose to make of it. With my oldest, I was induced, had the epidural done way early, and was stuck in a bed for almost an entire day before she was born. I refused to do that shit again. I had a doula my second time and refused constant monitoring (they hooked me up for 5 mins every hour). I refused to be induced. She came at 41 weeks (on Father’s Day). I walked, bounced on my yoga ball, slow danced with my husband while my doula massaged my lower back through every contraction. I didn’t get into the bed and stay there until I started transitioning. Natural birth hurts. There’s no way around that. If you’re not mentally prepared for doing it, get the epidural. There’s no shame in doing so. Just follow your OB’s instructions. Take your vitamins. Drink lots of water. And try not to stress too much.

relax you stress baby will stress I ts mosr natural thing in world RELAX you got this think happy thoughts

It is completely normal to worry about the baby the entire pregnancy. I’m pregnant with my third and still worry. Download a pregnancy app that will teach you about your pregnancy day by day. I use the app Ovia and I love it. Once you have your first ultrasound it will make you feel so much better! Every mama has done this for the first time and felt exactly how you feel. You will do great!!! Good luck and congratulations!

Everything will go “wrong” truthfully but it all seems to end up right! Have faith it will be alright

Hang in there doll, I encourage you to find a good book about pregnancy and what to expect. Take time for yourself everyday to find a cozy spot inside or out with fresh air and relax and read a book or download a pregnancy app and read with a healthy snack to munch on Your body and emotions will change daily and that’s OK! it’s a very special time and you will do great!

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every thing will be ok

I have very bad clinical anxiety and I made it through two pregnancies. There are meds you can safely take if you are currently taking anxiety meds. Not that it helps but most things are out of your control and you just have to hope for the best, take prenatal and eat healthy

I had the same problem but I was able to call my doctor any time to see what I should do and then mine made sure to that I knew that the baby was fine

Easier said than done but try not to worry, babies pick up on stress in the womb, enjoy each step, time will fly, as for the end , your body will know what to do, listen to it, congratulations :blush: take lots of bump photos!

This was so me! So nervous that something would go south. Of course stress is not good for you and baby. Breathe, and take care of yourself the best you can. Never hesitate to call the nurses line or come in if you think something is wrong.