I am pregnant and have had a headache for 24 hours...advice?

20 weeks pregnant and I’ve had an ongoing headache for 24 hours now it’s so severe and my eyes are starting to feel swollen ? Is it worth the hospital trip ? WhT can they do? What tests can they run ? I feel silly going for just a headache

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The headache combined with swelling eyes is a huge warning sign for preeclampsia…go now!


I would get checked out to be safe. Could be a sign of preeclampsia. Or it could just be pregnancy headaches, but it’s better to be safe then sorry.


Don’t feel silly. I had a headache that lasted over a day when I was 28 weeks pregnant, ended up with seizures and my daughter was born. I became total ecampltic. This isn’t meant to scare you, I could have prevented it if I would have just gone to the doctor


Not silly, headaches can be a sign of blood pressure issues. Your doctor should have an on call # for situations just like this.


It’s not silly to go get checked it could be your blood pressure or anything causing it. I knew a woman that had to go to the hospital all the time over headaches to get a shot it’s the only thing that would relieve them so with you being pregnant please go if it doesn’t let up. Best of luck to you.

When I was pregnant I wasn’t allowed to take my prescribed migraine meds. I had a severe migraine at 18 weeks they gave me a shot of a migraine meds. Not sure why I couldn’t take what I had at home first. At 20 weeks had a kidney stone was told to go to ER got there and was sent straight to labor and delivery. The ER dr thought I was in labor after telling them it was a kidney stone and had them alot. I ended up in the hospital for 4 days with a kidney stone. Getting super strong pain meds.

Can be signs of preeclampsia. Go see your provider


Please get checked. My daughter had that happen and developed pre eclampsia. Thankfully she was further along and they induced labor. She had it so bad that it damaged the retina in her eye. The Dr can help with blood pressure by prescribing meds. Don’t wait until you get in a bad situation. Hospitals know that women should be checked when dealing with long and severe headaches.

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Bottom line u want a healthy baby …Dont wait it could be devastating for both if you.


My midwife informed me that I could take Excedrin Tension Headache while pregnant. It’s pretty much just Tylenol with caffeine and that caffeine makes all the difference! It’s the only thing that got rid of my headaches while pregnant.


Could be high blood pressure, GO!


Please go to the doctors. I ignored mine at one point until I woke up in the hospital for a seizure. Especially, if you’re pregnant… don’t ignore it. Nothing is beyond an er visit when pregnant. Most they can say is you need fluids but a blood test can show more…

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Check with Dr before taking anything all 3 of my pregnancy my Dr told me not take anything for headaches

I was prescribed T3s while pregnant for migraines

I would get checked out like now


You should it can b high blood pressure or even pre-eclampsia

Go to the doctor. It could be more serious than just a headache.

Definitely could get it checked out could be preeclampsia

Go it cud be your bp is high

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It could be your blood pressure or blood sugar. Go see your dr

Go to doctor now , can become dangerous situation

Go to the hospital. This sounds like preeclampsia.

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It could be a sign of blood pressure issues, definitely get it checked. A headache isn’t always just a headache. I deal with chronic headaches/migraines and even I took each one during my pregnancies pretty seriously if it felt different than what I’m used to.


Get your bp checked, i had pre-eclampsia & my bp hit stroke levels while i was pregnant. I had a headache for 3 days, & didn’t think anything of it because I have chronic migraines, the pa told me to come in for a bp check & they ended up delivering immediately because it wasn’t going down even though I’d been on complete bedrest the 7 weeks prior to that.

Any update? I hope you went and checked out.

Call your Obgyn they will let you know if it’s something to be concerned about! It never hurts to be seen, it could be hypertension.

No you need to go asap. Bad headaches can be a sign of pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure or high blood sugar. None of these are good for you or your baby.

When pregnant head aches can be a sign of high blood pressure.

Just GO !!! Better to be safe than sorry

Please call your doctor and make an appointment as soon as possible