I am pregnant and have insanely itchy nipples: Please help!

Basically, I’m nearly 28 weeks pregnant, and the last week or two, I’ve been suffering from insanely itchy nipples. To the point, it keeps me awake at night, and when I do eventually sleep, I think I’m scratching them in my sleep because I wake up, and they’re so sore! Is this normal has anyone else had this before? And is there any advice to ease the itchiness? Obviously, try not to itch it is one piece of advice, haha! It sits easier said than done. It’s such a strong, persistent itch help, please!


Your areolas are itchy because they’re stretching out to prepare for breastfeeding.

Put some Neosporin on them

Go to the pharmacy they might recommend a cream to ease the itching and possibly fix it if you have an infection of sorts

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Use a nipple cream, friars balsam is excellent, if you can find it.

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Yes it’s normal, try aloe Vera gel x

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Or try cool washcloths

Or could be yeast infection

look for Weleda cream, nipple balm

Use the mandela nipple cream dont use Neosporin as it absorbs into them

It’s normal skin is stretching

Gention violet ask for it at the pharmacy

Straight Vaseline, not a scented one

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Is there itching in other place like the palms or feet?

It’s called " Udder Cream" you can buy at Walmart. It’s truly the best ever and I lived by this.

I am almost 22 weeks, my boobs nipples I have been itchy. I have to go buy new bras since everything grew

That’s how I discovered I was 3 months pregnant as I was leaving marriage 22 years ago… ask obgyn I’m sure there is something out there now holistic you can use! Congratulations :tada:

Go to doctor…could be thrush…

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Use vitamin e oil it relieves the itching.

Use an organic nipple cream. It works amazingly. I has the same issue and it helps with itchy cracked nipps

Lots of itch creams out there.Try them.

Cotton bras no lace get to chemist for creme it wouldn’t be Thrush would it?ice packs

Talking to yr doc may be infection in ducts.

Coconut oil…lots of it


Maybe you have an yeast infection on the nipples. I had it on them once during pregnancy

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I’m 26 weeks and have the same problem. Not really bad but I notice it way more than in my last pregnancys. So I’m here for the advice to haha

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Soak a make up pad in milk and put it on your nipples for some relieve… also mix warm water and baking soda and put it on your nipples as you may have a yeast infection which will spread to baby when born if you’re planning on breastfeeding…

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Dove lotion bars in the shower, nothing scented, then apply bag balm. Works like a charm :wink:

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It’s most likely just your skin stretching and drying out. Try coconut oil, vitamin e lotions or cocoa butter. Anything that will moisturize your skin. If that doesn’t help, ask OB/GYN.


I am glad i am not the only one!

Talk to your doctor.

I started using some of my old nipple cream that helped with the pain from breast feeding landolin I believe and it helps numb and help mine from itching


I’m 26 weeks on Tuesday and have been dealing with the same thing, except I’m itchy everywhere :weary:

Lanolin nipple cream is a godsend

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I had this issue and sometimes still do (I’m 31 weeks) my doctor said Cortizone 10 cream was ok to use and it helped the itch a lot


Keep them moisturized with a good lotion :joy:

My daughter gave me what my doc called a Pupps rash all up my legs when I was pregnant. The only thing that worked was Pine Tar Soap it was so insanely itchy I scratched while I slept and when I wasnt thinking. Still have scars. The soap helped relieve it for a bit but not all the way. Best of luck

Coconut oil or lanolin. Make sure to use a breast pad when using these.

Omg I had the same problem allll throughout my third trimester :persevere: I thought I was going to die it was so uncomfortable. This stuff helped a TON. It’s a pretty small jar but a little goes a long way.

I also used the disposable nursing pads by Lasinoh so that it didn’t get on my shirts or bras. I looooved the Lasinoh pads because they have two adhesive strips on the back but you can rip/cut them in half so that each half had a sticky on the back and then just put it inside your bra, t-shirt, whatever you’re wearing.

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Lanolin or even the Aveeno baby oatmeal lotion might help. Any lotion that’s designed for helping eczema would be good too.

Is it just nipples? My whole body was like this . I scratched till I bleed , I got bloods done at the doctors and got told my bile acid was to high ( can cause still borns if gone over 36 weeks) iv been induced with both kids and been on alot of medication to make sure my babies and myself was safe . Get checked out . Worrying isnt good

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Nipple butter, and cotton breast pads to help keep them from chaffing

Are you leaking? Do they have an odor? You could have yeast.

Put a little Benadryl on them.

That’s just another “joy” of pregnancy. Nothing you can do about it but put some nipple cream on them.

Following!!! I’m 25 weeks along and mine drive me nuts!!

Lanolin can help but this is totally normal, your breasts are getting ready to feed the baby and there are changes going on that cause them to itch

Vaseline works well i found xx

Mix a little biofreeze with lotion.

Buy some nip balm. Your tata’s are getting ready to breast feeding

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You should get tested for cholestasis. My hands itched while I was pregnant when I was around 34-35 weeks & it kept me up at night. It was really bad itching that got worse & worse & it went from my hands & feet to my legs & arms. When I told my doctor how bad they itched, she immediately tested me for cholestasis & I had it. I had to be induced at 36 weeks.

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Talk to your dr about getting a nipple ointment.
Anything with oatmeal in it will help.
Anything to help add moisture to the area.
They itch because they are dry! Better to stock up on nipple cream now for the future!

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I know how you feel mine used to do this some home remedies are
Take some ice cubes and wrap them in baby wipes and stick them to your nipples, the cold will help soothe them
Lanolin works really well too and honestly(its a little TMI but my husband used to suck on my nipples when they hurt real bad and it really helped)
Maybe you’re SO could do that and it would help you as well if you’re comfortable with that but mine finally cooled down to where it’s not so bad
Now I just have extreme pinching pains
I’m 37 weeks

pawpaw cream works well :slight_smile:

I’m not even pregnant but it happens to me occasionally- I think it’s hormonal.

Cold lettuce or cabbage leafs worked a treat for me

I used to use burts bees body butter… Used it literally all over my body i had the same issue and this was the only thing that really worked

And you gotta use it daily if you want it to stop

Warm water in a bathroom sink was my go to lean over and sit them in for couple mins then dry up use some aloe vera lotion or other

This is not a joke, use bag balm.

There’s this stuff I used and still do. It’s called bagbalm. It’s $7.68 on Amazon . You may be able to find it at Walmart. It’s wonderful!

I use Shea butter all over my body including breasts. I’m 27 weeks and have the same issue. I also try and exfoliate my skin with the loofa more often than not to get rid of the dead skin cells

I just had a baby and I had this problem all my 2nd&3rd trimester. I used aloe Vera cream and ice packs
Exclusively in that order. It was the only thing that helped me