I am pregnant and have placenta accreta: Advice?

I was a 32-year-old mom of 3. seven years ago I had my 3rd child with all 3 of my kids never had any kind of complications. I delivered them all vaginally. After I delivered my 3rd child, my placenta wouldn’t come out, and they took me into surgery and manually removed it, they diagnosed it as placenta accreta. My dr then would not tie my tubes. Well, I just recently went to Dr found out I’m pregnant again with my 4th child. All they saw was a small sac, so they think I’m way earlier than we thought… I’m scared I had never heard of placenta accreta didn’t know what it was… I’ve never met anyone who has had it, and I’m just curious is there more people in the world that have had it and then had another child… I’m really scared to the point I don’t want to go through with this pregnancy because I have three other kids that need me. I would like Some advice/support from other mothers that have gone through this and had another child. I know everybody is different, and everyone’s body is different, but I would like to see how many other ppl have had it and had more. Thank you!


Always talk to your doctor! They are trained and can tell you what to expect.

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I would ask your doctor these questions.

I had it with my first and delivered my daughter 18 mos later with no issue! But I would definitely check with your doctor. Everyones bodies are different!

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Here’s the link to a friend of mine on fb who had a placenta diagnosed with placenta accretion. I’m sure she would love to connect with you! :two_hearts:
For some reason it won’t let me tag her in the comments.:confused:

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God please touch an heal this sweet lady :heart: In Jesus Christ name :heart: I pray for a miracle healing in her body :heart: Amen

I had it with my first child but didn’t for my other two pregnancies.

My daughter had placenta Accreta with her last baby. My granddaughter was 2 weeks early. We did not know until we came home from the hospital and had to go back due to heavier bleeding and passing a huge blood clot. My daughter was set up right away for a dnc because she had a lot of tissue that she was not able to pass. After which turned into a surgery they had to scrape the lining of her uterus the placenta had grown into her uterus. We thought she had delivered all of her placenta after delivery. Her Dr did make the comment about her bleeding after delivery but I guess she thought it wasn’t abnormal. Well it was. My daughter had to have a blood transfusion and a couple more after surgery. We were in the hospital for 3-4 days. She was too sick to hold the baby or nurse her. I stayed with her and the baby was in the room with us. It was rough. She was very sick. Dr’s did tell her that if she wasn’t able to pass what tissue that was left on her own in the hospital that they weren’t able to get she would have to have a hysterectomy. My daughter is 25. Also instead of preeclampsia she had post that started at labor. High blood pressure hung around for a couple of months after her pregnancy. It was scary for me as a mom to see my daughter go through that. They have no plans to have any more children but she did say she wishes they would have done the hysterectomy because she’s so scared to get pregnant again and she had a miscarriage before this pregnancy. Her dr doesn’t recommend her having anymore children. Was very emotional and hard for her. I think everyone goes through this differently. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to message me or would like to as my daughter. More personal things you can talk about. Hang in there you will be ok!!

I’ve never had it or heard of it, but it sounds like since you know what it is you can schedule a C-section for delivery with your Doctor. Have you discussed this with your doctor?

I would discuss with your doctor as well, to make sure it’s safe for you to carry another baby. Good luck! I wish you the best

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Make another appointment asap and ask about it good luck with everything

I did!!! I lost my little boy at 23 weeks and had to have surgery twice because they had trouble removing all of the placenta. I now have a very healthy 3 month old baby girl. Good luck, Hun. :heart:

If it’s not safe or you’re not ready or just scared I think you should really think of yourself and the three kids that already are here and need you mama if not going through with it is best definitely don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re shitty for it!


I had it with my first child, same story having the placenta removed in OR. My second pregnancy they were prepared for it to happen again and it did. However because they knew my history they were prepared and we had a plan to keep my epidural running and were able ti manually remove it after baby was out at the bedside

I had placenta previa with my last baby number 5

OK so… with both of my pregnancies after I vaginally delivered my babies, my placenta wouldn’t come out either. My doctor had to manually remove it. Each time it took her an hour. Any longer and they were going to take me to surgery to get it removed. Turns out I grow an extra lobe on my placenta that attaches itself to my uterus and basically doesn’t want to let go. I had no idea this actually had a name?? But my doctor said that more than likely if I were to get pregnant again, this would happen again and next time I would probably need to have a scheduled c-section. I also cannot get the iud birth control because I have an extremely retrofelxed and retroverted uterus. My doctor mentioned that this might possibly be why I can’t birth the placenta on my own, but I don’t plan on having anymore kids so I didn’t care to try to find out more.
I know it’s not much actual information, sorry!

I have had placenta previa with 2 of my 4 kids. I had vaginal,c section, vbac now c section. All kids are healthy as am I. I am 30

I had that scare as well but they later diagnosed me with placenta previa. They said if I had placenta accreta that I would have to have a hysterectomy for safety reasons. Placenta previa was alot scarier with alot of blood but I know have a beautiful baby boy who is a month old. I ended up getting my tubes tied during my csection so I wouldn’t have to go through this again. I’m 29

This is a serious condition but what is good is that the doctors now know you have it and they can be prepared to do a c-section. I would just follow all of the doctors orders and try not to worry. It doesn’t usually cause complications during pregnancy so you should be fine. Always talk with your doctors of course so that you are informed of what is best for you.Placenta Accreta

My mom had PA when I was born. She nearly died of blood loss. The doctor performed an emergency total hysterectomy to stop the uterine bleeding. Needless to say, I am an only child. I am now grown with 2 kids of my own and pregnant with twins at the moment. My doctor has told me that PA is not hereditary and unlikely to occur in each of my pregnancies. I hope this helps. Good luck and congratulations.

Talk to your doctor about it, and also if you want your tubes tied ask about a scheduled csection and tell them you want them tied at the time of csection. Im my state you have to sign papers at least 30 days before the procedure to tie your tubes. But a csection will make that simpler and if the placenta does the same thing you will already be in surgery.