I am pregnant and will most likely be raising my baby alone: Advice?

I am helpless and don’t know what to do. I am 3 months pregnant with my first child. When I told my partner about it, he said I should have an abortion because we are not financially stable and we do not have much to offer to our child. I told him I would never do that, everything went fine until we argued about money, and he was blaming me every time; he told me that It was all my fault because if only I had aborted it. We wouldn’t face problems and situations like this. Obviously, he doesn’t want us. And now I am sleep-deprived because I am having anxiety and couldn’t even eat. I love this tiny baby inside of me, but It will be so hard for me to raise my child alone. I am afraid that I might not raise my baby well, and of course, he will grow up without a father, and I’m not even sure if I can provide for both of us. But I really want my baby. I want us to be together. What do u think is the best thing to do?


Don’t worry you and ur baby will be fine enjoy your motherhood❤


A child is blessing! It may seem too much now but once baby is born you will find all the strength to be the best mother and provider. There’s so much support for single mothers also ask family & friends to help if needed.


God will give you the strength and courage and finances just ask and trust him :heart:


Keep your baby, mothers always find a way!


It takes two to tango, it is not all your fault.


A mothers love means more than anything to a child. Trust in yourself and stay strong. You got this.


I was left at 3 mo along. I had no family in the area but i did it. I survived. Be proactive. Buy diapers. Think ahead. Join resources in your area, moms groups. Wic. I would do it all over again too! I preferred it after i got over the loss of the family i pictured. I went to counseling too. I ended up going to school, got my BA. Working had my daughter when my son was 4. They are now 12 and 8.

You don’t need him to raise that baby !! You’ve got this he has shown his true colors early enough consider that a blessing …


You can DO IT! I became a Single Mom through Divorce. I had three under six. I Look back now (they are grown) and wonder why I doubted myself. They became my inspiration to make it. All are working with good jobs and families of their own. One of my Daughters told me She didn’t even realize we were struggling. Again you CAN DO IT​:heart: Praying for You :pray:

Breathe. You’ll be fine. You don’t want a pos around a baby that acts like that anyway.

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My ex husband left me when my daughter was 4 months old. I have never had a job and never had a babysitter. Trust and believe when there’s a will, there’s a way. You will be okay and you will give everything you got to make sure baby is provided for.

Adoption is an option


If family can’t help you financially look into government assistance if you must eventually get certified in something for work or apply for jobs that you will be happy working at… push forward…never settle… your baby will see your strength as he gets older and you’ll show a Beautiful example of a loving parent


You can do it! Depending on where you live there are programs to help out. Start looking into it. There are also pro life organizations on FB you can also contact for guidance and help.

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My eldest daughters SD said the same. She’s 15, an honor student, plays 9 instruments and was a competitive archer for 3 years. FUCK what HE said.

Start applying for help. Apply for Medicaid,WIC, even food stamps. If you’re approved for these things you might be able to save some money and for baby purchases…your baby is a blessing and I wish you the best

Get yourself to Dshs, ask about wic, tanf, snap, and all services you can get into. Keep praying, ask him for help and for peace of mind the Lord is always here for you.


You will do fine,you love this baby,hes a loser,get government assistance if you need too and child support from him.You got this girl!!

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Everything will work out. Right now focus on your over all health for your baby and you. WIC provides monthly vouchers for pregnant moms to get basics food for you to eat and once baby is born you can continue with the help. Its a start. I know it feels overwheming but a child is a blessing. Focus on you and your baby. There were programs I was not aware of that are there to help. Congratulations and you got this​:muscle::hugs::heart:


I got married at 18 because I got pregnant right after high school. I was divorced by 20. You will need to find available social services in your area that can aid you. Don’t be ashamed to be out there searching. I was able to find government housing, although not the best, and I worked to pay the bills and went to college on pell grants and aid. It was hard for a few years. Thank goodness my Mother helped watch the baby at times. You can work and in this age of technology, you can take online college so you can work and care for the baby. Don’t let others dissuade you, you must do it for you and your family. If the father wants to be in the picture, fine, but if not, keep climbing up. No one is helpless. You must help yourself, and you can. I am 56, never remarried. I raised two kids who turned out just fine. You can do the same. Believe that you can.

It always works out. Somehow, someway :two_hearts::pray:


You will be more than okay . You will be amazing! Listen to your heart…and follow. Never let anyone take away spirit. Take care of yourself… Rest…eat…be happy.

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Dear Mama,

The day the tiny baby inside your womb comes out and you look into its eyes, all your emptiness will be filled up with love, hope, courage, happiness, strength. It is a feeling you have never had. It is the strongest bond of love you shall ever have.

You will manage to care for the little one, you sure will. Stop being anxious, take each day as it comes. It shall be well.


I was a single mom for 10 years. My daughters bio dad split while I was pregnant because I too wouldn’t have an abortion. If you have a church prayerfully they will be a super for you! If you don’t have a church i would suggest finding one. I couldn’t have done it without my church friends. Also if you have any family available lean into them too. Above all lean into Jesus!!! He will be the husband you desire and the father you wish your child had.

That is a question only you can answer

When I first came to this country I was 21, pregnant and alone. I didn’t even have health insurance, but girl, I applied for Medicaid and a social worker helped me a lot during the first years of my baby. My daughter is 7 years old now and we are still thriving. I no longer need government help at all anymore but I remember when she was a newborn, they helped me with insurance for her, wic, snap and when I went back to work they helped me with daycare as well. Doing it alone is not easy, it never is. But it is 100 % worth it. And btw, I’m still doing it alone and there is no stronger bond than the one I have with my daughter. I promise you, all the fears are just that, fears, you will be fine❤️

Have your baby you won’t be the first nor the last to raise a child alone you’ll soon find someone to love you and him or her. Just the fact that he’s selfish enough to ask you to abort his own child he don’t care about anyone but himself

  1. calm down it will work out say to your self 2) Suzi Babst gave some great resources 3) my sons father walked out on me too it crushed my soul but I had to put on my girl panties for my son when he was 2 I met a awesome guy who treated him just like his own till the day he passed so we will pray that you meet a incredible person who will love you and your child you got this breath

You will love that little baby and you already do. Somehow you will manage. Look into personal and financial support and don’t ever doubt yourself.


Only you can decide that but you should never feel forced into those decisions as it will always affect you and your relationship. You can do it alone if you’re determined to, I did and I don’t regret one thing. It was hard but I managed as you will. The love you have for your child will see you through anything and give you strength. Good luck x


Have Faith. It’s in God’s plan. You will do amazing!!


That baby inside you can be your salvation, that baby will love you and be yours all of its life, they can get you through almost anything, if you let them . Their little hugs, smiles, laughs, will make all the hard times a bit lighter. Very few people can actually afford a child, if we waited for that, OMG there probably wouldn’t be many children . YOU can raise your baby by yourself. YOU learn to do what you have to do, to take care of them. If you stay with a man that don’t want his own baby, you will pay for it as long as you are with him. And worse yet, so will the baby.


He owes to take care of the child. Make him tend to that legally & kick his butt to the curb.


Girl I’m a single mom if 6 and it’s hard but I can’t imagine 1 min of my babies not being with me to give a baby up to abortion or the better option adoption, you gotta live with that? Life is never easy you have good days and bad all the same no matter what you do!!! You can do this! God won’t give you more than you can handle but I’d definitely get rid of the “man” cause he sounds like he is toxic ! Imma pray for you but honest to god there’s lots of resources out there till you get a good job and you’re gonna be ok!!! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and I promise you’ll never know a greater love than with that baby

I raised my 5 children alone. You can do this. You will have fears and anxiety but you must be strong and be a good example to your child. When you do not know how you will provide a way is always made. Beleive me. I broke down so many times, but I always got back up . It always works out :heart:

First off, Where’s your Mama? That’s her Grandbaby you are carrying! She needs to know about this baby ASAP! Second, you do not mention if you are married to the Father of this baby?! You need to get legal representation ASAP! Find out what your rights are and make sure you are covered. Third you need to see a Doctor to make sure you and the baby are OK. I would also go see the leader of your church. You need support and love right now. So you need to go to the people who really love you and let them help you.


I was once there too, but if you keep thinking about him, more than the baby…then nothing will be worth it… i chose my baby and left him…at the time i would say to myself that it didn’t matter if i ended in the streets but i would never leave my baby… and well my baby is 19 going on 20… A very well young man, with good values and morals… im so proud of him… and me…well ive worked my butt to give him a good education…and besides there’s a lot of help from the government …

Get the hell away and have a healthy pregnancy you and your baby deserve it!!! I’m not saying it will be easy but it is possible I promise.


You sound really young. Theres so many other options… or step up be a boss mom. Its fucking hard. Sleep deprived, struggling ptsd.

God will bless you for not aborting the baby. Furthermore he will provide.


First of all him asking you to abort is stupid if he didn’t want kids he should have used protection. It takes two to tango second of all momma to be u got this what u need to be worrying about is ur health and the baby not eating well enough is only harming you and the baby let him be if he’s not there for you thru good and bad he’s not worth ur time. If you have any family around u look to them for help and if they don’t want to help there a lot of resources that can help out food stamps Medicaid and tanf is for when ur baby is born WIC office helps out for food while ur pregnant and later on provide for you and ur baby. Call your local community service u can even look into your church services they offer other assistance too such as shelter if needed clothes food even money to pay for rent. Don’t give up on urself a man like that well a boy will never grow up and will always be selfish.

Many women before you have managed. If you really want him, you will too. There’s a lot of help available for single moms. And it’s still his baby too, so you’ll have to decide whether you want to force him to support it or just let it slide. Good luck.

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It would be your biggest mistake. God will take care of you with your baby …just don’t give up everything will be fine dear :heart::heart:

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abortion is never the answer god will provide u with the answers u need proud of u for not having abortion


Find your local pregnancy center (not abortion clinic) they can help you understand what you qualify for as far as help and help you get it.


It is hard but you can do it, if you need a someone or a budd message me and we can talk. Precious life.

I’m a single mom of four children. It CAN be done. I promise! It’s hard… Like really really hard but completely worth it. Reach out and find help anywhere you can. WIC is a great start. There’s also places like carenet, women’s resource centers, county assistance office.


Girl , only you can decide.
I once aborted a much wanted baby ,because he said we couldn’t manage…then he left me.
So only you can decide .and you will manage ,you will cope and if you keep this pregnancy? You will raise a loved, happy child .
The choices are yours , surround yourself with people who love you. Friends ,family.
A tough situation for any woman.

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I have raised my daughter her entire life by myself with no help. She is now 16. Easy? No, not at all but you can do it alone if you have to.

My daughter went through this. She had a beautiful little girl, year later met the one, and he loves them both so much it is his girl. It does work out. Prayers for strength. You will be stronger than before.

Seems like uve already chosen ur child 1st, u love ur little baby. Things may seem difficult right now but things always change. Truly wish u the best and praying for u. I’m no where near financial stable, my kids are my saving grace. You can always look into resources for you and baby in ur community, Wic helps with formula,milk and other er food items. Again praying the absolute best for you and baby.

Do U have somewhere else to stay

No. You guys will end up fighting and the baby will not be happy. From personal experience.

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You can also start here. It won’t be easy but you’ll get through

Well first YOU are NOT Helpless. Stop looking at life like that. This is just a challenge. And one of the best ones with the greatest benefits if you are up for it.
Opinions are like assholes but since you are asking for advice I’m going to give you mine. Don’t waste precision time dwelling on the part where your boyfriend doesn’t want this. Move on from him and his selfish immature thoughts. He just as you made an adult decision and you both knew what the consequences could be. Now unfortunately he is not locked in but that’s what child support enforcement is for and might I suggest putting your pride to the side and filing now. Unless of course you don’t feel up to the challenge then there are alternatives like adoption you don’t have to have an abortion. Now if you do feel up to the challenge. Get on your good foot now. There are agencies to help you go to dhhr, hud, and your local children’s hospital. They all have liaisons to help you with any needs you have in order to get ready for this baby. Get your family involved as well as your friends gather your support system. You have one use them that’s what they are there for. I’m so tired of pride getting in the way of everyone. We are made to help each other. And by GODs graces you will do this just as every mother has before you. Good Luck and God Bless dear.


Only you can decide that, when you hold your baby In your arms you’ll know what’s right, not saying it’s not going to be hard at first bc it will be, but seeing your baby sleeping, their hugs n kisses it will make you more determined to better yours n his life. I was 16 and had twins to care for when their father chose to leave n party with other girls, left us with nothing not even a pack of diapers and my mom didn’t want to help said I had to figure it out on my own to provide for my children, I quit school and went out to find a job, but God helped me that day bc instead of a job I found my husband , he fell in love with my girls b4 me… He & his mom went out and bought me diapers n baby food for them after he realized what their father did, by the time I was 18 we had 4 kids, 2 (togather) n was able to get my GED, 30 years later we have a total of 9 kids 6 bio 3 adopted, n 9 grandkids. It was a struggle n still is at times but through everything we was more determined to get them a better life.

Keep the baby kick the idiot to the curb


Only you can decide what to do but if it helps any my mom was a single mother of 3 and our dad was not in the picture she struggled but she did it there were times we didnt have much but we always had what we needed im now 26 married with 3 kids of my own my sister is engaged with a baby of her own and my bother well hes still in high school but I think she did good for doing it on her own ive seen my mom break down because she couldnt get us a candy bar we asked for but at the end of the day I knew she loved me its not just about being able to provide for the baby financially its about the lessons its about the love and time put in

If anyone tells you that raising a child comes without challenges, they are not reliable sources of information. No baby comes with a manual, and most don’t realize this but as your baby is learning, so are you. You can seek aid through your state to help provide a sense of assurance, and they can also help you to get support through the father.
I was young when I had my first child, it wasn’t quite the same as your situation but I did ultimately end up alone in raising him. It is heart breaking what you are going through, but that baby will need all the loving you have to offer. Make them your motivation. When you meet them for the first time, you will know what true love is.

God will b there for u nd the bby …especially bcause u didn’t agree to abort the child

If you really want this baby and love this baby already. Then I think you’ve already made your choice… :blush: Don’t forget Many women do this alone everyday. Wish you the best of luck.


Well…you dont need him…apparently he doesn’t have what it takes to step up and do what it takes at this point in his life so…you need to…you now have to be responsible for both of you…adoption is wonderful…open adoption is even more perfect…and don’t ever feel like you are failing because of a choice…they are yours…

It’s ok to be scared I had nothing when got pregnant and wondered how I would cope but do u know what I’ve built my home slowly and my child never goes without I did get a second hand cot but new mattress and other baby bits but did manage to buy new aswell it would be better if u go it alone he do t want to know too many arguments not healthy for baby hope this helps xx

There r plenty of programs u can apply for, for single mothers that r struggling. U might as well go ahead& sign up for what u can before the baby gets here. Once ur on ur feet& stable just drop whatever program u no longer need anymore. Sign up for food stamp& medical. Ur medical will help with a breast pump, They will also track down resources that will help with baby clothes, car seat& diapers. U can sign up for wic thru ur local health department. They also will help u with parenting classes& mommy& me classes. Sign up for government housing or section 8. There r even programs thru the foot stamp office that will help with furniture. U don’t need no man at all. I know no one wants help from the government, but that’s what it’s for& it’s not something u have to live off of forever. If ur not working it would be best for u to get a job ASAP bc once ur belly is showing not many places will hirer u. Good luck!!& congratulations on ur baby.

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I am raising a baby on my own , is it difficult of course it is as you don’t get a break BUT its totally worth it and wouldn’t be without her… but would be without any man !!
To be honest is anyone ever financially stable when they have babies …
Everything works out and yes you may have to go without things but thats just part of being a mummy :blush:
Wishing you the best of luck :heart:

Idk where your from but there are usually different financial aid for single parents and stuff like WIC and stuff that can help


You cannot control the baby’s father but you CAN control your own decisions . You will be fine raising your baby alone . You can get a court order for him to pay child support ( have his wages garnished if you have to ) . You will love this child more than you can imagine! Will it be easy ??? No . But it will be worth every effort you make . I was a single mom with three kids and they have all turned out very well !


I have been in your situation three times I’m a single mom to three kids I have my third on the way but nobody could ever be financially stable for a baby but doing it alone is not a bad thing yes there’s going to be trying times but it’s all worth it

You’ll be okay sweet. Its scary but its doable and will be so so worth it when you’re little one is here. Its the best thing ever holding them in your arms. Im sure there will be some financial aid wherever you are based which will try and help you and the bubba.

With the boyfriend…forget him he sounds like an idiot and has definitely lost out. It doesn’t matter if the father is around or not tbh hun as long as the bubba has you then he/she will be fine xx

As a single mom, you got this!!! Right now it may seem like you can’t live another day but you will!!! There are a lot of programs out there for moms and moms to be. Such as wic, snap benefits, in my area they have lung doctors who provide a free pack and play. If you are on medical assistance call the number on the back of the card and they will help you with other resources in your area. Get a mind set that you will do this alone and he will not be in the picture. Reach out to family members. One of them may throw you a baby shower. Give it one last good cry and pick yourself up, you need to stay healthy for the baby!! You got this!!! :heart:


Nothing will give you the motivation to excel in life more than a baby will. As a mother you will learn to do whatever it takes to give your baby what they need. It won’t always be easy but I promise, its always worth it.


If you want your baby you WILL figure out a way. As for the father, you DONT want you two together for the sake of your child you claim to want/care for that he so obviously doesn’t. You can’t make someone be ready no matter how much it hurts you to know your kid is gonna hurt and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But where there’s a will there’s a way. :two_hearts:

Have your baby love and support that child and things will all workout your stronger then you may know and your child will help you see that :heart:

U can do it. I was a single mom to FOUR kids. You love this baby. You will be a great mom.

You will find a way to provide and there is alot of help for single mothers from wic to daycare credit. …
Stay strong and screw him!

Do you have family that might be able to help you? Maybe check to see what programs are around you to help you. In the beginning it all seems scary but it really will work out I believe. My situation was different seeing I had my husband who was my boyfriend at the time when I first found out I was pregnant at 16 with my first child. I remember feeling scared, nervous, how could we afford this baby and believe it worked out with my husband working two jobs and going to school at night.

You need to make the decision ONLY YOU have to live with… let that guide you❤️

I experienced this last year and when I was 6 ms pregnant, my sons dad left to texas without even saying goodbye. My baby is 6 months old and has never met his dad but I couldnt imagine not having my baby I love him so much.:heart: you will be ok

You’re not the first & wont be the last to be a single mom but you will do it and be great. Once the little one is here you know exactly what needs to be done and what you’ll need to do.

Love that baby. I raised 2 by myself and it’s the menial things that they remember. Daughter just post a meal she made and said how much so loved the days I used to fix it for her and her brother. Called poor man’s meal. She’s 47 now.

Listen I have 2 kids and did it alone too. It’s hard but guess what we can do it. And I say keep that baby and raise it better then it’s father was raised. Message me and we can talk. U got this. I been there

Get on any assistance that you can(WIC, Badgercare, anything available in your state). Give the baby’s father a little time to come around. Of course he should not be blaming you (takes two to tango), but maybe he will be a good father. If not, file for full custody and child support. You will be ok. Hopefully you have family and friends you can reach out to for support. Good luck dear!

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Feel free to PM me OP. VAULT. I have two kids 28 and 21 now. Sleep deprivation is not going away. Make the decision you can live with. I have personal experience I won’t post in public. I can tell you my oldest child (girl) had an unplanned pregnancy. I shared my story. I now have an almost 4 year old granddaughter and she is the love of our lives.

Just know you will be okay, you don’t have to abort your child because of him. If he doesn’t want to be there all you need is your family and your baby. You will figure it out, a mother always does. Keep your chin up and congratulations.

I think you can do this!! I was a teen/single parent & made it through. Look for resources in ur area. Ultimately what u think is best for ur baby is all that matters, no one else can make that decision for u.

Many many women have raised children as single moms. Women in better situations and definitely those in worse ! You have 6 more months to be as prepared as possible! Don’t be ashamed to seek out helpful resources and support. You need to do what’s best for you and your baby. You got this!

PS I was a single mother for 14 years so I know

There are families out there that want to adopt. Never feel that you are alone there is help out there. I know a family who adopted two children and they are oh so loved

OK 1st of all he sounds like an asshole but he isn’t necessarily wrong it doesn’t sound like this is a wise decision. :woman_shrugging:
I never thought I was gonna get an abortion until I found myself in the exact situation that you are in.

You won’t be the 1st or the last single mom, your gonna have regret either way.

I was like this when I had my first. After I had her I was poor and on my own. I started listened to financial advice and got my head right in the Financials and it helped make raising a kid so much easier because I was focused in the most anxiety filled area.
After 5 years of following this advice I was able to get myself and my growing family (got married and had another baby) off assistance.


Keep your child I promise you that God will bless you for doing so. I was in a similar situation and ever since I had my son I’ve been receiving blessings abundantly. We may struggle sometimes but God always comes through for us and I feel like it’s all because of my son. They are our good luck charms that’ll help us thru the trying storms. Btw just because his biological father doesn’t want to be a man doesn’t mean there aren’t men out there who’ll step up to the plate and be the man you two will need. :pleading_face::heart:


My cousin went through the same thing her daughter is an adult now and smart and beautiful she knows a lot about horse’ s you will be fine

Honey…I am a single stay at home heart mom. My son is 11 and hes had 18 surgeries, multiple diagnoses and weve been in and out of the hospital since the day he was born…I’m doing it ALONE! Sperm donor has never been in the picture and has never paid a penny but hes also been in prison most of my sons life. You can do this! You can get help like wic and food stamps and file for child support. It’s hard but you can do it! If I can do it and I have all of my sons medical challenges also then I know you are strong enough to raise your baby alone!


If you waited for the perfect time to have a baby, you’ll never have one. Having a baby ( especially your first) is very scary but I promise you, you will find a way. Its what mom’s do. Good luck to you.


Momma’s ALWAYS find a way. You’ve got this momma. No body says it’ll be easy but I promise you it’s worth it. Your baby needs you and you need your baby. Just ask God for help and he won’t let you down I promise!!!

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Do you have a good support system? If not, hopefully you can start building one now. No patent is perfect so don’t hold yourself to that standard. Reach out!

You’re on FB so you’ve got internet. Learn a skill (or skills) from YouTube to earn extra money & Google ways that other Mums have done it single handedly. There are resources available & very kind people in this world who have stood in your shoes, learned the lessons & want single Mums to WIN in life & with their kid(s). Please don’t neglect yourself! Take hot chicken soup, read about other women’s stories & assure yourself every day in the mirror that you CAN & you WILL see better days. Chin up, love yourself & love the little one growing inside you. Mums have been doing it for centuries & we’ve got more resources today than a lot of our Mums & Grandma’s had before. Best wishes & congratulations on your first child!! :hugs::heart::hibiscus:


Pray on it. That’s a decision only you can make. My best friend had a similar situation,she found a nice family that was willing to do a open adoption. Her baby is 3 and she gets pics monthly and once a year she gets to see her. She doesn’t know my friend is her mom,she thinks she’s her adoptive parents friend.

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Reach out to human services get some help until you get on your feet don’t let anyone pressure you into that whether he stays or goes you can do it once you hold that baby nothing in the world will matter more