I am pregnant with horrible breast pain: Advice?

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant, this is my fourth child! My breast has been leaking almost non-stop for the past two weeks, and they hurt SO BAD. I have mentioned it to my midwife, and she suggested hand expressing to relieve the pain! Which has been working amazingly? While expressing, I get at least one ounce per breast. Is this milk something I can save for baby? Or should I just toss it?


yes you can absolutely save it! You can get syringes to save and freeze it or if your getting that much you can freeze it in a milk storage bag!


Save it absolutely!!!

SAVE IT! Build up that stash and put it in the freezer!


Consider getting/using a pump and starting pumping. Then you can start a milk bank for your little one


Definitely save it mama :slight_smile:

It’s most likely colostrum. Save it for baby!

Collect your milk! They sell these little pods that fit into your bra and they’ll collect the milk while you live your life instead of wasting precious gold on disposable pads

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Save it! You can freeze it & Brest milk stays good for 4 months if left in the freezer

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Save every last drop

Start pumping with self pump

I had alot of pain when my milk came in so maybe thats why?

I’m thinking I might have to do that since I’m already leaking at 21 weeks

Omg save it and freeze it! If you can pump, do it!

Um so I might be wrong but pumping while pregnant is not a good idea. It makes you contract and can cause early labor. Hand expressing a little bit out is not the same as full blown pumping
The small amount that you do get you should save. You can freeze it in a normal freezer for 6months


NORMAL… I had it with all 3 pregnancy’s… it will get better… just hang in there

Have talked to your doctor?

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You can absolutely save it.

The more you pump it, the more your body will produce. You will be in an endless cycle until you give birth.

Are you aware that nipple stimulation can cause you to go into labor?


Doctor for goodness sake :woman_shrugging:

Pumping while pregnant can cause you to go into labor

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Pumping will start labor. Save what you have now, but I don’t recommend continuing. Warm washcloths can help with the pain. I didn’t have severe pain when I was pregnant but the warmth helped the aches I did get.

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Please don’t pump. Chat to your doctor n save what ever you have

I’m surprised at your midwife
I wouldn’t be hand pumping too much because u can cause early labour by stimulating your breasts which mess with your hormones.
Keep any milk yes but I wouldn’t do it too much.

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Yes u can save it and put the date on it and freeze so that way u have something for the baby to drink while u take shower or have your own moment let someone feed the baby

Save it. Put the date on it and freeze it

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Yes freezing it but make sure you date it so that the earliest ones get used first.

I’m sure you can save and freeze it.

Save it. Freeze it for later.

I would donate to hospitals to babies who’s mother is a addict so they can eat