I am pregnant with my second and constantly sick: Advice?

Hi, this is my second pregnancy, and I am having a difficult time; I’ve constantly been throwing up, and my taste buds are a mess. I can’t stand it; I feel like I’m in a hangover every day. I recently found out, and I am planning to go to my OB next week; I can’t explain what I am feeling right now. I just want to cry. This is different from my first


That sounds like hyperemesis gravidarim. It’s awful :disappointed: if it gets bad, ask about having a PICC line to stay hydrated

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I had that problem my first pregnancy. I lost weight my first trimester and when I gave birth I only weighed 134lbs. My ob gave me a little white pill that had a pink outline of a pregnant lady on it. It worked wonders! I refused to take zofran because of the stories I’d hear so that was the only other thing they could give. Absolutly would suggest asking yours about it!

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I had this and it was morning sickness times 10. I lost a lot of weight and couldn’t keep anything down for months. If they dont mention it then you should bring it up as a possibility

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They should be able to give u meds for the nausea,I was horribly sick like this with my girls…it sucks,but most importantly try to stay hydrated

I have recently been in that boat… I hope you start feel better soon. My family is big into oils. I am not at all but ginger oil helped me sometimes and tons of peppermint. Best of luck and congratulations!!

Oh momma, I hope things get better soon! I was the same way with both my pregnancies and they were hell!! Nothing worked for me. No meds worked, no snacks or drinks, etc. I hope things get better soon and just try to get through it the best you can. If you need to go to the ER for fluids, definitely go.

I had major issues with my second pregnancy too. There’s these suckers called preggo pops. They did wonders for me. If you don’t want to be on meds I strongly suggest these. The same brand also makes tea and others things to help with vomiting while pregnant

Vitamin B6 25mg 3x/day helps relieve the nausea. Feel better soon. I am a Holistic Doctor. If I can be of further assistance…plz dont hesitate to msg me. Take care!!!

You can always call your doctor. The week of the Fourth of July I wasn’t able to keep anything down not even water or Gatorade. I ended up calling my doctor even after it was after hours. They called me in a prescription that I was able to pick up and start that weekend. I would definitely call in the morning or if it is too bad tonight you can try calling tonight.

I had Hyperemesis gravidarium with my second, that led to depression i could not eat or drink ANYTHING. It’s sucks it did go away at 25 weeks and multiple trips to the ER from dehydration and I also tried what felt like everything there is. From home remedies to several different prescribed medications Nothing helped.

I have two kids never a problem with nausea . Five years later I get pregnant again with my third child and he was the worst pregnancy ever . All the way from the beginning 1 month until nine months I had to be on medication because nothing helped not even home remedies or things over the counter …

I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my first…ended up in the hospital for 3 months. Towards the end I was okay though, it got better by itself. My friend had to have a pump inserted to regularly get nausea meds. She was miserable the whole time. Just keep telling yourself, its not permanent. Good luck mama!

I was sick the whole time for my second pregnancy, the Dr. Gave me some kind of medicine for morning sickness it helped a little, that was the only pregnancy that I was sick with.i have four kids now

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The worst part of having a baby is all those things a woman has to go through and the men is has fun making them .Not fair is it ladies.Hope you feel better soon.

I feel your struggle. I lost weight up until my third trimester and vomited at least once a day every day from 5 weeks through 3 days after my son was born.

The only thing that worked for me was cbd and zofran. Mostly the cbd.

Oh girl… I felt the same way with my second, who was a boy that time. He made me sooooooo sick! I thought I knew what morning sickness was with my first but no… my second proved me wrong lol I didn’t start gaining weight until 6 months and finally it settled down. I wouldn’t eat for days at a time and when I did eat I was only able to take a bite or two before feeling sick. Finally the closer I got to the end of my pregnancy the more of an appetite I got and then finally blew up like a blimp lol

Every pregnancy is different, my 2nd was my most difficult, everything made me sick, even the smell of food cooking, dirty dishes were the worst. I had “morning sickness” through my entire pregnancy, I have always been overweight but I lost 58 pounds during that pregnancy (pre pregnancy weight until they weighed me in the hospital after she was born.) Make sure your doctor knows what you are dealing with and hang in there.

Did you test for covid?

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I threw my guts up everyday until 12 weeks… There’s horror stories for all kinds of medicines, I took zofran for a while and it somewhat helped, but after taking it somewhat regularly it gave me really bad headaches… My baby didnt have any issue with it and if you really look into the zofran case studies, they’re sketchy and not the greatest… The thing that helped me the best is ginger root… The pharmacist at Wal-Mart told me about it, a big bottle out of the vitamin section was about $5 and it was my hallelujah

Every pregnancy is different. My first was an easy go. Not a single bout of morning sickness. My second I was ill through the first trimester. There’s also the fact that you have another kiddo already to look after so chances are you aren’t able to rest the way you did when sick with the first. Hang in there and congratulations!


Get u some jello an instead of chilling it mix a little bit with warm water an sip on it thru out the day …it will calm the nausea

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If you take B Complex it helps with morning sickness.

I had terrible morning sickness with 2 out of my 3 pregnancies ginger ale or crackers worked wonders for me

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Ask ur doc for something I had to I was so sick with my son hang in there momma

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Ask your ob for diclegis it’s a prescription medication for morning sickness. until then Jeep saltine crackers at your bedside and sprite before you ever get up take a few bites and sips. VitB also helps.

Sounds like hg I’ve had it both pregnancies zofran an diclegis are my best friend an I had to do IVs twice a week for 6 weeks I hope you feel better

I’m going thru the exact same thing.

A few things kept me alive through exactly this…ginger ale, crackers, peppermints, and blueberry bagels with enough butter on them to give you a stroke Lol It didn’t stop until about 8mths along. Lost 7lbs in the first month!! I had a healthy baby who’s now almost 18 and I still don’t think being sick like that was fair to me at all😂

You have hg! Tell your doctor he will give you medicine to help it

Try ginger biscuits and anti sickness bracelet x

Depends how far long you are, it could still be morning sickness or reflux! I had terrible reflux with my first and second :frowning: throwing up in my sleep was horrible!! Lasted from the start to the end… was told I had reflux at 16 weeks with my 3rd x

Keep a package of crackers at hand by your bed. Munch on a few before you even sit up completely. That’s what I had to do to survive mornings when I was expecting my daughter. Which I bet your having a girl.

All four of my pregnancies were wildly different. My first was my worst; I got so sick that I lost six pounds over the first trimester and fainted in public a couple of times. Hang in there. I know it’s rough and I’m sorry.

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I had 6 babies each different but a few saltines or dry toast and a cup of tea before getting out of bed helped me greatly with my 1st

I was sick for months. Couldn’t hold anything down. Found out I had s virus. Being pregnant I couldn’t do much . eventually it sent anyway but it was an awful few months

I have had Hyperemesis Gravidarum with both pregnancies and the nausea is unrelenting for 6-7 months straight. My first pregnancy I toughed it out and was miserable. Second one I had to get meds to function because toddlers never stop! I have done well with a combo of doctor prescribed meds (do not be afraid to ask, they know what is safe for baby and you can change to a stronger med if the current isn’t working) and drinking/eating in very small amounts throughout the day. Even if feeling sick, empty stomach makes nausea worse and you can run the risk of dehydration. Even if I’m starving or thirsty in the moment I never guzzle water or eat more than a bite or 2 at once but I eat/drink all day. And on bad vomit days I switch to only sipping blue gatorade and protein shakes (not as horrible to just puke liquid and it’s better than dry heaving stomach acid)

Know several chemo patients who ate unheated strawberry pop tarts. Did wonders.

I had hyperemesis the first 6 months of my pregnancy. I was throwing up all day, barely eating or drinking water. Dr prescribed me Diglecis which helped in the first trimester alot. I also had ginger tea, popsicles, whatever My body asked for, thats what I ate. Your hormones are at work.


Have you tried peppermint

I was sick the entire pregnancy with my first, nothing helped.

My 2nd pregnancy was like this as well. I never found anything that helped.

Zofran is a miracle worker. If u can’t keep anything down there is zofran that dissolves in ur mouth and it works pretty fast. Plus it’s safe for pregnancy. I look it my entire pregnancy for severe nausea and vomiting. Good luck to u!

Try eating straight lemons. It helped me when I was doing chemotherapy. It kept me from getting getting sick all the time. The acid from the lemon fought back the poison from the chemo. Good luck mama.

Cariban it saved me during my pregnancy.