I am scared something is wrong with my pregnancy: Advice?

I just found out I am pregnant, but I am kinda scared something is wrong. My period is a week late, and my positive pregnancy tests have been very, very, very faint. I feel like they should be showing darker by now. My sister took her tests a week before her period, and hers were not faint at all. Could this indicate something wrong with my pregnancy? We have been trying for four years and are over the moon. It’s finally happening, but now I am kinda scared something may be wrong.


I was so worried about my HCG levels because they didn’t seem very high the couple times I had them tested when I first found out but everything was okay, have faith! Congratulations! :heart:

With both my kids mine were faint until I was about 6 weeks. Best thing to do is go in and get a blood test done so they can check your levels.

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I’d make an appointment asap if you have concerns. Sometimes early pregnancy can warrant a faint line

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My First test dark second faint third dark give it time and relax mamas congrats!

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My tests were faint with all 3 of my kids. They were all born healthy

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Calm down and go see your doctor. I think you are reading to much into it.


You’re only one week late, dont stress

I was 6 months along and all my pregnancy tests were negative. get a blood test done at a dr and don’t worry too much. Everyones hcg is different.

Go to a doctor for a test. Good luck. Mine were faint but it was confirmed at a doctors office a few days later

Mine were light with my 1st daughter :slightly_smiling_face:. I booked a doctors appointment for a week away & when I got tested there it was much darker :slightly_smiling_face: … she was born early but super healthy we were only in the hospital for 8 days!

Don’t get advice from fb, please go see a doctor.


That’s still super early. Mine test was super light too.

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Please go see a doctor :mask::100:

Call your doctor and ask them to check your hcg.

I tested the day I missed my period and it was very faint and I was pregnant with twins, it didn’t show up darker until a few days later, give it a few days and test again, but if you’re really worried then visit your doctor just to be sure, sometimes the peace of mind is worth it :slight_smile: good luck and congratulations!

Just stop stressing. Regardless, there’s nothing you can do. No matter what the stress isn’t good at all. Just breathe and pray.

Id say you ovulated late in your cycle and your probably only a week or ten days pregnant
Ask gp for blood test
Your hcg doubles daily so could take your blood tomorrow and go back after 48 hours and be tested again and if healthy pregnancy they will tell you straight away from the levels doubling daily
Go see your gp and get the reassurance you need
Congrats :blush:

Or you ovulated a little late and your not as pregnant as you think I happened to me twice

Its probably just too early…

You should contact a midwife or obgyn.

Don’t stress!!! And you just found out so it will take time for your hormone levels to rise and make the lines darker. How exciting!! Just relax!!! I knew I was pregnant with my daughter and the lines were faint as well. :heart:

Your fine. Your just really early in your pregnancy.

For my first pregnancy I was 4 days late and it came up with 2 clear lines. Was suppose to be like 8 weeks when I went for my first scan but I was only 7 weeks cause I ovulated late. Ended up being a twin pregnancy. My second pregnancy I tested 4 days late and was only a very faint line. Still ovulated a week later then when I thought I had ovulated and had a healthy baby. I think you would just be early on in your pregnancy. Safest option would be to get a blood test done and then go back to make sure the hcg number is getting higher

Mine was still faint at 8 months and my pregnancy was OK. Had a healthy baby

Mine with the one im pregnant with aka baby number five rn was that way. Super faint for the longest time. In fact when I went to go for blood work they told me levels were low and I was considered a threatened miscarriage. They had me come back every two days to test. They said basically I had ovulated later than normal so it was just bc i was getting a positive a lot earlier than normal. Here I am at 23 weeks with a healthy girl and pregnancy

Out of curiosity what kind of test did you use? Pink line or blue line?

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to confirm pregnancy. Every person and pregnancy is different. With my first daughter, I was a week late and the positive tests were very faint. Even at the doctor’s office, I had a faint urine test. They did bloodwork and confirmed I was early on in my pregnancy. I had a healthy pregnancy and my daughter just turned 3. Go see your doctor.

My first didn’t even show a positive on a pregnancy test for 3 months she was hiding my boys showed up straight away

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Make an appointment. My 1st pregnancy I knew about 3 weeks but my test didnt come out completely positive until about 10 weeks. when I finally got blood work done my hcg levels were through the roof and said I was about 10 weeks along.

Mine was faint withy third one and she was fine, try not to worry xx

The tests only detect the hormone hCG. Depending on the levels is how dark it will be. As long as you got a positive no matter how faint, congratulations! But you need to stay in contact with your OB with the big questions. If they aren’t being helpful, you can always change OBgyn till you think you got the perfect one.


You could have implanted later than you think.
Best way is to wait a couple of days and then use another test. I would be going to the doctor for bloods.
I had two chemical pregnancies this year. Very early losses. My tests never got darker. Stayed light and then faded and then I miscarried.

Don’t wanna be a Debbie downer but both times I had faint lines I miscarried. Get as much rest as possible and check with your obgyn to get some progesterone pills. Sending you all the luck in the world and hope the baby sticks :heart:

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Take it first thing in the morning

I had a faint line once too and it was fine and normal.

If you’re concerned, call your doctor.

Mine was very faint as well! Hubby didn’t believe me, until I went to the dr!

It just may be too early to tell just give it some time and the best time to test is early in the morning and keep the faith y’all have waited this long so you know you can bare with the time :crazy_face: hang in there and good luck

For something like this go to doctors

I’ve had 3 and 2 had faint lines but there wasn’t any problems. If you at least 6 wk a doc can find the baby with an ultrasound.

I tested a week right before my period and my lines were very very faint!

Get a blood test so they can check your levels

A week late is very early on. I would wait a little longer and retest to find out if you are really pregnant.

It’s normal to have faint lines early in a pregnancy. Call your dr and set up an appointment, don’t stress too much.

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I have been pregnant twice both times the positive line was not dark but it was there. My pregnancies were fine and my kids are fine.

Definitely need to give blood work to test your hormone levels. A week is still pretty early but each day after conceiving the levels should increase not decrease

I took 3 test the week of my missed period and got faint lines. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant.

Mine was so faint I thought it was negative! He just turned 8 months old! Go see your doctor!

Mine was super faint but turned out I was 7 weeks & I have now a huge 14 yr old taller than his Momma lol

Mine was extremely faint until I was about 5weeks along.

Normal, I had faint my 1st trimester. Don’t stress

Don’t worry until you know something is wrong most pregnancy tests will be faint if your only 8-10 weeks along see a doctor and congratulations on your baby

Your hcg should double every other day, showing darker every other day.
That being said, I had strong amazing hcg number counts, felt the best I had in years, and miscarried.
So don’t pay attention to faint lines, numbers, that kind of thing. Just rest, eat really well and take it day by day. Worry isn’t good for you and robs you of the joy of just feeling and loving that life inside you.
Congrats mama!

Hcg levels should double every 2-3 days. I had anxiety at the beginning of my last pregnancy so my office was happy to check my levels twice. They drew my blood then brought me back in 48 hours later for another draw.

Faint lines indicate a low trace amounts of the HCG hormone this does not mean anything is wrong it’s probably because you are so early into the pregnancy which is why it is so faint. I read a lot about it when I got a false positive following a bunch of negatives. I went insane and did so much research. Don’t worry but to confirm why not get a blood test done and then a blood test a week later again to make sure the hormones are raising.

Research will tell you it is normal to have faint lines. If you have a faint line your pregnant.

I took test with my first they came back negative. Fast forward a day or two got in a car accident had blood work done at the hospital they told me I was pregnant and I called them a liar. Took a test at home after I was discharged from the hospital and well hello dark little pink lines. I was estimated being 7 weeks pregnant. When I took my test I was 6 weeks pregnant. And even then I still didn’t believe it till I felt the baby move. He is 5 going on 6. With both my kids blood work was a must for me to be absolutely positive.

The positive test i had for my daughter was kinda faint so they assumed it was early on. When i went in they measured me at 9 weeks. She was doing amazing i just never got a super dark test even farther into the pregnancy 🤷

go ask the doctor for progesterone

Nope, totally normal. Mine were faint too. It could be anything from early pregnancy to a difference in color to brand of test.

I found out I was pregnant at the end of Feb this year and the lines were really dark. I ended up loosing the baby due to some things going on. I never got my period again after I lost the baby. The beginning of July I took a test and it was faint lines but positive and I was almost 8 weeks. I am currently almost 25 weeks with a miracle little girl. My other daughter will be 12 In a month… i would go to your ob and they can get an ultrasound to find out a pretty accurate read on how far along you are

Only being a week late it’s going to be faint

HCG levels not high. Not an indication of anything wrong. Very common in my family :relaxed:

First baby had dark lines at 4-5weeks.
Second baby didn’t even show until 8 weeks preggo with a very faint line even though I took tests at 2 and 4 weeks Healthy 7 month old now

My last one showed a positive test only after my period was 3 weeks late, and my implantation date was almost a month after the end of my last period. Everyone is different. And so is every pregnancy. Test again in 5-7 days and if you’re still uncomfortable, talk to a doctor.

I think it can depend on the type of test you use I used a cheap one and it come back really faint and light like you said and then I used a different one to make sure and it come back dark so I sometimes think it can be the test you use. I used a clear blue to actually see the word pregnancy and how many weeks maybe get one of them it might help you x

With my first i didnt even get a positive test til 6 weeks. Sometimes the levels are just lower. Also depending on what time of day and how hydrated you are. If your urine is very watered down and its later in the day it might be lighter. Mostly don’t worry unless something happens. Call you doctor and schedule your first appointment usually around 7 or 8 weeks and call back if there is cramping or bleeding. Otherwise congratulations!

Goo to your doctor. It could be ectopic

I was 5 weeks when I found out with my daughter and line was very very faint xx

Mine was very very faint also when I found out and I am now 6 months 1 week pregnant I’m pretty sure you’re perfectly fine it’s just very very very early in your pregnancy

Sugar, call the doctor. Make an appointment. They will be glad to talk to you and calm your fears

Mine were always really dark so idk but a positive is a deal breaker for me hunny congratulations if your scared go to the Dr

Every woman’s hormone levels are different. Sounds totally normal.

Faint is normal for the beginning of a late period. You get dark lines around 5+ weeks usually.

Nothing is wrong, your baby and you are fine. Congratulations mama😘

Make some blood work and have an appointment with your dr so you can know for sure.