I am scared that I might be pregnant again: Advice?

Thankfully there are options. I definitely think you should talk to your husband but the decision of what do is yours(If you are pregnant)

This may all be side effects from your birth control! First find out. Second ONLY YOU can decide what you can handle.


Talk to your husband first and see how he feels about it and then go to a doctor and decide what you want to do


God’s blessings to you and your family take your concerns toGod in prayer :pray: and see your Doctor :eyes::pray:

This pregnancy could be different. But first…make sure youre actually pregnant. it’s definitely time to talk to your husband about a vesectomy. Or discuss a C-section and have yourself fixed if you’re absolutely certain you don’t want more kids… but if you don’t want a C-section… healing will be much better for him to have it done. 3 kids sounds like the perfect number.

Should have used birth control if you didn’t want this…

Maybe you should tell your husband if your pregnant it’s not his. Problem solved.

You are better with the two that you have than risking child birth complications are deadly, according to your history you are already at risk

Keep your legs closed

Go to your OB/GYN and discuss it with medical professionals-no on social media. You are looking for people’s pity and permission to get an abortion. Why didn’t you just get your tubes tied after the second birth. It’s a simple band-aid surgery and since your health was affected you should have had it done. I can not believe people go to social media for things that should be addressed by doctors. SMDH

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