I am scared that I might be pregnant again: Advice?

Have a question (or maybe 2, which will also probably belong, so I apologize in advance and thank you to anyone who reads and gives advice). I wanna start with, my husband and I have two kiddos. 5 and 18 months. Neither pregnancy was easy for me. With my first, I had placenta previa, which eventually went away, but she was born early. Thankfully she had no issues, and we got to go home two days later. My second, early in the pregnancy, I had a lot of pain and was afraid it was a miscarriage, I went to the Er, and they thought ectopic. Everything turned out fine, and she was born at 38 weeks. I never figured out what caused the pain for nearly the first two months of pregnancy. Along with that, my hips often become unaligned, and if I don’t get to a chiropractor, the pain gets bad, so birth both times was painful. I had the epidural the first time, but they had to poke me a good five times to get it right. (It was a terrible hospital) so I’ve always had some residual pain from that. My second, I tried again since I was at a much better hospital, but it didn’t work for some reason and only number one leg, so I felt everything, and with my hips unaligned at the time, it sucked. After our second, my husband and I decided we were done. We were happy with our two wonderful girls. I’m on birth control. We’ve used condoms. We’ve been safe. He even has an appointment for a vasectomy in a couple of weeks. But, I’m late—almost a month. And I’m afraid I may be pregnant. We have talked about if we did somehow end up pregnant that we would be happy about it. Happy to add to our family, but I’m scared. I don’t know if I can handle three kids. I don’t know if I can handle another pregnancy. I had PPA with my second, and it was so bad that I could hardly stand even letting my husband hold our daughter. I hardly got sleep because I had to watch her sleep to make sure she was still breathing. And it affected our oldest. She started acting out and getting jealous. Thankfully now everything’s way better, and my girls are best friends. But I’m scared it would happen again, and I would let both my girls down. I’m happy at the thought, but also, I’m scared that I won’t feel the same about another baby because I was done with 2. I’m conflicted about it. But I’m also scared because for the past week, I’ve had a lot of stomach pain. Almost like cramps and feeling sick. I’m setting up a dr app in the morning. But as much as I’m scared to have another baby, I’m also scared that if I am pregnant, I might lose a baby. Please, If anyone has experienced this or has any advice for me. Please help. Also, I’m sorry for the long, probably all over the place post. And thank you to anyone who read it.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am scared that I might be pregnant again: Advice?

No advice, but, every pregnancy is different, so if you are pregnant again maybe it won’t be that bad this time around?


Im on my 3rd pregnancy right now…With each of my pregnancies I have a little more pain and it come faster but its all normal pregnancy pain…and I actually was just told I have placenta previa so I’m praying that it fixes itself as well

Take a test. Don’t stress yourself out without knowing first. Also if you’re that afraid that you might lose the baby but you’re happy to be having another then suggest bed rest to your doctor and see if they think it’s a good idea. You basically just have to take it easy the entire pregnancy and they put a weight restriction on what you can lift. My cousin had to be on bed rest with her last pregnancy and her previous baby was only a few months old. It took a lot of help around her house but she had an easy healthy pregnancy.

I had hip issues with both of my boys… my doc recommended me sleeping on my right side with a pillow between my knees and it helped keep my hips aligned.

Having five pregnancies the fourth being placenta previa we lost that baby at seven months. The following year a full term baby. Each one was different.my suggestion is don’t worry even though it’s easier said than done have a doctors appointment and go from there. I understand your concerns.

I have 3 children (2 boys 1 girl) each pregnancy was way different. My first one I was sick the whole time, he was born at 38 weeks due to having a sharp pain in my lower abdomin, both of our oxygen’s got super low and I couldn’t breath once I got dilated to a 7, kept passing out. With my second one, I was sick majority of the pregnancy and had a lot of pain. His umbilical cord was at the edge of the placenta so he wasn’t getting every nutrition that he needed. He was born at 37 weeks due to having a major bleed out, had to be in nicu due to fluid in his lungs. With my third one her hcg levels weren’t going up like they’d like to see and I had a lot of bleeding throughout the first trimester. She was a threatened miscarriage until she started growing bigger than they had anticipated. Had her at 39 weeks and she was healthy as could be. This might have been pointless to even speak about but my point is every pregnancy is different and if you are pregnant it could go smooth sailing. Don’t try to stress to much, it could also be your birth control working that has caused your period to stop. Just wait for your doctor appointment to see if you are or not. Good luck momma!

Don’t underestimate your ability to love another child. Just when you think you have no more love to give, it just comes. Also don’t underestimate how good a mother you are. To your children, you’re their everything. Every pregnancy is different. The fact that you are scared that if you are pregnant you don’t want to lose the baby, is proof that you have more love to give. Good luck with your journey.

If it is meant to be it will happen don’t scare or stress ur self. Always remember everything happens for a reason it’s making you stronger. My first 2 pregnancy was a nightmare my 3rd was a walk in the park. Try and stay positive, think positive! Good luck dear :heart: sending hugs and prayers ur way

It’s always so worrisome in the beginning. I have the tendency to think about everything that could go wrong, when I should be thinking of all the positives. I just had my second baby 7 weeks ago, and have a 5 year old as well. We said we are done too.
I also said after my first that I was done and didn’t want anymore lol. I guess if you are pregnant, and abortion is out of the question, you kind of just have to roll with it. Take it easy and one step at a time. The kids will get used to it and so will you. You’ll get your new routine, it’ll be hard and hectic but worth it. But I also advise to not stress until you know for sure. It could be over nothing. Stay positive!

My only advice is don’t worry about it till u know for sure… Worrying over something that isn’t set in stone per say is just added stress … so I would find out before stressing out to much… Bc u never know if you are finding out could make you so happy that all that stuff kinda gets over shadowed by the happiness… Or if ur not then you don’t have a reason to worry

I have 7 kids and Everyone had it’s challenges, seriously I have done it all. I could seriously write a book. Unfortunately most of the things you mentioned are just normal problems we face every pregnancy. Sounds like your body produces a lot of the hormone relaxin , it cause your ligaments to loosen. Caused horrible Siatica hip problems that shot down both my legs. But not every pregnancy did that happen. I felt it was easy to go from 2 to 3 then after 3 you loose count…lol Definitely talk to someone if you have concerns. Good luck mama

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am scared that I might be pregnant again: Advice?

Go to the dollar store and get a test. You’ll know and no longer be second guessing “what if”. Then You can process whichever result and talk with your husband he needs to know so he can help support.


Very, very similar story. Too long to detail. Everything turned out fine. Pregnancy very hard, yet again. Had all the doubts, as well as, issues with older kids like u mentioned. But our last was worth every bit of fear, doubt, pain, confusion, and emotional roller coaster. I can say, I cannot picture my life without our little Emily. One way or another, if u are pregnant, it will all work out. Just take it one step at a time, lean on each other for advice and guidance through the process if u are indeed pregnant. And try to breathe and relax as much as possible. Constant stress is not good for anyone. Find out if ur pregnant first, and go from there. I wish u all the best.

First of all don’t panic it just makes it so much worse for your nerves. Start with a home test and go from there, contact your doctor and get a blood test too. Stress can cause you have some of the same symptoms as pregnancy, so can early menopause and phantom pregnancy. And most important donot carry the worry alone tell your husband what is going on and let him support you.


First off don’t freak yourself out without even knowing if you are or are not… Second please speak to your doctor hun. Even if you are not… you sound stressed and could maybe need to see someone just to talk or meds… And its ok if you do need this kind of help… I had postpartum psychosis… Also sit and talk to your husband… Thats your partner in life.


If u r dont hate it or aboard it that baby could b a blessing in disguise I Kno I did not want my last baby but here we r I can’t imagine my life w out her :revolving_hearts:

Cramping is normal and more so each pregnancy. So the more times you get pregnant the more it “hurts” your ligaments stretch and they don’t return and stretch each time you get pregnant. Don’t stress. What I meant to be will be! Remember just as with your first two each pregnancy is different. If this one does exist maybe it will be a breeze! I have had 10 pregnancies. They all resulted in a birth 1/10 I had placenta preevia terribly. Just 1 of 10! Take a deep breathe and remember “God’s in control” or whatever your personal beliefs are. You’ve got this, if you’re positive in the morning congratulations. DM any time!

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First off you need to take a home pregnancy test, after you are done doing that and depending kon what it says get a blood test done, after you know for sure one way or another you can ask.your doctor about anxiety meds depending on if you are or are not will determine the type he gives you, also talk to your husband let him know how you are feeling!

If it’s not right for you, it’s not right. No one should force you into carrying a pregnancy you can’t deal with.
But first, make sure. Then, do what is best for you and your family. Ultimately, it’s your decision

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I’m sorry for what you have been through. No wonder you are feeling scared. Your husband sounds like he was helpful during your two pregnancies. Maybe you could tell him you think you may be pregnant and he could be there for you now so you will feel less scared and not going through this alone. He could go to the store with you or himself and get a test if you want to do that, or go to the doctor"s appointment with you so you won’t be alone. I hope things work out for you. Hugs.

I think you may need a psychiatrist and a psychologist to help with any mental health issues ie depression , this is the first step ,

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am scared that I might be pregnant again: Advice?

Wait and see what the doctor says. I think a baby is a blessing. There is always options :blush:


Girl… Stop freaking yourself out and take a test. Then go from there. You are stressing when you don’t even know yet. Deep breaths. Get an answer and then go from there. You could just have skipped a month. Which happens and it isn’t unusual.


Take a test. A month late means you would definitely be far enough along to register on a home test. Until then, there’s no sense in getting yourself stressed out over something that may not be happening.


I would take a test. Its not uncommon for a period to be late and not be pregnancy related.


Why you making this harder on yourself


See you doctor. Take care of you. Regardless try to stay positive and happy. You can do this


One day at a time. I’m sure it’s very difficult.


Have you taken any antibiotics recently? Or have you been more stressed than usual about anything? Antibiotics can conflict with birth control sometimes


Me and my partner became prego like the 1st month of being together and where both set that we wouldn’t have anymore kids . We said that before we found out I was prego. I have known the guy 13 years . We ended up keeping the baby . He is 4 and half months . He is my 5th baby and my partners 3rd. All the worry’s u have now about losing the baby how the other children will feel in normal. I have had terrible pregnancy’s but not all are the same. My new born was born big and born with a broken arm. Epi didn’t work but wouldn’t change anything for the world. U will adjust to having 3 there such a blessing. I wouldn’t worry ur self till u take a test :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had my own struggles with prenancies. I have Hyperemesis Gravidarium, which is severe vomitting in pregnancy. Mine was so severe with baby #1 that I basically lived in the bathroom. I slept in the floor of the bathroom because it was easier than running to the bathroom all night and I was in so much pain I didn’t want to move so if I felt enough confort to pass out, I didn’t care where it was at that point. I lost weight because I could not eat and if I did, I would likely throw it up. I visited a ER for dehydration and severe pains at least once a week until I gave birth. No medicines helped at all. I had him with no epidural and he is 4 1/2 years old now. Fast forward to my nect baby, I had the same isse. Severe vomitting, weekly ER visits, I went down to 80lbs and I usually weighed 115-120 and I was in pain most of the time until birth. He is 1 1/2 years old now. So because of how hard it is for me to have babies, we agreed we would try for a girl later on. Well, we had a surprise baby! Now this pregnancy, I still puked EVERY single day until I gave birth, BUT. I did not have a single ER visit (what a miracle, right!) But of course, I delt with seperate issues such as BV the entire time I was pregnant. I was so upset he was not a girl because we would now have 5 kids together. I felt like no one was happy for me because he wasn’t a girl. I was scared to go thru the pain of no epidural. But he is 2 months old and serious a blessing to us. I’m so thankful he is here and everyone loves him, even my 1 year old who was insanely attached to me. My point is, don’t stress yourself this much. You can’t change what’s been set in motion so instead, try to find ways to comfort yourself. Explore different things to help when giving birth. Talk to someone about your worries and let them help you calm your mind before the big day. But most importantly, have a test done before worrying this much.


Take a test and go from there XOXO Babies are such blessings. (I’m infertile because of the depo shot) If you find out you are pregnant and don’t want another child there’s people like myself who would take the baby in a heartbeat :heartbeat: you have soooo many options and we are all here rooting for you XOXO Everything will be ok Love XOXO


…………………….take a test?


Sweetie, take a pregnancy test and breathe. Most of my kids are back to back. 12, 11, 10, 7, 3, 3, almost one and due in July (right after our youngest turns 1). Our two three year olds are not twins. Our daughter turned three today and our son turns 4 in august… they’re just 10 months apart. It seems like it would be crazy hard having multiple so close in age but it’s honestly not that bad, I prefer having them close in age vs having an age gap. I’ve had extremely rough pregnancies and have had 7 losses as well. I just remind myself that it’s worth it. The pain, the sickness, the losses, everything is worth it for our kids and our family. Sending all the best wishes to you mama. I know the anxiety all too well, but trust me when I say it’s worth it and if your are pregnant you will love that baby so much.


If you are on the pill sometimes that makes you miss periods even 3 month or long, like everyone says don’t stress take the test and find out.


I have 4 kids 3 of them my pelvis was unaligned i had alot of pains couldn’t get out of bed alot in the last 10weeks mine are 6yrs 4yrs 2yrs 1yrs I found it was quite common having kids closer together as your body doesn’t have time to heal I thought how could I do this on the last 2 but I got through it painfully but once the pains been and baby comes you forget all those pains if you are pregnant I suggest pregnancy yoga it was good for me helped ease pains a little also get a pelvis pregnancy belt it gives great support

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I think you need to pray and see a counselor. There is no need for all that worry. The way you think could be causing all your problems. I couldn’t even read all that. Way too much unnecessary imaginary problems.

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You just need to take a test. Hope everything works out for you!

Well if you don’t think you can go through another pregnancy then abortion is an option. If you go through with the pregnancy, then adoption is another option. Talk with your dr to figure out the best solution.

I have one child.
My pelvis shifted. I could barely breath or walk. I vomited until 35 weeks.
I was in pain constantly from about 10 weeks. My daughter was born healthy, but I couldn’t go through pregnancy again. It was awful.

Take a test and go from there, you have time to consider your options.

No point worrying yourself until you take a test x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I am scared that I might be pregnant again: Advice?

If your pregnant, God allowed this to happen. Pray to God for strength and wisdom. accept what is happening. God will give you grace to Go throw your pregnancy. It’s not for you to terminate your pregnancy. This pregnancy is a gift from God so receive it as a gift…Stop worrying and trust on God. He is in Control . Will be praying for . :heart::heart::heart:

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Your body,your life.

The lord never gives you more than you can handle. I had several miscarriages to have my beautiful babies. One more baby would have killed me the doctor advised, I got my tubes tied while they did a c-section.

Hi lovely, I’d like you to take a deep breath in this present moment you are doing great. You are the person in control. So take a breath and decide what can I do now. Take a test or go to the doctors so you know for certain. That is what you can do now. Then when you get the results you move from that point. Your feeling afraid and fear because of past experiences and your mind and body is filling with that fear. But your the one in charge

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My sister commeet everything to God he’s d God of everything

Prayers for you to have peace in your soul whether or not you are pregnant

Prayers for guidance to get through this

God has given you previous lives to raise. If you can handle 2, 3 is a breeze.

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Being pregnant is a very big thing. Its scary. Every time. Thats why some say our brains shrink to the size of a pea. We know that is not true but thats how it often appears to others because they are also in awe (if they care and are intelligent) and concerned and notice our change, our mental wider awareness, and concentration on the burden we willingly carry. We carry A new life. Its a great big monstrous responsibility and we graciously accept and endure it. Sometimes we feel alone. That is not how we should feel.
Its your decision. I would remind you however some females never forgive themselves if they terminate a pregnancy purely for their own perceived benefit. You are doing a good thing disclosing your fears. No person should have to go through such an enormous decision alone. Tell as many people as you can of your fears and worries, an intelligent person knows they are well founded. Millions of women try to do it alone, you deserve help and are right to ask for help. I hope you find it. You need to think ahead however, and make sure you do not have any more after this one. I had keyhole surgery for tubal ligation when I was just 30 years of age. Some females can insist the male gets a vasectomy it’s his responsibility to keep you safe and happy too. Some people are more fertile that others but you can make this your last pregnancy. At three months there is already a heart brain eyes limbs even the sex might be obvious. Do you really feel you could cope with killing this new life? My last child was not planned and halted all my own plans but he too has been a constant light and delight in my life to this day. Whatever you decide I wish you the best.

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Haha there’s no such thing as safe sex. Safe sex is no sex. If getting pregnant is dangerous for u. You might not wanna have sex unless you are ok with getting pregnant. The contraception that’s given out is made to fail. Either people don’t use it correctly or the birthcontrol fails.

Whoa way too fast. Take one thing at a time. Have a list of concerns to talk to your dr about. Evidently this baby was meant to be if you did all of that to prevent it. Go slow. One day at a time.


Just breathe. Everything will be okay. If you are, you can shop around for a better hospital to deliver at. Ask moms for recommendations. And you got through all the hard emotions after having your youngest daughter, you can do it again.


You are experiencing normal fears and angst that many women feel. The trick here is to practice some form of emotion control or meditation. Since you have experienced PPD, you may have access to a good women’s therapist, you should see her whether you are pregnant or not, since your fears are interfering with the joy of living.


Plan and plan again. Talk with your daughters about their new baby. How much your heart grows with each one. Talk to your doctor about your concerns and if he doesn’t listen find a new one who will. You and your husband need some alone time to go over your concerns and plans. If you really don’t think you can do this he needs to know that too. Babies are miracles and all you did to not get pregnant might be a gift from god

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I think that before you get yourself worked up find out if you are pregnant or not, it could be a number of reasons why you are late, stress being one of them. Your husband is as responsible if you are as you are so it would not be fair to be a jerk, if he’s that upset then he doesn’t need to have sex then. Keep calm as you possibly can and find out first, then you and hubby need to have a plan as to make it work, stress can make things worse

Whether you are or aren’t pregnant you should see a chiropractor regularly to keep you aligned. Talk over all of your concerns with your Dr.


You 'CAN handle a baby and a pregnancy. Once they get here…what else would you do…


I meant University Hospital.

You have options…get to a dr or women’s clinic asap.

Go to a chiropractor

Why not just buy a pregnancy test? The sooner you know, the easier it is to make choices. And you do have a choice. You did everything to prevent pregnancy. If it happened anyway, you are not obligated to have a baby but find our sooner rather than later to keep those options open.

First of all, where do you live? Get yourself immediately to the University in your state and to their ONGYN unit. Right now. Don’t wait. Do what they tell you to do and they will have a neonatal unit to take care of your baby, not to mention taking care of you. Run don’t walk!! God Speed.

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Before you even begin to stress, take a test first and then go from there.

Firstly you need to find out if your pregnant or not. If you are then you need to voice your concerns with your Dr and husband then a decision can made with what options and help are available for you. Good luck


I also meant University Hospital.

Go to your do tor and verify. If you are not pregnant, and do not want more children because of medical reasons, why haven’t you had a hysterectomy? I feel that you need to have a talk with your do tor.

Go find out for sure, you need to know

Ive had 3 pregnancies… 1st almost 9yrs ago… had alot of morning sickness thru my whole pregnancy… 2nd 8 yrs ago no problems at all… 3rd i just had her month and half ago … was the worst… she had to be induced early at 36 weeks due to me having coliostasis i think that how u say and also i had pre-clampsia… i had gestetional diabetes… but then again iam 34 yrs and my dr did mention the older you get the riskier it gets…

Mom of 4 here :raising_hand_woman:, it’s though but it’s so awesome to have a big family. It will all work out, and whatever is happening is what is supposed to happen :heart: take a pregnancy test and no matter the results just take care of yourself ( breathe, have a cup of tea, etc…) you need to find some stress relief to reduce some of your anxieties.

If you are then I promise once you see the baby the love will be unconditional like with your first 2 :sparkling_heart:

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Do a pregnancy test first thing. With me the contraception pill always messed up my cycle I have the implant now and don’t have a cycle at all so that might be why or maybe if u have been under alot of stress that can stop your cycle .my advice would be go to get a test done first .

It’s dysfunctional thinking to have any thoughts about how a third child would affect the other two!! Your children are all precious and need to be taught to love each other!! I sure hope you are not thinking of abortion, that would be a total disaster!!! Please let go and let God decide how your pregnancy goes… and pray that God will bring you a beautiful third baby to complete your family!!! I’m praying for you!!


With all U had going to keep from getting pregnant GOD has a plan for this baby. Relax, enjoy and thank GOD for this precious gift. :blush:

Children are a gift from the Lord!

If you are pregnant, it’s a blessing. I saw a post where a freind suggested that you look at the situation from a 60 year old yous perspective. It really got me thinking and looking at everything differently. Right now, you might think it’s scary and you’re uncertain, but in 20 years you’ll brag about the beautiful people you raised, and they will come to you when they are scared about having their first baby, and you will tell them all about how you survived and thrived and are a stronger and wiser person and you got through it, but you were scared too. I watched pregnancy shows like they were candy to get all the possible scenarios covered in my mind about how it would go, and all five of my childrens birth experiences were different, and I bet others would say the same, so don’t let your difficult labor history concern you too much, it likely won’t be the same. You can do it!

My second child was a horrific birth! I nearly died! Four years later 2 pushes 9 1/2 bubbly baby boy! I worried nearly 10 months for nothing! He was a bit late, and had to be induced.

I have read many of the comments with smiles… life is not a cookie cutter one size fits all idea​:bulb:… don’t think for one moment that pregnancy is a one way one sided one legged one gender decision. Men are as much or more of a factor and a big part of the fabric of life and conception. This is a DAD talking to you daughters sisters and moms. I was always the first to know that conception was occurring after all I was there when it happened. I felt the pains and trauma. I was the CPO Cheif Preparation Officer. Each child arrives with a story of its own. A Dad knows a thing or two a children since they come from me. Sorry to say so much but I just want you all to know mom’s should never think alone about this. You are in good hands :raised_hands:t4:

I can’t say that I’ve experienced your pain. But I can tell you that with each pregnancy of mines, I have been scared to death. Didn’t know what to do. Felt alone, with hormones all over the place! Just take it one day at a time and things will go as they should. Idk your religious beliefs, but they say god makes no mistakes.

Stop overthinking! Worrying! Pregnant or not you can what if all day/night. If using the same OBGYN. Try a second opinion

I know it’s scary … I had 3 miscarriages . I now have 3 children. But throughout each pregnancy I was petrified of losing them.
I would suggest. 1. Go to dr and confirm if you are or not. 2. Find a good counsellor/psychologist you need to talk about your feelings… good luck mumma xx

Another baby is a gift from our Almighty … if you are, in fact, pregnant, celebrate! All will go smoothly … this time will be the easiest of all! You will see this!!

When I found out that I was pregnant with my fourth son and I did not want anymore I was horrified I didn’t tell anybody I was pregnant Towers about 5 months I guess I thought it would go away but in reverse he was the best thing that ever happened to me gift from God so take each pregnancy and each child as an individual not a group. They’re different in every single way even pregnancies can be I had one preemie when miscarriage and he was the perfect pregnancy a perfect baby the perfect birth you just have to hope for the best

Just breath. It is wonderful that you might be pregnant again. Your kids will keep you going.

Let go and Let God, trust that he has made the right decision for you and your family and know that he will be there every step of the way…I know it’s very scary but God never gives us more than he knows we can handle! :heart: praying for you and your family

You can do it. There reason why you miss periods it not uncommon. Get tested n don’t be afraid. I managed 1,3,4 all should of been c section. 1st should of been emergency c section. N same with 4th. But had all natural. Had a stuff hips before even pregnant. I was born with no leg in ball n socket. The had to put my leg into place. So suffered with SPS all for 4 pregnancy. You will manage. You sound like a great mum now.

I know everyone has given you advice so I don’t want to add to the confusion… If it is any help I will tell you when I was young I had 2 boys born less than 2 years apart and figured that was enough. Then 7 years later even using birth control I became pregnant. I had a bad delivery with the two I had and my mind said that I couldn’t go through it again. I did and when she was 3 months old I had my tubes tied. What I am trying to say without preaching is that sometimes we think we can’t endure something but when you do everything to keep from getting pregnant, it is God’s plan. I had a baby girl and she is so smart and she is a nurse helping people in Nursing homes. Don’t get anxious until you know you are pregnant now or whenever, but if it happens, It is God’s Plan! Take care.

She said if by her ever getting pregnant he would be happy and by her side i guess you didnt read the post

Every baby a gift from God and you will be just fine. Every thing happens in His timing, His way.

First things first. Find out if you are pregnant.
If you are relax relax relax. Stress is very bad for the baby and you.
You know ahead of time there will be challenges. As a family you can deal with this. Continue to see the chiropractor. You can do this

first of all, forget about your first two pregnancies, and look forward to a healthy pregnancy. Every one is different. Don’t look for trouble, just accept what is. Do make your doctor appointment to make sure nothing is wrong. Might be something totally different.

I would try to relax there are time my period might be a week off… Take a test and see if you are… you could be stressing your self out so much that it’s causing your body to react. Im sure your fine it would be really surprising if your using all those contraception method and got pregnant… Did a Condom ever break? Were you not following instructions for the birth control causing to be in effective… I would be really surprised if you were pregnant. I would still take a test just to be on the safe side.

Take a support person to appointment , communication with medical people is important.

I’m sorry you are in despair. First get a pregnancy test. You may be worrying for no reason.
If you decide to abort, PLEASE do not use a heating pad or anything else!!! Go to a professional.
If you are pregnant, and decide to keep the baby, think positively. Talk to your doctor about your concerns. It’s possible that your body could react differently with this pregnancy.
I hope this helps. Best of luck to you. :peace_symbol::om:

Get to a doctor. If you aren’t pregnant, get your tubes tied