I am scared to tell my family that I am pregnant...advice?

Advice needed I’m 5 months pregnant & have yet to tell my family. It’s my fourth child & for some reason I’m scare to brake the news. Would it be rude just to say something when the baby is born? Literally only my husband & kids are aware.


Do whatever you like😊 end of the day you care for the babies…share the good news when you are ready!

By my fourth I barely told anyone. She was high risk but I also didn’t wanna hear about how many kids I already had.

Do what makes you happy and comfortable if you want to wait wait if you want to tell them tell them this is your choice and your baby and pregnancy if you wanna keep quite till baby is here thats okay

Just dont worry about it, live your life they’ll notice soon enough, they aren’t living your life only you are.

I’ll be blunt I have 4 you know by now none of these people got these kids but you so you enjoy your pregnancy and birth and come out with it when ever be and remember the opinions of others don’t matter.


i didn’t tell my family i was pregnant til i was 7 months pregnant … 5th child … i don’t know why i waited so long but i did … i didn’t want any negitive reactions towards it … my 5th child has a 11 year gap with my then youngest …my oldest child being 19 years older then my baby ! i litteraly started all over again … i didn’t want to hear that lol

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Children are a blessing, I say tell, have a little shower this baby deserves the same amount of love as the first.


Do they support you and your family? If not, I am not sure why you would be scared ?

Tell them. Family deserves to know when there is another family member on the way. It’s a blessing. Not anything to hide or be embarrassed about

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Depending how supportive ur family is mine are mostly negative when it comes to my pregnancies and I’m really not sure why considering I raise my kids and make sure they make it to school, bathe, have fun, fed and raised correctly … so in my opinion if I were to get pregnant again no I wouldn’t announce it because ain’t like anyone gonna be jumping for joy anyways, and baby showers most people don’t even have or show up anyways unless like I said you have a very supportive family

I think your family may already know
Given that your 5 months along

What was your reason. It’s your child, every child is a blessing. He could be a future president, Dr or lawyer. You’re not living with your parents or under age. I don’t see a reason why you scared. Unless you depend on them or health issues then I don’t see a reason why not

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Why? You’re a married woman.

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There’s probably a deep seated trauma behind your reluctance I would guess. I deal with that with my family too. The longer you wait the worse it will be. Maybe send an announcement in the mail or something.

Pretty soon people are going to be able to tell that you’re pregnant again kind of hard to keep that a secret

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You don’t have to tell anybody anything!!! Unless they’re paying your bills and will be providing for this child, it’s not anybody’s business.


Why would you be scared. Are you not able to take care of them? Are you on food stamps


Unless the government or these people are funding your baby, then you let them know and if they aren’t happy, then goodbye :clap:t3::raised_hands:t3: kids are blessings. 

It may help relieve some stress to just tell them. That way you can move forward and focus on your pregnancy. If there is any negativity just block it. This is your family, your life. But it may help to take the load off and just tell them. Congratulations!

My first baby I didn’t tell anyone but his dad of course until two weeks before I had him(I his my babies well). My second only my husband knew until around seven months. My family is very judgmental and I can’t explain it but I could not tell them. I didnt have the best circumstances either time. Everyone seemed more mad I didn’t tell them sooner though. I would think about telling them soon but don’t let their reaction (if it’s negative)ruin your joy. It may be ro much of a shock after baby is born if you wait.

What? You go right ahead and celebrate that baby God has blessed you with.
Do you live with them and depend on them financially?

Not at all I had my 12th baby my mom wasn’t aware only after she was born she was more sad I didn’t tell her I was, but she got over it quickly don’t stress over it it’s not like everyone has to know lol

OMG , I thought you were like 13 .
You are an adult , who cares what your family thinks, unless they are one taking care for your kids

If scared don’t tell them. It’s your baby your pregnancy

If these people aren’t paying your bills and supporting your family in any way then why would you care? You’re an adult… if they have anything negative to say they don’t need to be involved

I did the same thing with my fifth because I knew no one would be happy. I say this with the purest intentions, so bare with me. If anyone doesn’t like it, f*ck em. If they aren’t paying for the baby, your other kids, you, or helping you in any tremendous way, how does it truly affect them? If they just have to say something, let them, then just move along. I’m all about removing toxicity from my life.

Are they supporting u and ur children u have already?
I mean ur body ur child none of anyone’s business. Unless they’re supporting u n paying ur bills than maybe tell em.