I am so close to a mental breakdown - I need advice

My partner and I have been together for a long time now; he has struggled to find employment and has no patience whatsoever in looking for work. He blames politics, immigrants, etc… Totally a different way of thinking that I am (he’s hardcore PC, I’m NDP) I’ve been employed the whole time and have basically supported both of us for all those years and recently we had a baby, and he finally got working for the first 6 months of their life and now he’s laid off and just seems to be irritated with everything. I am a very emotional person and once he gets pissed off or angry about certain things I do too, and I don’t like to talk about what I’m feeling, but I’m starting to feel fed up with his “poor me” and “blaming everyone else for his problems” attitude. He must know he’s not putting in the effort to find work, but he continues to say there’s no work. Its a daily struggle being the main moneymaker and constantly thinking about bills and rent, and I need to think of our baby, and I’m starting to look at him like he’s just another expense. I believe he could do more with baby and help out more with the house and I assume he would just know to help out and see me struggling and he just doesn’t unless I ask or make it obvious that I need help and then at the end of the day, expects/bugs for sex. What I do for work isn’t physically demanding but my mind gets tired, and I have no energy to have sex later when I’ve been with the baby all evening and then cleaned up the whole house… and the pill I’m on is affecting my sex drive which is just a side effect for now but when I’m not in the mood he’ll stay up all night and say its cause he couldn’t sleep but he uses sex to make him tired so I feel bad the next day because I wasn’t in the mood. Its also affecting my work, my boss is concerned and always asking about him and if he’s working, and has to make me financial advances just for me to get through the week. I am trying to convince me to be a single mother at the same time. I feel like I’m on the edge of a mental break down and I just want to avoid that so it doesn’t affect my baby or my job and finances. He’s a good dad when he can be, and I know when he wants to, he thrives, and I love him too much to hurt him and also know he can be better, but Idk what to do or say anymore. Any advice?


If he doesn’t work, he should take care of baby and house. If he don’t, it seems to hurt you. Why are you so afraid of hurting him if he Cleary don’t care about hurting you. Let him go. Have a beautiful life with your baby.


If he hasnt figured it out in this long time yall been together then id say boot the butt honey an go on your merry way


Just leave his lazy ass. Easy said than done but do it anyway. You will be much more happier.

Let me ask this: what does he do when he isn’t working? Is it stuff that is beneficial for your family and helpful? Or is he just lounging around a bitching about how hard it is to find a job? Honestly…dump him.

I would seek counseling to place that anger somewhere. As far as he goes… I would give him a deadline on finding and maintaining a job, or he has to leave. There is no reason he’s not helping out more seeing he isn’t working. Don’t be afraid to tell him you need a partner… not a man-child.


He’s just now starting to feel like an expense?! Quit being his free ride. You shouldn’t have ever had a baby with him, but there’s nothing you can do about that now. And you love your kid, so no regrets, right? But moving forward he needs to work or you need to leave him.


If he isn’t working and you are, he should be the one to take care of baby and sort the house/cleaning/cooking. He sure would expect you to if he was the one at work!
He sounds like he is very selfish, and shouldn’t be making you feel guilty for not having sex! He has hands doesn’t he?! He needs to grow up a bit.
I would give him a deadline to find a job, or at least start pulling his weight around the house. It cant all fall on you! If he doesn’t do one of those 2 things, I’d say you were better off alone. You are doing it all alone anyways! Xx


It’s time to sit down and have a very direct conversation about what’s expected and how you feel. Honestly, that’s enough to turn anyone off. If he’s depressed and needs help make sure he gets it. Honestly if you’re doing everything anyways, why keep him around?? He needs to shape up or ship out, you need a partner not a boat anchor around your neck.


Sometimes it can take a major break in the relationship to make a partner realize "I need to actually step up ". I’ve had to do it. It’s the hardest thing in the world to actually leave but was so worth it for me and I have no regrets. Things are much different today because he came to learn I wouldn’t tolerate it. Good luck.


Send him to Labour Ready… paid daily.

If he is home then the needs to be doing all the house cleaning and caring for baby and if he doesn’t want to do that then it’s time to get off butt and get a job. They are it there he just had to put in the effort to find out. If he can’t grow up and be responsible then you may be better off as a single parent and yes you can do it.


He is another expense…put him out. He will sink or swim to he with you. That’ll prove his love.


Kick him to the curb. Been there done that. Move on with your life.


Sit down and talk to him. Tell him until he finds a job, his job is the house. Cook,clean,laundry and taking care of baby. If he says no then I would say then u need to leave cause your a not willing to help in this relationship then I dont need you here. You need a partner not someone that’s going to be a baby about everything. You already have one to raise. He needs to grow a pair and man up.


He is just lazy…there is work out there, you just have to go out there and look, it won’t land on your laps. He’s not working, he doesn’t help with the baby or the home…but he expects sex, food, water, and a roof over his head??? You have got him used to doing absolutely nothing and it’s time you let it be known that he needs to shape up or move out…you are doing it all alone anyways, you don’t need any help to do bad, you can do bad all on your own!!! Get rid of this extra weight and I assure you that you will feel sooooo relieved! Good luck

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Tough love, tell him to step up and help or step out!


you need to put your foot down… there are temp agencies, daily work agencies… he needs to go apply… and he needs to step up as dad and help with kids and around the house … explain if he dont… hes gunna have to go…


Tell him to get a damn job or your gone, otherwise you’ll always be taking care of him. He should be taking care of you and your baby. Nothing pisses me off more than a man like this. I’ve been down that road and never again

Being a single mom with one less mouth to feed is easier and far more peaceful than supporting a man-child. Sorry… He’s dead weight. Cut him loose. If he straightens up and gets his shit together maybe you can try again with explicit boundaries. Otherwise, he’s gonna sink and he’s taking you with him. Hugs.

Get rid of him. Should have done it a long time ago.


If you’re doing it all on your own anyways why bother having him around? I say leave and build a life you can handle that will be positive for you and your baby. If he wants to have a relationship then he’s going to have to learn to be supportive and be able to help support. If he doesn’t do that then he will not be a good partner to face life with.


Well it wasn’t exactly the same situation but the man I was with I had said something I don’t want to go into that it doesn’t really matter he said well it didn’t bother you in the beginning now now yours doesn’t think since you haven’t said anything or done anything in the beginning it’s okay for him to be a weight around your neck so put your foot down now before it goes on any longer I’m with the other ones get a job a temp job a day work you know put an ad up will do handyman work whatever he can do to bring in some money and if he’s not doing that either leave or he will take care of the whole house to the grocery shopping take care of the baby and not always be expecting / demanding sex

No work Huh? That’s weird everywhere I look I see job postings. You can even look on the market place on Facebook and see job postings. Sounds like he doesn’t want a job. Why should he I mean he has a maid,a provider,a cook, and someone to release his wants and needs on. Give his lazy bum self an aultimatum either get a job of get out. Give him three months. If no job by then. Then no place to live. Dead beats like that need to learn to get up and quit blaming others for their misfortune and start blaming themselves for not trying. Or just ask him to hold the broom for you then when he grabs it I would make the comment or wow look it does fit in your hand as well as mine. Now get to sweeping. If he has a problem with it then he needs to get out. I would not and can not take care of a man. The man is supposed to be the main provider. And yes I work I work hard. However my husband does too. And we both clean house.


Hate to be negative but you said you are trying to convince yourself to be a single mothet. Hate to break it to you but you already are


Give him an ultimatum tell him he needs to find a job or leave you shouldn’t have to to take care of baby and work and run a household and then turn around and take of him and expenses


Here is the deal only you can fix this problem. I was told by a good friend of mine that if I was tried of being a door mat it was time to get up off the floor. Either tell him to man up or get out. You can not live on love it takes monies. His constant excuses is just his way of making himself feel good about not working. A man worth anything will work for his family. Drop the bag you have at the curb.


I’m sorry but why are you with him still? Do you want your child thinking this is how it should be? You’re making excuses for his laziness, he’s not working, not doing housework or helping with the baby. He’s a boy. He either changes or you leave.


Get out.

Not what you want to hear.
But he’s just a bill.

My husband had job issues.
So he stayed home with the baby.
He was the perfect parent.
I came home to a clean house.
Clothes washed. Dried. Folded. Put up.
Dinner on the table.

I knew every day he was a BLESSING.

And reading your post, I’m going home and making sure he knows how much all that means.

Men can do it.
They should want to do it.

He has issues at first. Thinking the man HAD the make the money.
It would be nice.
But in reality this works for us.

If he did nothing.

Your choice of how you want to live.

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Sorry but you married a loser.

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Ur basically a single mother anyway. Just give him an ultimatum. He Has to find work anywhere. Little help is better than none


Both of you could benefit from therapy. You to learn to stand up for yourself and stay strong, why you were willing to stay with such a freeloader in the first place, and to have someone to let you vent & help you reach solutions, him so he can get to the root of why he won’t look for work (likely because he feels he doesn’t have to—and he has it extremely cushy—but maybe he just feels inadequate).

Tell him you want a trial separation, break, or whatever you call it when you’re not married. Give him a month or two to find another place to live.

If that doesn’t light a fire under him, go through with it & then change the locks & have someone help you gather & box up his stuff & put it outside. Tell him you’re willing to give it a go again once he has been working steadily for 3-6 months with no problems. If he is this lazy, I wouldn’t trust him taking care of baby. Would he just leave her/him in the crib, watch TV and let the dishes pile up?

Time apart will also give you space to look at how differently you feel with and without him and look at your relationship more objectively. You might realize that without him stressing you out & catering to him that being a single mom is not so bad. Or not.

Develop your “village” with acquaintances, friends, and family to help you with your child. Even with a helpful spouse, everyone needs a break & a backup.

It’ll be tough but you are tougher. Right now he has no incentive to improve because there are no consequences. Don’t cave & let him off the hook or make excuses for him. This is also excellent practice for disciplining your child once she/he becomes mischievous (sooner than you think! :wink:).

Good luck!


Even though my man and I struggled from time to time when he’d lose a job he’d go out and get another one and he use to pull a “pity me” act until we sat down like adults and talked shit through because I’ll be damned if I commit my life to someone who isn’t willing to be a grown up so we don’t starve, like what the hell throw the whole boy away if he’s not willing to be an adult. He’s already made you a single mom by making you take care of him and the baby as if he isn’t fully capable and unemployed

I have never looked for a job and not found one. It may not have been my dream job but it was a way to make a living… So I have no patience with people who say they can’t find work. They just aren’t willing to do whatever it takes. That’s one reason immigrants have work they will. Then people want to bellyache because they say they’ve taken their jobs when they are too lazy to do hard work themselves. Kick him to the curb. He’s lazy.

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I think you’re down to the truth in the situation. He needs to go and continue to allow it is only enabling him. Whether he’s a dream that always talks about everything he wants to do but never does anything to make it happen or he likes to pretend to be frustrated so that you back off and leave him alone it’s time to put your foot down. He’s draining my energy just hearing about how he is so I can only imagine what having him as a partner is doing to you. Drop him, you’ve given him enough time to get it together and he CHOOSES not to. Especially seeing that he only helps when asked and he had plenty of energy and good spirit to ask for sex. He’s taking advantage and you deserve better.


Next time he wants sex tell him you’re too tired from carrying his lazy ass all these years and his helplessness just doesn’t get your dick hard anymore.
Seriously, if he refuses to hear your cries for help, let him hear that you don’t find him attractive anymore. He’s just another job to do, and you’re done doing him. :woman_shrugging:

I dont know why you’re so worried about hurting him. He doesn’t love you or care about you at all. If he did he wouldn’t be acting like such a selfish, lazy pos. Let him go hun. You’re already a single mother, he’s just an extra expense that you need to get rid of


Why carnt he be a stay home dad

Leave him. Kick him out. He’s worthless.

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Yeah, I’d tell him if he got off his a** he wouldn’t “need” sex to fall asleep.
Sorry but I’d be over that crap real fast. He sounds like a total loser and you deserve better. Don’t let him drag you and your child down. Your baby will grow up thinking it’s okay to act like this and be a moocher.
You’re basically a single mom/ sugar mama. That’s not right.


Do not be like me… I stayed in a relationship/marriage for 22years. The father of my children worked for only 7 years of that. Yes he had a bad back, yes he was in pain but ultimately he was capable of some type of part time employment. But he left if all up to me and contributed nothing around the house. I was a fool. I now feel l wasted 15 years of my life. Dont be like me.


Pack his things and take back where you found him.


I don’t know where you live but the job market is crazy hot. There should be no reason he’s not working. I do understand that sometimes unemployment pays more than what you can make at some random job while also paying daycare but it doesn’t seem like he’s doing that.
He needs to be working or taking care of the baby and house. You shouldn’t be doing it all, period.
BUT it sounds like this is a long ongoing issue so now it’s time to lay down the cards. There doesn’t seem to be any benefit to having him around. Yes I know he’s the father of your child, but he’s not being a good partner let alone father. He needs to change his ways or for the road. Two week notice! And sex? He needs to do something to get you in the mood! Like a long list of chores without being asked!

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There is literally no reason he cabt work. Sounds like you picked a loser to me. Kick his ass out and move on.

You got this :muscle:. You find sitter. Then tell he can’t touch this untill he gets stay in a Job for a year and then and only then can he touch this otherwise get out. Bc he is just a another mouths to feed and that is not 50)50

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Okay, why is he not cleaning the house and taking care of it? If he’s at home, that is his job. I get you would need to help out every once and awhile, but the workload and the house load should not be both on you. Tell him to either get it together or you are leaving.

Basically, he has no accountability and he’s literally leeching off you. Cut him loose. Seriously. Save yourself and your child from a several more years of this shit attitude. He will only hold you back. Ask me how I know lol.

Maybe he’s depressed.

My mother left my father because he wouldn’t work and she couldn’t afford him and us.
I had to leave my son’s father because him could not keep a job, wouldn’t go for his GED or drivers license, no matter how often I offered to help or just plain encouraged him. In the end, I had to leave during my pregnancy. My son, who is 15 now, would have been living with a jobless on SSI ( now) dependant on others man child. It was hard to leave. He was and is the love of my life. I haven’t found anyone I have loved more in 15 years but I had to do what was best for my son and me. It was so hard. What is the purpose of growing and changing when you have someone stuck in a life pattern that doesn’t line up with yours? It sounds like he.is simply another mouth to feed at this moment

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Leave he is draining you. He is draining money, energy, peace of mind and you are teaching your child this is ok.


It sounds exhausting I bet if you leave him for a while you’re working you and the baby can make it fine he may wake up and hit the real world but as long as he’s around being able to use you he’s going to keep doing what he’s going to keep doing and unless you do want a mental breakdown you’ve got to make the change you got to protect yourself and that baby get away and let him get his work done he needs to work on himself because right now you’re raising two babies

Similar situation. I had to leave. He ended up with so much free time he was cheating.

Get shut of him. He is a loser.

He should be full time baby care giver and household worker while out of a job. So you can be rested since you are the only one bringing money to your household. He needs to organize himself and look for a job that he can keep. Even if it’s a part time. Just some extra income to help you, while the perfect job shows up. If he is not willing to sacrifice he needs to hit the road. Even immigrants find jobs! Reason: they want to work!

First of all, you go girl​:fist::heart:!!! Second, its almost 2020, anyone can get a job as long as you have an ID, period. Even if it’s Mc. Donalds, a job is a job, aint no reason he isn’t able to get one. And third, I’d wake his ass up early in the morning, and tell him get tf out and get a job, and don’t come back till you have one. He’ll either get a job real quick, or you didn’t need him to begin with. Good luck girl

I know you love him too much to hurt him but you also need to love yourself too much to hurt you! My husband and I both have full time jobs and he helps with everything and is not ashamed of it. I have been in that position of being the only one with a job, the only one paying bills, the only one cleaning house, washing cars, doing the yard work, keeping up with the laundry and cooking all the meals and it is exhausting without a child- I can’t imagine how hard it would be with a baby. I got smart and and freed myself from him. There really are good men out there. If this guy had any kind of compassion for anyone besides himself, you wouldn’t even have to ask for help. He would see what needs to be done and just do it. The longer you allow him to be in your life and behave this way, the more he knows it’s acceptable and he is not going to change.

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Sounds like you two desperately need some counseling to help you both communicate your needs and desires better as well as to develop a life plan for the two of you to move forward together. It won’t get better just waiting…trust me, I know from experience…good luck to you both!

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If he can’t find a job in today’s market/economy, he doesn’t want to and never will. Why should he? You are doing everything while he does nothing. He may as well not be there. Let him be someone else’s problem if he doesn’t want to change himself around.

If he’s not helping financially, why can’t he have the housework done when you get home so that you can relax a little. Seems like he’s depending on you to do both. He can either step up and get a job or help in the house. Too much stress and work for one person while the other sits on his ass and makes excuses. You can do what you’re doing all by yourself, he is not contributing anything but, more pressure on you.

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Sit down and have a talk with him. Tell him what your expectations are. If he doesn’t have a job, then he is responsible for the house cleaning, cooking, and tending to the baby. That cuts out childcare expenses. Explain to him that you will give him 3 months to find a job. Make him pay bills 50/50, and when he does get one, he pays half daycare too. Tell him up r not his mom and he needs 2 grow a set. And tell him the I Ly2 one responsible for him is himself, and he needs 2 man up. If he does the housework u will have more energy in general. Take u a day for yourself. Bubble bath, bottle of wine, nails and hair done (even if not from salon) and find your inner peace. Once that’s done, u may feel more sexually inclined. And if he don’t help, throw trash in its rightful place.


Leave. Why should he worry about a job when you support him? Why do you keep him? U work, cook, clean, take care of the baby!! What does he offer! Whining and complaining and more stress. You deserve better!!


Oh for goodness sake leave the dude! Better fish out in the world.

Girl,You are Fine China,don’t let Anyone treat you like a paper plate!

I heard something long ago that I believe radiates through all of our lives at one time or another.

“You train people how to treat you” and “the best predictor of future actions is past actions”.

These 2 things are just simple truths. What we each do with them is our business and should be done in OUR time. Sometimes choices aren’t easy. But sometimes stepping up and standing up can lead to amazing change.

Don’t ever let anyone over an extended period of time make you believe you aren’t worthy of something better. Because you are!! And sometimes the better you deserve should come from the very person who caused the hurt in the first place.

He’s either in or he’s out. And that means doing whatever he can to take care of his family. Sometimes as women we do fear the bad things that can happen if we speak up. But the truth is you may never find the true beauty and love that you want if you never have the strength to ask for, or demand, it.

I stood up in my marriage once and my husband and I were separated for 3 months. The next year HE had to stand up and we were separated for 4 months.

That was 5 and a half years ago. We aren’t perfect but things are better than they probably ever have been. You know what you want to do. Don’t be afraid to do it no matter what because in the end you could be missing something beautiful by not taking a stand.

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If you are the bread winner he needs to step up his game and be the stay at home one. He needs to contribute more than just sperm. Stay at home persons job is to clean, cook, make sure all house hold needs are met as well as the needs of the child and the bread winner.
My other half could not do this, thus I raised 3 on my own, went to college, got a house. If they don’t contribute then you are carrying them. Stand up for yourself, nobody else will. The longer he gets his pitty party the harder it will be to Chang it.


From experience, he’s Not going to change. You are strong and already doing it all get away from him and you will be much much happier.


Love yourself too much not to hurt you. Then it will all work out.

Job market is open but not for very good paying jobs and it depends on his experience and if it is manufacturing a lot of them are very slow. I think you need to try to seek counseling and maybe he can take some courses at an vocational adult night school for a trade. Every couple struggles and you need team work to make it for the long haul on both sides. Good luck and God bless.

Finding work these days is a challenge, mostly done online, you have to weed through legitimate employment and scams, maybe he hasn’t got a lack of motivation , he has given up on the mental aspect of it all, you don’t need more on your plate I understand, but try encouraging him to go to employment agencies or the employment security commission, to help him with the whole process, other than that I think you will have to either talk out what you feel, or it’s just going to get worse.

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Leave! My father was the same way! He never worked and my mom had to support the entire family of 5 kids herself. We lost our home that my mom almost had paid off. We had to wear hand me down clothes. I grew up thinking it was normal and I ended up in a 15 year relationship with a guy that barely worked. I left him 13 years ago. The burden and stress of keeping it all together was off my shoulders. My mom is now 80 and in a nursing home and she’s still mad about it to this day and my dad has been dead 19 years! My mom probably would be in better health if she hadn’t to have had to work like a dog only to have my dad take every last penny that she made! Don’t let your baby grow up thinking it is normal. He’s just a ball and chain around your ankle holding you down!

Any job is better than no job !!! So he really has no exuse. And until he realizes that he can play the role of Mr.MoM and take care of the home front.

Ok this is just my opinion so please don’t get mad! From what you have said he sounds like a lazy, manipulative bum! By putting up with it you are enabling him! It seems like you already are pretty much a single mom since he barely helps. You and your baby deserve better and don’t think just because he’s the dad that you have to stay with him. Yes it is ideal and I used to feel the same way but you will be nothing but miserable and it will affect your child. You need to sit him down and tell him shape up or ship out! I wish you luck and like I said please don’t get mad it’s just my opinion. At the end of the day you are the only one who can decide what’s best for you and your baby

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He’s toxic and you need to make a change. Sit him down and explain what you are feeling. Give him a timeline to make a change, otherwise he should leave . You can do good and bad by yourself. Get back your self esteem and stop being a doormat. You now have a child and you need to set a good example. Good luck and god bless.

You already are a single parent! Tell him to man up and help support his family or get the fuck out. There is always a way to get a paychq till a good job come by.

Has he tried job fairs? They are great. I’m super shy, but after I leave the fair I’m super pumped and leave with multiple job offers (no college). Or maybe he could be a stay at home dad and talk to him about what chores at home he could help with to make it easier for you :slight_smile:

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I wonder if you have talked to him about it, i also wonder what do you mean about you wanting him to do more in the house and with the baby? Is he not helping take care of the baby? Is he cleaning? Do he cooks? I know it can get hard on finding a job but of he helps around then thats other story. ALSO and important is your boss a she or a he? Because if your boss is a he be careful.

You’re the one carrying the load and it shouldn’t be like that there should be balance…you can love someone from a distance. If someone wants better they do better to me it seems like he’s content with being bummy you shouldn’t have to suffer…he should look to thrive and be better everyday not when he wants…I would say drop the 0…and I take it that you all don’t even enjoy life and I sense there is no romance…

What you’re putting yourself and your children through is absolutely ridiculous. He’s a lazy bum who is used to you doing it all on your own. Give him an ultimatum on y’all splitting, taking a break whatever you want to call it. He is mad that you’re asking him to find a way to support you for the simple fact that you do it all. You and your children do not deserve this apparently you are more than able to do it on your own so put your big girl panties on and do it. If your employer is noticing it’s bad. Now imagine how much worse it looks from the outside looking in.


You can do bad by yourself. He is extra weight that you shouldn’t be expected to carry. Just my opinion.

Tell him he gets to take care of baby, cook and clean and do the grocery shopping while he is out of work. And never feel bad cause u dont want sex. Hes being a kid saying thays the only way he can sleep, bullshit.

If you need someone to tell you what to do in your situation, that is the problem!

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Toss his ass, he brings nothing valuable to the table.

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You say Bye…seems more trouble than its worth

He would have to hit the road!!

Honestly, there is nothing you can do for him. He’s got to want to do it himself. What you have to do is ask yourself “how much longer are you going to put yourself and your child through this?” You should really start doing what’s best for you even though it may be what’s the hardest thing to do. He needs a reality check big time. The only jobs immigrants are taking up are labor/farm working jobs. I really don’t think he’s upset about that. He’s just looking for excuses to justify his lack of contribution and it really only comes down to his fault. He’s depending on you to support him yet you can’t depend on him? I think maybe he sees you as his mom and not his wife. He should be contributing 100% just like you.

I have no words cause everytime I point blank speak up…the pc crowd jumps down my throat. So instead of answering directly, I’m writing. This is an example of a woman already knowing shes with the wrong person, for years,and still brings a baby into the situation. Hes not going to change, hes been a whiny complainer for years. Shes basically been raising him. Hes a sociopath only his wants and needs matter. He likes blaming everyone else except his inability to get off his ass and get a job.
If you can afford it, leave. You made a mistake. Telling him your expectations years later is a joke. He already knows she wont kick him out. Sad situation.

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Sounds like he’s a mouch that does not wanna work and is happy with you supporting him! My advice run

Sorry but it sounds like your being used. It seems to me he’s just mooching off you and getting you to take care of him. He could at least clean the house.

Short story - you need to leave him.
Us women, we love. We love fiercely! Letting go is not easy even when staying is harder. Some men come back around when given an ultimatum but if he doesn’t show he can be a real man then he’s got to go. I had to make that hard decision with my now amazing husband when he was non committed and full of alcohol and excuses. It’s not common, I was certainly blessed, but you have to put your foot down and mean it. Be ready to follow through and move on. Why waste month or years on someone who’s not “the one” and miss out on those out there who could truly enhance your life! It’s a hard place to be in. Look for positive people to surround yourself with and while I fully believe in sacrificing for your partner, in certain instances like this, you have to let go and move on and eventually find someone worth sacrificing for. You are worth so much and so loved, a child of the king. Feel free to pm if you wanna chat but try and look at your situation from the outside as if you weren’t in it and it didn’t directly affect you. Be blessed!

I say kick his ass out. You can do it all by yourself. You have been. You will be less stressed and happier without his whiny broke ass around