I am struggling to get my toddler to sleep...advice?

i need advice for my almost 3 year old with bedtime. we switched her to a big girl bed about a month ago, and recently i’ve been struggling with her going to sleep. on nights i work my husband has no issues getting her to bed. she literally walks in bed gives kisses and goes to sleep. on nights im home it takes an hour or longer to get her to bed. we’ve told her she’s allowed to play after we leave the room and we can talk to her from her monitor. she just wants me to sit there while she plays and if not she cries. any ideas? please no judgment.


She just misses you and wants your attention :purple_heart:

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She misses you and enjoys you as mom another girl and softer energy. Hug that baby her little body cherish her and play a game with her then make her go to bed. My baby absolutely loved it and now she’s 10 that’s her favorite time as it’s occasional now.

If not a double bed try a double bed, game changer

She misses you so when you are home she wants attention. Perfectly normal. Read her a story and then tell her to
Go to sleep. No talking. Sit with her a bit and then leave. If she wakes, lay her down sit for five min and leave. She will get used to it, it just takes patience.

They need comfort from the parents before they will sleep :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs::sleeping::heart_hands:

Stay in there! They are only little once.


We don’t put our daughter to sleep. We read her a few stories, play with her a bit and then say good night. She plays in her room until she’s sleepy and then puts herself to bed. We’ve done this since she switched to a floor bed, at 2.5.

It’s great.


She knows your the weaker link- don’t get played by a toddler-bedtime is bedtime :muscle:

Have a good bedtime routine. I wouldn’t tell her she can play. Read a book give a quick cuddle and say goodnight. If she comes out just take her back and say it’s bedtime. Keep doing this. She will eventually stay and it shouldn’t take too long but you have to be consistent

There’s a sleep serene you can buy at princess auto. It will do wate you need.

I’m going against the norm- hubby can get her to bed with no problem… let him put her to bed.
If he isn’t present on those nights… follow what he does!
None of this “needs mom only” crap. If she can fall asleep for dad and is good to go next day… she can for mom too!
Don’t pay an ounce of attention to “ she misses you BS”
If she’s getting everything from dad, you , caregiver… she’s good! You don’t have to have a kid all over 24/7 to be a great mom!

Melatonin and a child lock. Shut the door and watch through a camera. a little crying won’t kill her. She’s got u manipulated by the fake crying. Time to stop giving in.