I am struggling with virtual learning: Advice?

Is anyone else struggling with virtual learning? I have two kids, and I cannot keep up with the times they need to be on. I have to be with both of them at all times because they are in elementary school and need my help, and I honestly feel like I am going to lose it, and it is only the first week of this. What are some ways I can make this easier for all of us?


We havent started yet and im so nervous to. For starters i am having her learn how to log in and get on by herself without me typing in everything. Other then that lol im not even sure how im going to dk it yet lol

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I have 4 doing it. 2 middle schoolers and 2 elementary. It’s not the easiest but I try to look at it as I’m only doing it with 4 kids and a teacher has to do it with 24 kids. We all just sit in 1 room and i help where I’m needed. Try not to over think it. It will get done and you don’t have to rush. Try to stay calm the best you can and don’t show your frustration or they will mimic it.

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I cant keep up either and I just do my best :two_hearts:


We unfortunately had to send our 1st grader back to school. I really didn’t have the things to accomplish the teaching at home. I am NOT a teacher. No funds to do it at home, no wifi nor laptops just the phones. We were misunderstood about the things that were around our ISD that were being provided and missed out on the opportunity. Most of it being having almost no funds to pay the rent and the phone bill.

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Our teachers send us an email the night before to have up pull out the work .

I sent him back because last year we only hsd after dinner before bed n weekends to do it all. If they force online they can deal woth us workong full time days. They can bitch but it wont chsnge the fact we have to work . There was so much busy work and he drove us crazy . We are not good teChers and cant afford a tutor.

Just do what you can. I have an autistic/hyperlexic first grader with 5 different zoom meetings a day plus another 2 hours of “independent” work to submit that he won’t even attempt without me sitting right next to him…all to be accomplished while I’m working from home with management monitoring my productivity to the minute. I log him into the zoom meetings and let him take the tablet while I work. If he doesnt pay attention or disrupts the session…I’m no longer worrying about it. I cant do it all and neither can you. Pick your battles momma and dont feel bad. Its not gonna be a good year but better ones will come, just get thru. Hang in there-this won’t be forever.


Teach them how to log in themselves. Practice with them. Set alarms. I spent the first few days teaching my 1st grader how to access everything and she’s been picking up very quickly. I have alarms set for 10 mins before her meetings so we can get supplies and set up. I have 2 older ones that are completely independent and a toddler plus I do distance learning from home for my students so we have a lot going on here but with practice, trial/ error we’ve gotten a pretty good routine going.


Just got to do your best I guess. We haven’t stated yet, we start Sept 8 and I have a 9th grader, 8th grader, 7th grader, kindergartener and preschooler and tack on a 3 month old while breastfeeding. I know I dont have this. And my 8th grader can’t be trusted on the internet.

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Start with a good planner! Write it all down in your planner and set reminders on your phone. Set up a workspace for both of them close together so you can be there to supervise both at the same time.

I just wanna say you can do it mama! I’m struggling way hard with my 6th grader & tomorrow is only the start of the second week. I just keep telling myself… you can do this!
Prayers & good vibes your way!

Routine and organization. It will get easier.

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So I’ve done a couple things to keep us organized and on task. I added the zoom links to the google calendar. I have a big schedule on the wall, along with this clock that I purchased bc we take breaks in between classes.

We tried virtual back in march when school.got called off, my 11 year old flat out refused to even attempt it. So now we had a choice of virtual or in person…
He starts today!!

I told the school we weren’t doing online. I work first shift so I cannot be on the computer with my son from 9-11 everyday. And when I get out of work we only have about 4 hours until we have to go back to bed so I can get up early the next day for work. And I told them I’m not spending my entire night out of work doing online. They should have thought about disabled kids more than they did. Because my son will not be getting held back this year all because of the one fucking school in our city that didn’t reopen back up.

They probably dont need you as much as you think they do :woman_shrugging:t2: i struggle not hovering


Not sure what area your from but in our area we started a local virtual learning group to help each other out when needed

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Props to you moms having to do all of this. I am so glad mine is a senior in high school

Maybe make up a daily schedule side by side of each to see when they need to be on.

As a former teacher (I decided to stay home this year) and a mom to a first grader. They don’t need you. You might think they do but they really don’t, maybe the first couple of days and I mean the first two days. They are capable of doing it on their own, unless one of them is a kindergartner then he or she is not used to the chrome book or iPad. Trust me when I say give them space. I was next to my daughter the first day so I could figure out how things work, after that? I’m in another room or downstairs. I do help her with the activities when they log of zoom to work on them since she can’t really read yet. Otherwise I leave her be and she’s thriving. Give them a shot and they will be fine. I do have a schedule to make sure when she needs to log back on and what not. But she doesn’t know, she comes down with the time written down so I make her more independent. Good luck momma, you’ll be fine!


You can check into Connections Academy. They provide everything. Even a computer and wifi. They will send you the books and certain supplies.

I feel you. I work full time, my son is in 1st grade. It is 5 hours a day at least. We still only manage 85% of the work. We need to log on at a specific time daily and submit work before midnight. I’m done I’m over it. This is only the begining of week 3. I feel my kid is gonna hate me, I do not want to home school. Life was hectic enough before hand.
You are not the only one!!!

Get a planner and write everything out. I have a 2nd, 1st and Kinder this year.

I set a alarm on her ipad 5 mins before… ( she is in kindergarten) Put her in a room alone ( so her 1 year old sister don’t bug her) told the teacher if she has any problems with her to text me…
My son is in high school he also is in his room alone… Works out good for us… It will get better its safer for kids to be home then at school with all the germs…

This is what works for me and our crazy schedules.

  1. Make a schedule of the zoom time.
  2. I color code things for the same class so that it doesn’t get confusing.
  3. Get on a routine even now during Covid.
  4. Make sure all emails are answered and work load is written down for the day or week.

These are things that I do for our schedules that work for us.

I had a first grader last year. I helped him set up the meeting, and made sure he had what he needed. I would check on him from time to time, but he didn’t need me for the meetings.

They Dont need u to be hovering them. Thats how theyll be distracted as well

I have no advice but just know you are not alone. I have 3 in elementary school and they start virtual on September 8th!:sob::sob: stay strong momma!:heart:

We have echo dots and they each have separate alarms. I’d reach out to each teacher with the situation and see if you can miss some of each child’s live day so you can focus on 1 child at a time. A lot of teachers are saving the meetings and kids can watch them later.

School for us starts the 2nd and I have two kids in two different schools with two different IEP’s and like three different apps we are supposed to use and I have no idea how to access or use any of it . I have no idea how this is going to work at all . I’m with you . This is madness

No advice. Just know your bit alone. I have a 1st grader and a 5month old(2 months early) and we start virtual learning tomorrow. Idk how it’s going to worm

I have 2 as well in school 1 4th grade and 1 1st grade I sit them both at each end of the table with headphones and stand close by if they need help I also have the parent teacher apps so I’m able to communicate and check times of each child … it’s not easy but after a week or 2 it gets easier

2nd grade here, she’s on live all day 830-1150 and then 1220-3 easy peasy. It’s far better than what they had going in the spring when things were recorded and could be watched later.

She can get on, into her classes and everything on her own.
I had to troubleshoot some problems for the teachers but now everything runs relatively smooth, love it.

There really shouldn’t be a need to have to be with them the entire time. Most schools don’t want that anyways.

I only have 1 doing online because my other is headstart and he has to attend. My daughter is in 3rd grade and we both finished the week crying. Thankfully we can watch recorded videos, which I didn’t even know was a thing till Friday evening once we had completed the week. I personally have made a calendar for her with the assignments for the day and put her papers she has to complete in a folder for each day to hopefully give us more organization for week 2. I would reach out to the teachers and see what options you have the videos and such! I know every school is doing things different so good luck momma!

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I have no advice Im having a hard time myself setting up his chrome book school is supposed to start back tomorrow here in Texas I tried to have the school help me but they where zero help

I don’t know how your schools are doing this but ours are using Google classroom and record the lessons so you can refer back if you missed it or need it

I was done by 9 on day one I had enough but it’s getting better

I have a 1st and 2nd grader that both have to have me sitting beside them…plus a 2 yr old…honestly it was so stress I have just withdrawn my kids to homeschool on my own…we started August 19th…absolutely a horrible experience :sob:

Get as organized as you can . Write down times and such . It will help

Color coordinate calendar with times. One color for each kid, in the most visible area for where you do school.

I right there with you. I have a Kindergartner and one in Pre-K. Granted the Pre-K is voluntary, he’s only 3, but trying to get everything accomplished is a nightmare. We just moved into a new house so I am unpacking boxes and school makes me want to cry everyday.

I sent mine back because of this. They needed school cause I’m a criminology major, not a teacher. I know what to look for in serial killers, not teach the alphabet lol its hard. I have two grade school kids and I’m expecting my 3rd in the next 2 weeks. I could not keep up with online classes even though I am immunocompromised, going back to school was the best option. Koodos to anyone who can do it!

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I’m doing virtual with my son. 2nd grade. His times for school and out of school are weird. Like he will start at 7:45, but go on break at 9:30, sign back in at 10:30, be on break from 11:45, back in at 2, done for the day at 3. Not sure how it’s supposed to be like regular school. But how I’ve got my son set up. I don’t have to help him at all. He does it by himself and all I have to do is turn in his work when it’s due. But it does seem like he is doing a lot more work after school then during school. He usually spends a good 3 hours after school doing work.

White board write it all down . I went to the superintendent last year the teachers were no help didn’t communicate .

Yaass!! You’re not alone! I have a 2nd grader and one in pre-k as well as a 5 month old. We went back to school last week, so we kind of have a schedule set. My 2nd grader can mostly work through his stuff and log into his live classrooms by himself. I check in with him every few minutes. My preschooler has 4 Google lives. Yes, 4!!! We just have to adjust and work around them. I have everyone’s daily schedules written down to make sure we dont miss anything. Its chaotic and I feel so stressed… but so far it’s working…