I am thinking about putting my toddler in daycare: Advice?

Mommies, who have children in daycare, how is it? I’m nervous, but I feel like I need to. She has a babysitter, but the kids are starting school. There are many variables on why I am thinking of doing this. The place I’m looking at has five stars review. Have cameras and security guards. Take precautions with the virus and all.


My kids have been in day care this whole tune and never had an issue with the virus. They are ages 2-9. They wear masks if near each other and wash hands as soon as they arrive. Visitors are limited to just the front lobby.

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They learn sooooo much … you will be so surprised on how much they will learn in a short amount of time. It was the best thing I ever did but yes I was nervous.


I cried like an absolute baby when I dropped my baby off the first day. Hardcore ugly cry. But she wasnt sad at all she was excited for the friends toys and food :roll_eyes::rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: second day I didnt cry and she still didnt care that I was leaving :rofl::rofl::rofl: it’s harder on mama then it is baby for sure. My daughter is 1 and just started daycare and loves it. It was the best decision I made to put her in actual daycare rather then a sitter.

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My 7 yr old (almost 8) went to daycare from the time she was 6 weeks old until she started school, I was a single mom and had a job to provide for us. When she started kindergarten she went to the boys & girls club there. Since Dec I’ve been a stay at home mom and she hasn’t been in a child care environment. I can tell a difference in her socially and academically. I am a firm believer in daycare and preschool. Sounds like you found a good one in your area too! Good luck mama, you can do this!

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My now 13 year old went to daycare from 8 weeks old to when he started kindergarten. He loved it! He loved being with kids his age all the time, and was constantly learning. It was really pretty wonderful to see him somewhere he benefitted so much from, with another group of people to love and nurture him. I don’t regret it for a minute.

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My 20 month old has been in daycare since she was three months old. They have cameras. Due to covid, they no longer allow anyone other then the children and teachers in the building. They also check your temperature as well as the child’s temperature before letting the child come in. Her daycare only closed for two weeks and my child hasn’t gotten sick. I say over all daycares are beneficial for the child’s academic and social development. By the sounds of it you found a good one.

My advice as a daycare worker: shop around and tour several different centers first. I’ve worked at a couple with 5 star reviews, cameras, etc that were absolutely trash and some that had not so favorable reviews, no cameras, etc and were absolutely amazing. Reviews can be skewed, cameras don’t always mean things aren’t happening, etc.


I started my kids last December in daycare after being a SAHM for their entire lives and it has been so good for them.

My 2.5 yo has been in daycare since 15 wks old. Best decision we made for our family. She LOVES her friends and provider, asks to see them, and always comes home happy.

Do what’s best for you and your family. And know, if it doesn’t feel right, that’s okay. You CAN switch at anytime. Trust your instinct.

I had an amazing experience in our daycare. My oldest stayed with family when she was younger and I appreciated it greatly but my 2bd child benefited so much from going to daycare instead. The one I chose was incredible and she learned so many things so fast and it was great to have her socializing with other little ones as she grew. If I had the money she’d still go part time just for the interaction.

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I second thoughts! Starting our two year old and he has also went to an at home daycare.

I would also see how often they get inspected by the state. But go and tour the daycare to feel it out. Its definitely a good sign they have cameras and security.

And pay attention to your kiddos ! I put mine in a daycare when he was a little over 2 . The 3rd he had a complete break down … I refused to take him back . Now he only goes to babysitters who I know very well . Better safe than sorry :blue_heart:

Dang I would only put the kid in daycare unless it was absolutely necessary. The babies grow up so fast I could cry. I would do anything to have them little again and spend time with them as babies/toddlers :sob:

Depending on where they live, there may be very strict protocols in place, limited capacity, etc. I’d expect longer waitlists, too. :frowning: I totally feel her pain, though… and so grateful my kids are older and not in need of daycare. :frowning:

My 3 boys go, they don’t have to I’m a SAHM I chose to put them in last year. I needed time for myself and have since gone back to school myself. Socially it is better for them. I don’t know how old her daughter is but 2/3 years old is the perfect age. They’ve had mommy time and now they get to learn other aspects of life. My boys are very close in age (had all 3 in 22months) and the break from each other has been great!