I am trying to fix my credit...advice?

Kind of a different question. I’m trying to improve my credit score significantly. I currently have a car loan that I’ve never missed a payment on but I have 3 balances from other things that were sent to collections on there totaling about 3k. My question is, if I call them and try to settle for less and just pay them off will it help my credit score significantly?


It will not show for the full 7 years if you have the agency report that the account was settled for less and paid off.

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Yes it’s called payment deletion I think. You settle and it should be deleted in 30 days

They will probably accept a settlement but the debt shows for 6 years on credit rating

It takes about 7 years for debt to come off your credit report. I don’t have a credit score basically cause I don’t have any debt :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: so I have to establish credit soon :joy: for me to be able to get certain things like a mortgage or car loan etc.

No it doesnt automatically come off if you pay it also I paid my car off and my credit score took a dive