I am trying to leave my boyfriend but when I tell him to go, he tells me to give him 30 days: Thoughts?

I’ve been in a relationship for going on 6 years, and we have two kids, and I’m honestly done with our relationship. It’s def not the same anymore but EVERYTIME I ask him to leave he says “give me 30 days” like do I legally have to give him 30 days I want him out now! I’m in AZ and not sure if I HAVE to give this guys 30 days.


Im sure you have to legally evict him


Yes you do if he’s refusing to go! But make the 30 days hell since he wanna be petty.


Yeah as he’s been there over 30 days you actually need to start the legal eviction. You need to file it and get it sent to him and everything. Unfortunately you will need to do it correctly and it can’t be word of mouth or a text.
But while your sorting paper work I’d go get your self a court order for custody so you have them live with you but he can have visitation. If he turns nasty he could take your kids and you will struggle to get them back


Written notice of 30 days. Yes you do

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Contact your local sheriff office. They can give you your options and any paper work needed to legally evict him.

You have to legally evict him. You can file it online, takes about 30 minutes
And costs around 80.00.

Move and leave him behind. Anything else is head games

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He’s not a tenant you don’t give someone you are breaking up with 30 days that is so stupid


Depends if hes on your lease with u

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Call the police and see what they say

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If he gets mail at that home and is on the lease you have to give him 30 days


If things aren’t bad

I would give him the 30 days to gtfo honestly but be very open with him that he still lives under your roof which means he still has to help with chores and food. With the pandemic that happened and all the unemployment the housing market is really bad right now. it would give him ample time to try to find a place to live. If he doesn’t find a place within 30 days that is on him

If things are bad


I’ve done property management in az. If he is on the lease or has a legal agreement in writing, then yes you need to give him 30 days. The 30 day notice needs to be in writing.

If he is not on the lease, and there is no legal agreement, he is considered your guest, whom you can ask to leave at any time.

All you have to do is write up a conviction notice with a date for him to leave. Get it notorized and give it to him. And make a copy for yourself!!!

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File eviction court papers. That’ll start the 30 day clock

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Sadly you do. You’ll have to file with the courts its called an unlawful detainer action. Doesn’t matter if he’s on the lease or not.

You can go online and switch his address to elsewhere. Get him off the Bill’s and put everything in your name. Also you can change the locks and remove all of his stuff, probably do that slowly and without him noticing and then do big things but leave them somewhere else - like his mothers house.

Legally cause he lives there u hsve to evict him and give him 30 days

Check with the Arizona laws. They may be different than Maines.

Yup hes right🤷‍♀️ u need to do it legally…

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First off… If his name isn’t on lease… You can call the cops and have him escorted off property.

But you can file paperwork to evict him. Check your state laws.

Has to be in writing hun, serve it to him and record it, a d when last day comes, tell him to go, and if he doesn’t, call non emergency police and they’ll remove him.

In AZ yes you do, if he pays bills in the house you do. My friend is going through this with her roommate. She filled out the legal papers for eviction with the date on it and had another friend serve her roommate with the papers. I live in AZ as well. Is his name on the lease , these are all things that matter when doing things the legal way.

30 days to find a place or 30 days for him to change ? Depending on the state if he lives w you wether on a lease or not and his belongings are there you would need to go through the eviction process … if he’s asking for 30 days to change … if he hasn’t in 6 years he won’t in 30 days

In PA you have to. If he has his things there, gets his mail there and lived 30+ days then he is legally allowed to stay there until you file an eviction even if he’s not on the lease.

More than worry about kicking him out i would secure the kids first. File for sole physical custody him with visitation and then persue getting him out or you get out. Protect your assets first. (Your babies)
Good luck to you. :blush:


Girl if you could do six years, you can give him 30 days :woman_facepalming:t2:


How many times have you had this conversation with him? If you would’ve given him the 30 days the first time he asked, he’d be out by now. :woman_facepalming:


What kind of man doesn’t leave when asked?! A POS loser 🤷
I dealt with same thing. So you won’t leave. Ok adios! I dipped with all 4 kids. 💁

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Legally yes you do. And it has to be in writing and notarized in some states. Also if you have been together 6nyears and have kids and hes not abusing you why wouldn’t you want to give him 30 days so as not to just make him homeless?

Indiana you have to evict in court. Does not mean they’ll get 30 days to be out though. Depends on the situation.

If he gets mail there has been a resident of your place longer then 30 days then you legally have to evict him. If there’s been any type of physical abuse or any abuse you can try a protection order.

It’s called a ex parte go get one it will make it to where he cant live there any more

You have to go to the court and file for eviction.
Call a lawyer, questions are free!

Comman law marriage possible ?

Give him 30 day notice just to shut his cry baby ass up and if he dont leave on day 31 have him removed…

Yes you have to give him time and unless you file to evict him he can stay as long as he wants. So if verbally he says I’ll be out and he doesn’t leave you can’t do anything about it because you don’t have documentation. It sucks I’m sorry,I’ve been there before

Yes you do. Do it in writing. Keep a copy and give him a copy. Do it tomorrow.

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You know it sucks but you can leave too.

Give him 30 days written notice.

I dealing with the same thing I swear! I was told I have to evict him or move. We’ve been in this apt 3 years now and it’s not the best but I know I could cover rent with my aunties help. But I’ve been asking for almost a year now and he won’t leave. Like we’re not even together anymore. I’m dating someone else have been for a while and he still is convinced I’m going to change my mind. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

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But he could always say she didn’t give him a notice in writing so I’d video it &get notice on there too .

Unless he’s abusive, I don’t see why you can’t give him 30 days. Not only is it human decency, he is your children’s father.


Throw him out today he dnt need 30 days!!

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What about your children?

Are both your names on the mortgage/lease, if so, it’s his home as well so why should he have to be the one to go. Would you just leave your kids? Maybe he is afraid you won’t let him see the kids if he leaves. Sit down and have a civil conversation. Get legal paperwork saying 50/50 custody of the kids so neither of you have to worry about not seeing them. Or if you want out of the relationship so bad, you leave. If it is only your house, legally evict him, but both of you remain civil for the kids.

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In ohio its a written 10 day notice and if he doesnt leave then you have to proceed with evicting them through court

Roommates and boyfriends are not the same. Besides if you have told him to.leave he has had multiple 30 days. He is just trying to manipulate you.

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In SD if a person has been staying in the home over 30 days it is considered their legal residence whether they are on the lease or not. You have to go to the court and get a 30 day eviction notice but they can take it to court and fight it.

In Florida I was told by a cop you have to give the person 2 weeks. You might have to go thru the court though so you have proof.

Write him an eviction notice for 30 days, sign it and give it to him, have a witness sign it also.

Look into your local laws. I know in Michigan it’s very difficult to get rid of a boyfriend. You have to legally evict them. That means your landlord has to help you. Many won’t. They’ll tell you you have to live with him until your lease is expired, move out but you’re still responsible for your rent there or they’ll evict you both.

In az you must file paperwork

Ive been through this before and because of his bullshit i left and took my kid with me. Thier comes a point where you just gettired of fighting and aurging and you just want out.and the only reason i did this is cause at the time is because he was on my lease and i called the police and they couldnt do nothing said it was up to the landlord and the landlord agreed that i had to give jim 30 days to get out even though i was the primary lease holder.so by letting him know i wasent playing i left for 30 days them called the police again went back home and filed paperwork so he couldnt come back.

Even if he is not on the lease, he has established residency with you by law. You would have to evict him, in order to get rid of him, by law! Try filing a restraining order, even if it is a temporary order, he would still have to leave, when being served with papers, by the police department. Change your locks too!

If he has set up residency then yes. Doesnt matter if hes on lease or not. If he receives mail at your address then you must evict…

Yes. By Az law u are required to give him a 30 eviction notice.
Now if he is mentally, physically, or emotionally abusing you or your children then go immediately and file for a restraining order do to the abuse the police will then serve him with the papers for the restraining order and he will have to leave the residence immediately!!

i don’t know the law there but, if he has been there 6 years that is legally his home it would be in Indiana. You need to look up the law in AZ. You might have to legally get him out.

If hes on the lease you really have to give him 30 days if its your lease without him on it you should not have a problem by calling the police and having him removed

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File eviction with courts.- he knows your playing- stop playing

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When he goes to work; move out. The end.

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Evict him get papers giving him his 30 days then have him removed.

If it’s your place, call the police for an escort off the property

If his names not on the lease, I would give him a date to be out by and then if he’s not out change the locks and put his stuff outside. It very unlikely he’s gonna take you to court.


Legally you have to evict him if its his residence. Doesn’t matter if he’s on the lease or not if he can prove he lives there with a license or bill that goes there. Since i have lived with people and had to go through this. And even then an eviction can go as long as 3 months since they can stall an eviction in court.

Just wanted to let you know. Since I have been through this. Good luck though!


Legally… he doesn’t have to move. You can evict him with a court order which takes 30 days. But , if you guys fight and the topic is the same , but then you are acting like a happily ever after couple then your relationship is toxic. You should seek therapy together to fix the relationship or you prepare your self to move out instead of waiting for him to take the step to leave.


Legally u need to go to court house am get eviction notice. He dont have to leave till then

On our lawyers advice we were able to give someone living with us a 30 notice thru text as well as verbal. But we are in Michigan. You might want to see if you can find a lawyer that gives free consultations.

He’s not gonna leave and is just trying to give you a hard time with him staying for as long as possible. Get it court ordered if you can.


Have the policeremove him from premises. Whether written or verbal. It’s still an agreement. By and far he’s over his 30 day reprieve… get rid of him.


^ this is for Arizona. So it would seem yes you need to give him thirty days. But once you have it in writing and served, he can’t stay any longer. Get it printed and serve him


A person can claim residence in 2 weeks. Does he get mail where you live? if so that’s residence. Every State could be different. Go to the court house get an eviction notice,they should be able to tell you what the law states where you live.

I live in PA and yes you legally have to give them 30days. I would suggest going to the court house ASAP and starting the process. Good luck mama

Well legally here, to kick someone out you need to give them printed or in writing a thirty day notice to vacate the premises

If he is on the lease or has mail going to your house then yes you have to give him 30 days because he technically can prove he lives there, if he dosen’t then no you dont have to…

If you go to court and explain the situation they will serve him with eviction papers telling him he has 30 days to get out do it legally.

30 days is absolutely reasonable. If you can leave before that, go ahead.

Give him 30 days, write him a letter and take a picture for yourself to have a paper trail, after 30 days he has to leave.

Or tell him you wont be making any payment towards the home because youre saving to move out if he doesnt

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30days to do what if u want him out kick him out, get back up if u need it so he knows ur serious

Throw his shit out & start bringing other men over. Jk just have a muscular family member & their friends over when you tell him to get the fuck out of your house. Then he will feel intimidated & probably grab his shit & go.

Most states you have to file for a eviction even if they are not on the lease. Good luck & be safe.

“Boyfriend” not married?

Is the property is under his name or both?

Is his name on Birth certificates?

Write everything and take pictures with your phone that can show time stamps for the detail of the picture.

You don’t have to give him 30 days just call the police.to get him out of your house but if he is paying bills you might have to take him to cult it court it’s called a comen law marriage ok

As a landlord I can tell u it’s going to cost u five hundred dollars to evict him. And that’s only if u own the home if u rent ur landlord will have to do it.

Jus move me in with you he get it an get mad move out lol

You may have to legally evict him…

Is he saying give me 30 days as in to try to change your mind? Or give me 30 days to find a new place to live?
I have booted someone out twice. Once I just put all his shit on the curb. I don’t know if that was technically legal or not but the house was in my name only and he didn’t have mail coming there and I never agreed to him moving in he just kind of did. (He brought over lots of clothes and random stuff but wasn’t really “moved in”)
The other we ended more amicably and he moved into the extra bedroom and was to have 90 days to save and find an apartment. I had to make him go on and leave early because he nullified that by coming in shitfaced drunk repeatedly (he didn’t drink when we were together and I had a child that was exposed to this, not his child).
If you legally have to do 30 days then at the end put his crap on the curb like a true eviction if he isn’t out. If it’s amicable and he needs the time to find a home even if it isn’t legal I would think you might want to try to give him time to find a place for the kids sake if nothing else but boot him out of the bedroom so he knows it’s serious.

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Why dont you just leave???

What a bum mooch! Someone I was in a relationship with said go, I’d be GONE!!! I refuse to stay where I’m not wanted. Please go to the courthouse, legally evict him, and never look back. He’s a loser and if you stay, you have no standards.

Is he on a lease with you? If thats the case, i know in my state i would have no legal grounds to kick him out. It would have to be done through the courts somehow. If not, give him written notice. You may want to even get it notarized with both signatures so he cant lie

You have a right to be happy and you have no chance to be happy if you’re wasting time with Mr wrong. Tell him 2 weeks. Set an absolute date, start packing his shit. Then file an eviction. In Ohio we are required to give a 3 day notice to vacate peaceably, only then can you file for eviction.

How many times have you asked him to go? How many times has he asked for 30 days? How many times have you given him 30 days? If it’s over, it’s over. But after years together, there must be stuff to divide up and separate and all that. I would start the process now, because it may take the courts more than 30 days!

Yes you have to give him 30 days.

If his mail gets delivered there, you have to go thru the court

Put Velcro Pads betwixt ya knees

Need to call local police for information on what to so with this. My ex bf lived with us temp when i was younger, but he had his mail being delivered there so we didnt know how to handle it. I think in some cases you can give 3 days notice but you must have the appropriate paperwork, signed by a judge and must present it when they are walking up to the house, like tape it on your door or something. But see what your local police say…could be 30 days, could be 10.

Is he a renter? You have to give your tenant 30 days, not your boyfriend. If he has that right give him 30 days you just go somewhere else. If not skip that step. Then if you ask him to leave and he won’t call the police and have him removed.