I am unsure where I stand with the guy that I am seeing: Advice?

I would like to stay anonymous. I think this is how I’m supposed to submit a post. I have known a guy since I was a single mom in 2010. We stayed in touch here and there through the years. Since January we have been “seeing each other” I use that loosely because he at this point only text when he wants me to come over. He said he wanted to go slow with whatever it is we are doing. His hours of working are different then mine so we only see each other once maybe twice a week but there’s no texting in between when he texts and wants to hang out. He is a gentleman but I’m wondering how or what we are doing? I sometimes think he may have someone else but he has stated he’s just tired from work. The texting he says he doesn’t like technology that much but he text while I’m there…. Any input would be great I’m confuse