I am upset about an upcoming move: Advice?

Both I and my fiance are from/born in a different state to where we live (same one) except he grew up in that state and moved here 6 yrs ago, and I was raised here since relatively young. Our families are pretty close and go way back, hence how we connected over here. Anyways, fast forward six years, we have a child and another on the way, and we are moving back to where we are both originally from due to his family circumstances as his grandmother is sick… I can’t help but not be excited… I know it’s selfish and means, but I can’t help it. I don’t want to move, but I also love him and don’t want to lose him. But I get annoyed over simple things, especially his family commenting things on posts about our child ‘can’t wait till their home’ etc., because… to me, this state is their home, not that one. Do you girls think this is just pregnancy hormones? I love his family, they were basically already family before we got together, but I can’t help but just feel annoyed and upset all the time the closer it gets to the big move… and I know I’m petty. I don’t really know what I want, but I’m so confused at the moment


I think it the pregnancy hormones

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While part of it may be your hormones your feelings are valid. Moving is a huge change and it’s normal to not feel 100% about it. Voice your concerns with your fiancé and talk about it. You may end up moving but voicing your feelings can help you wrap your head around the change if that is the direction you guys are heading. Don’t keep quiet about what you’re feeling because then it can turn into resentment towards your partner and make more problems down the road.


I can understand if you really don’t want to move that you are not excited about it, that seems pretty normal. I think when his family comments about the kids coming back home I don’t think that’s a bid deal. I guess you have to figure out if you will really be unhappy if you move and if its worth it to be apart to stay where you are now.

Screaming hormones. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I do think it’s the hormones kicking up to an extent. I also think it’s normal to have reservations about it. Simple because your settled were you are and now your uprooting that, and having to restart else were. Its normal to have mixed emotions.


Are you moving in with grandma or is grandma moving in with you. Maybe grandma can come to you guys

I’d bet a big part of it is pregnancy hormones. I’ve had to seperate myself from almost everyone this pregnancy. I’m so hormonal and up and down. The little comments, even innocent ones, drive me up a wall.


The only part that I think is your hormones is being upset that family is saying I can’t wait until they are home. They are just exited to have them nearby & they know it will be your new home.
You’re not petty, moving is hard…but being engaged/married takes a lot of meeting in the middle when you can, and when you can’t sometimes sacrifices have to be made.
His feelings are also valid because taking care of his grandmother is very important and I’m sure it is a big weight on his shoulders. If you were going through this with a family member that is close to you, would you want him to respond in the same way you are? Or would you want support? It sounds like the move is going to happen, so my advice is try to be as positive as you can. Your feelings will always be there about missing home, but dreading on it is only hurting you & probably will affect your relationship as well. You will feel more isolated honestly if you and your partner are not on the same boat when you leave


I think it’s a positive step to know you’re being petty and to be able to admit it.
Take a breath and another.
Most of it is hormones. I think pregnancy hormones keep us from calming ourselves down with logic.
I’m sure you’ve heard that saying that home is where the heart is.
And for a lot of people that’s about where family is, so to them it’s like you guys are all coming home. Because you’re family and you’re moving closer. That’s not meant to discredit your home or lives where you’re at.
Moving Is always a big change. It really is. And moving because of circumstances like a sick loved one, make it not such a happy event…
That doesn’t mean that the life you’ll have after you’ve moved wont be positive. .
It very well can and probably will be.
Remember you love them and they love you.
Just remind yourself of the plus sides to being closer.
I think that will be a tremendous help for you.


It could be hormones, you have to tell yourself though, that your husband isn’t going to get this time back with his grandma

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You are pregnant and hormonal. Take some deep breathes and be grateful you have caring family…:heart:

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I don’t think it’s hormones. I think it may be the fear of change. You’re getting out of your comfort zone. It’s scary. You are comfortable where you are now and it’s changing.

Tell him straight u aint moving if he dont like it tough boobs

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Not everyone likes change a d that’s okay.

I’m sorry but your moving somewhere because of a sick grandmother so you just get up and leave what you’ve already built for 6 yrs wow :flushed: I wouldn’t go I would say to him hunny I’m pregnant and I don’t want to move I think you could go visit on your own if you like but let’s wait till I have the baby and really see if this is what both of us want. I do also think it’s hormones about the post of your child

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Not petty, hormonal and perhaps nostalgic because this little one will not get to experience the same home state that you feel connected to right now. Chin up momma, think of all the love your gonna get, maybe it will help.

Grandma can’t move in with you?

His grandmother is sick so I wouldn’t of gone being pregnant or having any other child around someone sick he can go by himself to take care of her and you can come to visit him with the kids their is absolutely no reason you should have to give up your life where your at not take your child out of school and make the child start all over new some school are a lot ahead then others so she could struggle really bad or the school could be behind on what she already was taught you can love someone and not be with the physical together for a few weeks to go take care of someone else yet make a weekend to see each other

Have another glass of wine, then circle back to us !

First, tell your man how you feel so he can be supportive. It’s likely due to hormones and fear. You’re going to be surrounded by people who love you and you’re kiddos, and it’s not like you can’t come back to visit or even move back one day. But I’d definitely let your man know how you feel so he can be reassuring and supportive

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Change is scary but having your children close to family may end up being the best thing you ever done for your family. You will have so much more support and love. Good luck on your new journey.