I am very hormonal this pregnant...advice?

I had my first baby almost 4 months ago and the hormones going through my body is crazy. The rage, the ups and downs out of literally nowhere, crying for no reason, when does it get better? Also, how do i keep it from adding more strain on my relationship with my boyfriend?

Hon it sounds like you might have Postpartum Depression. I’d suggest talking to your OB/GYN about it.

If you can afford it, get a massage as often as possible. Reiki is a form of massage that helps your mind/emotions/fears, but any form can be beneficial. Maybe acupuncture or acupressure could also help regulate your body if it’s available near you.

Also try postnatal yoga, or meditation. I’m sure there are videos on the internet if you can’t take classes near you. Try Tai Chi Ch’ih. It helped regulate my body and mind but you have to do it daily for the best results. It’s easy and only takes about half an hour. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ONjHjM4puGY.

Spend time in beautiful places: the nature, religious institutions—you shouldn’t have to be a member to go into a church sanctuary and just sit there and enjoy the beauty and peace for a bit. Read poetry that is calming, listen to soothing music. Look up Studio Ghibli music for babies. It’s different, soothing and may put you and your little one to sleep.

Be sure you are eating healthy foods, watch out for caffeine and alcohol, getting as much sleep as you can, and doing some form of movement. Try putting on your favorite music or kids songs and sing and dance with your baby, for example, or take a Mommy and Me swim class. Being in water, be it a swimming pool, spa, bathtub or shower can be calming, and your baby can join you in home tub or shower if it’s not too hot.