I am worried about my husband exposing our son to covid: Thoughts?

I am 37 weeks pregnant. I have completed self quarantined myself and my 6 yr old son for the past 2-3 weeks. I’m going through a divorce with my unborn child’s father. He is still working- he manages a storage unit company and refuses to close the office, so he has people coming in to pay bills and ask questions, etc., not to mention delivery people. He claims only 3-4 people come in a week, but as he was telling me this, I heard voices through the phone and asked him who it was, and he said the UPS guy. He is also living with his dad, stepmom, and 14 yr old daughter, who I have no idea where they are going or if they are practicing social distancing as well… I’m nervous for when my son is born- right now, we have agreed for just my ex to come to my home to meet his new son, but I’m having a hard time with it. I am worried about his potential exposure and bringing it into my home and not only our soon to be new son but myself and my 6 yr old as well. I’m trying not to overreact or overthink as I know this is his son as well, but I am just so nervous.


For the safety of the child I would make it known to him that until he and his family complete a 2 week isolation period meeting the baby is off the table. People can argue with me and say that the child is just as much his as it is yours, but in the end if he will not put the baby’s safety first then you have to.


Girl I feel ya . My hubby wont cancel his visits with his children either right now . I’m 34 weeks along. His childrens mother is considered " essential " and lord knows who this womans around ! Not to mention her house a pigs pen … dog crap everywhere and just plain dirty , not messy dirty .
I dont feel comfortable even sitting by him when these visits happen and of course I’m the one who drives and is damn near forced to drive him .
To be honest this keeps up I’m gonna end up leaving to make sure my baby and self health are protected. May seem cold but j have to think about us … no one else is :woman_shrugging:

Do you not plan on having the father there for the birth?


People need storage facilities year around. People move and such. Just as long as he comes home, strips his clothes, sanitizes the soles of his shoes, leaves his shoes at the door, heads straight for the shower and puts his clothes straight in the wash he should be fine. Use he can put tape down like the restaurant are doing. To keep people 6 ft from him. If he’s taking the correct precautions like all other workers. He should be fine.

Not worth the risk in my opinion and if you said to him then surely he would stay clear for a time. Its only a few weeks. Xxx

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I don’t blame you. I would say no quarantine? Can’t see baby. End of story.


Not worth the risk! weather I was with my husband or not if I was bringing a new baby home and he was still working with the bublic we would be quarantined away from them till this is over.
This too shall pass and he will get his chance but it is better for everyone to think of the safety of the baby 1st.
If feelings get hurt, oh well that baby’s life comes 1st.


Do what you are comfortable with and he should understand and if not he can always take you to court if he gets a court date!

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He’s working so he must be essential. How do you know he isn’t following all the steps to be safe? Do you know for a fact the people he’s living with aren’t following the quarintine or are you just assuming & going with the what ifs? Communication & asking questions is your first step. If you think you’re being safe by just going off of the what ifs, you’re 100% not. You need to find out FOR SURE and go from there.


When he comes over make sure he washed his hands and wears a mask


Check anything and e everything out with your OB and babies doc before you make any decisions please


People have to work still. As long as he strips and washes and sanitizes before he comes to your house. What if he was a doctor or nurse would you tell him he couldn’t meet his child?


Your in more danger delivering at the hospital


I wouldnt be comfortable with his being there physically without gloves and protective wear. Having said that, he is still the childs father and must take financial responsibility for himself as well as his children. People have to live through this. He isn’t refusing to stop working because he loves it so much. He is having to keep himself and even you, financially secure right now. Maybe telling you that you understand this and setting boundaries is best.


Just set some boundaries. Have a clean set of clothes for him to change into when he arrives. He needs to wear a mask and wash his hands thoroughly. No touching his phone or any other device while he is there. Best of luck

My third daughter was JUST born 2 days ago.
We have told everyone they have to wait to meet her. They can come look through our window, or FaceTime. But we don’t want people coming over.
It’s VERY hard. Frustrating for sure and sad. But you have to think about the baby. And yourself and son.
I seen a suggestion, unless he and his family 2 week quarantined themselves, I’d be saying no.


Any time you leave your house, you are at risk also. Any time you get food, go to your doctor apts, anything. Who is watching the other children when you give birth? Now your other child is going to be in contact with someone else. Idk to each their own but I feel that you are going to the extreme on this. But I dont think anyone is fully safe unless they stay home and dont go anywhere at all where people are. And I’m sure your out getting food or having someone get it for you. But again that’s spreading it also.
If he was still your husband and you werent getting a divorce…would you be mad at him or make him leave the house because he is still working?


I would be nervous too. You should handle it by shifting the blame to your doctor. Stating the doctor said this, that and this. He or she recommends you do this in order to keep the baby safe. Your child’s father is more likely to listen to a doctor’s advice than yours. Good luck Momma! Wishing you a healthy delivery !


Only selfish parents would insist on seeing their children right now if that puts them or their family at risk.

I know you call him “husband” but I recognize that’s a loose term right now. I hope you’re not married. That only complicates things for moms & kids. If you aren’t married don’t put him on the birth certificate. Don’t inform of his child’s birth until this threat is over. Stop talking to him. He doesn’t care about this child.

Have him bring a change of clothes and face mask as soon as he gets there have him shower and put the face mask on …that is the safest thing to do

Only selfish parents would insist on seeing their kids right now if doing so puts them at any risk.

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I would treat it like we do when our newborns are around… no visits only father n mother and when we baby is 6 weeks baby can have visitors or on your terms… should be like this all the time… more then just Corona virus out there that actually targets babies

I like the ideal of pictures and face time untill this threat is bacially over…if he weres you down and you end up saying ok have him bring a change of clean cloths and a face mask as soon as he gets there he has to shower first and use the face mask the whole time he is there ( while he is in shower disinfectant the door handles and everything he might touch on way to shower

I’m pretty sure you can’t bring your six year old to the hospital also so whoever he has to stay with could be a risk for your new born also and for your six year old.

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Keep your baby safe.

He can come over bit he can meet his son through a window, that’s just the ways it would be in my household if I was in your situation, there is litterally nothing in this world that would be acceptable except that…he still gets to meet his kid but because of his own choices of not closing down the office HE AND ONLY HE is choosing not to meet his kid properly…

Anyone that comes In from the public takes a shower don’t care if they live here or not it’s well known it’ll kill me and my husband instantly cause we are already had a different strain causing heart attack and lung failure

Not worth the risk. It will only be few weeks then he will see the baby later. Better be safe

Simple. Fresh Gloves and mask for him or he doesn’t come over and see anybody.

You have to follow orders just wash him and his clothes when he gets home not that hatd

You can have him bring clothes for you to wash and keep. Then at the hospital have him shower asap so he can see his baby born and be clean? Him seeing the baby is a risk no matter what but that could minimize it some,maybe

It’s really important that well buddy’s working he stays away . He will have to isolate for 2 weeks maby 3 so he better get to it or you can just tell him no. Sorry I just had my baby before all this and I am not with the father . Went through something similar. He really should tho just incase you have a c-section. But it’s his choice. Do what he has to to be around baby or he can keep working and screw off . Totally valid

I think that is so sad that you are having a baby, such an enormous joyful occasion and going through a divorce. It just breaks my heart for you and the children. May God Bless you.

With newborns you have to be extra careful. I understand if he cant just shut his business down but he needs to do everything he can to cut his exposure down. Also, make him wear a gown, mask, gloves, whatever when he holds the baby. No one should miss that precious moment but you also have to keep the baby safe. This definitely isn’t an easy situation to be in.

So in the state you live in will allow you to get a divorce while pregnant?

Keep him away. While your son is at less risk, you are at risk with your baby.