I am worried about my pregnancy: Advice?

Hello Ladies, I need some advice, I feel like I am being silly but I’m worried about my pregnancy. Things feel different compared to when I was pregnant with my daughter and idk I just feel so worried over every little thing that’s probably normal but freaking me out. How do I calm down and stop freaking out over every little thing with this pregnancy. It took me about 2 to 3 years to finally conceive when I decided to try after having my daughter and now that I have my baby I don’t want anything to happen to my bean.


I don’t think it ever changes no matter how many babies. I usually am full of anxiety until week 23 then it starts to settle

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Every pregnancy is very different, or at least that was my experience. I was the same way…what helped me most was just praying and trusting in The Lord…God is so good :heart: He gave you your sweet baby for a reason…enjoy your sweet blessing…I know it’s hard though …we prayed for children for years and God blessed us twice after being told we couldn’t have children and having a miscarriage between the two…I understand the anxiety you are dealing with after my miscarriage we were told our last child who is now 5 years old was already gone and I had miscarried again…she was referred to as the miracle baby the entire pregnancy and after her birth…because we were told most likely she would be stillborn…both of my children are living proof that God answers prayers :pray: Jesus and The sweet Holy Spirit gave me so much comfort during my pregnancy…I will be praying for you and your child as well. You got this momma…

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It’s not easy especially when it takes so long to conceive they did everything to help me get when I finally did I was terrified but I did everything doctor said… I lost one twin then spent couple months in hospital had my precial baby girl month and early… but you can’t let anxiety take over