I am worried I won't love this baby like I love me first: Advice?

Please don’t judge me but I am stressing out. I am currently 35wks pregnant with my 2nd baby boy and I am constantly worried that I won’t love this baby the same way I love my older son. With my older son we tried for 2yrs to get pregnant, I had a very hard pregnancy, and it was during the pandemic. With this pregnancy it was a total surprise! I never thought I could get pregnant “on accident” bec it had beed so hard to get pregnant with my older son. This pregnancy I just don’t feel as connected to him. Is this normal? Am I the worst mom in the world? I hate that I feel this way.

You won’t love your second the same as your first. You will love each of them equally, but differently. I tried for years with my first and the second happened quick. I get it. You are not the worst mom in the world.


I think this is a normal worry with subsequent babies. I worried about this when I was pregnant with my second and I’ve heard plenty of people have the same concern. You’re not a bad mom or a terrible person. The bond is different. The love you have for your children will be equal but different, it sounds weird and nonsensical but you’ll understand when the little guy is born. :heart: best of luck, mama.

You’re good momma. You will love that baby boy. Your first pregnancy is just more exciting, because everything about it was the “first time”. You’re just more knowledgeable this time. Trust me when I say there is something special about your first born, but there is also something special about :baby:. If this child is your last child you just wait and see. Everything will be the last first and it will break your momma heart.