I am worried that I may pass strep B to the baby: Advice?

I have a scheduled c section and still have to get tested for it

I’m positive too and usually if you are with one then you will be with the others. All 4 pregnancies have been positive and two healthy babies no problems, one miscarriage unrelated and about to pop with my new babe. No issues. Just get the antibiotics pumping into you once you start labor and you’re golden. Just means no at home births for you and you’re stuck attached to a dumb IV thing but really it makes almost no difference lol don’t stress

I had it with two of my 5 babies and they were/are completely healthy a decade later.

My son is 11 days old today…and i was scheduled to be induced on July 18th and the plan was to go into the hospital at 8am…they’d start me on meds for GBS since I was also positive and this lil guy had other plans…he decided to come at 448AM that morning (vaginally). Sucks but I almost didn’t make it to the hospital…i arrived just after 4 and he was here within 30 min. They hardly had a chance to get an IV in me. The only thing that I had to do was stay in the hospital an extra day so they had 48 hours of watching him and taking vitals. Everything ended up being ok! I wouldn’t worry about it…they’ll get you on meds (unless your story ends up like mine lol)

I had group b Strep and ended up with a csection (not related to each other) however baby b (I had twins) swallowed amniotic fluid and had to be treated for it. I didn’t know it could be passed that way, but according to her dr they had to treat her for it.

I wouldn’t worry. I had it with my last baby and he came so fast they couldn’t even get a full round of antibiotics in before he was born. We still got to go home after 2 days and he is almost 3 months now. No issues at all :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s very common! I wouldn’t worry at all! The antibiotics will take care of it

This is my third pregnancy and I’ve never had it before but I am positive for it this time. I’m having a scheduled csection so they say it won’t matter unless my water breaks on it’s own which hopefully it doesn’t

Tested positive with both my babies and they were fine.

I had it but I had him so fast there was no time for antibiotics. Hes turning 11 in a couple months. You’ll be fine.

I was positive for it and was given IV antibiotics while in labor. I had a vaginal birth and my daughter did not get it. They were very casual about it and it was not an issue at all. It’s very common. Everything was fine and my daughter was perfect :sparkling_heart:

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I had it with my first and only got one round of the antibiotics during labor but baby was completely fine and healthy (all natural birth) just had to spend an extra night in the hospital

My midwife said its been almost 10yrs (she either said 2001 or 2011) since step b was passed to a baby🤷‍♀️

This was 30 years ago. I dont believe that they tested for beta strep at this time. Had my daughter. Started vaginally. Then they figured out somehow I was positive for b strep. So I got c section after20 hours in labor. We both almost died. 2nd baby I definitely opted for c section. Everything was fine… mind you this was 30 years ago. Good luck with whatever your decision is :rose::rose::rose:

Tested positive with my second, had him at home unplanned and missed out on the antibiotics, he stayed in the hospital for 48 hrs to be watched but was fine :relaxed:

I was positive. Just had the antibiotics, no issues.

Don’t opt for a csection unless you medically have to. As long as you get antibiotics during labor, your baby will be fine.

You’ll be fine with antibiotics, no need for c.

I’ve had it with a few different prenancies. Ive never passed it on. Although all my births that I had it with were induced, so there was plenty of time to give me the medicine. Its super common and you usually get hooked up to an IV anyway especially if you’re being induced. I had a csection with my 6th and 7th, not because of strep b. Thats the furthest from my mind. My 6th was stillborn and I wanted vbac with my 7th but I wanted baby home safe and my body wasn’t cooperative. I dont feel having strep b is worth having a csection over. But its your choice.

I recently gave birth in March and was positive. Was induced at 41 weeks and she came so fast that I only got the one dose of antibiotics. Stayed in hospital for 48 hours to keep an eye out for any signs. But she was all good. She’s a healthy chunky baby now at 4 months :slightly_smiling_face:

The antibotics kill the strep b. I tested positive for it too. I went in premature labor and that’s when they tested me. They weren’t sure if they could stop my labor so they gave me antibiotics along with steroids to help develop his lungs. They were able to stop my labor and I went on to carry full term.

My son developed spinal meningitis from it. But he also was not treated with antibiotics neither was birth mom. He is now 8 & is healthy & only a little slower with emotions than kids his age. I wouldn’t trade him for anything

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If you do take the antibiotics, baby should be fine. It’s an effective treatment.

It’s super common. They’ll give you the antibiotics and all will be fine. Don’t stress mama, baby will be fine.


I was also tested positive for Group B Strep during pregnancy. I had to go and get admitted into hospital as soon as my waters broke and was given antibiotics. I gave birth naturally (they had to induce me as I had no contractions) and was only in labour for 6 hours. I would say that you have absolutely nothing to worry about! If anything, please be glad they discovered it! Unsure where you are posting from, but in the UK they don’t test all pregnant women for this. I have advised all my friends who got pregnant to specifically ask for this as it’s a massive risk if not discovered during pregnancy! Good luck!!!

I had this with my oldest and it’s very common! They give you antibiotics during labor and you deliver vaginally. Nothing to worry about at all sweetie!

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Antibiotics will kill the Group B Strep, but antibiotics will also kill your good bacteria. This will set you up for a yeast infection that can carry over to your baby. **Take a good brand of probiotic which will put good bacteria back in your gut and increase your immune system. If you nurse your baby, the good bacteria will be in your milk and benefit your baby.

I almost couldn’t have a baby due to multiple antibiotic prescriptions that gave me a yeast infection throughout my whole body. In 30 years, I have only taken 1 antibiotic immediately after having a tooth pulled. I take probiotics almost everyday and rarely get sick.

I had it and was in labor and my water broke way before I got the antibiotics and my son was vaginal and he is a very healthy baby

I had it with my oldest so. They gave me antibiotics during labor and I gave birth naturally and he was fine

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I had it with both kids delivery my son vaginally and my daughter would have as well but decided to play in her umbilical cord too much so she was c-section

I had it with 3 out of my 4. Recieved antibiotics all babes are completely fine

My cousin gave birth on her knees with an iv in. She did fantastic.

If you are in antibiotics the baby will get it thru the placenta. When I had my daughter they didn’t test for beta step. She was born with it and developed pneumonia within hours
A week and a half later spent in NICU and she went home. She is 32 now

My daughter tested positive and had a vaginal birth. She received antibiotics while in labor and the baby was fine. Don’t stress

I had it and got meds and she was just fine!

I had it with my oldest and he didnt catch it

I had it with both my kids. They had to induce me. But they gave me antibiotics before they induced. Both kids are perfect. They’re almost 6 & 7. Dont worry. I know, easier said than done.

I tested positive with all 3 of mine, they gave me the antibiotics and I had all vaginal births. All 3 babies were healthy and happy! I know it’s scary but as long as you take the proper measures everything should be ok. Good luck and congratulations

Had it with my daughter the put antibiotics in my IV I delivered naturally and baby was perfectly fine​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:good luck sweets

I’ve had it twice. Gotten antibiotics and delivered vaginally. Both babies were fine. Honestly it was sort of a blessing because I didn’t have to wait to go to the hospital. As soon as labor started they allowed me to come in since I needed antibiotics.

I was positive and had my LO vaginally. My water was broke 12 hrs before I went to the hospital which is a no no but luckily my little turned out fine. She is almost a year old now. They do put you on iv antibiotics when you go in to have the child to prevent it from going to the baby.

You have continue with a vaginal birth they give you the antibiotics so it doesn’t pass to the child. I had it when I had my daughter but due to me having some complications I did have to get c-section but it wasn’t because of the strep b

As long as you get the full does of antibiotics before the baby is born your baby will be fine. If not then your baby will just have to stay in the hospital a few extra days to make sure they dont get sick.

Both of my kids were fine via vaginal. Both times I needed antibiotics.

My kiddo was perfectly healthy after a vaginal delivery and I had group B.

I had it and got the antibiotics and my baby was totally fine.

I had too n was given antibiotics even though I had a c section

My first I had this and delivered natural no issues whatsoever.

No c section necessary!!

I tested positive with my 4th baby. And he is a healthy 5 year old.

I had strep B with my youngest. I was induced at 40 weeks when the Dr wasn’t happy with my NST. They couldn’t detect his heartbeat & rushed me to the OR. I was only given 1 dose of antibiotics instead of the 4. They were nervous, checked on him constantly. He didn’t get it. He turns 7 next month.

With my 1st daughter I was positive. She was fine and I was fine i had antibiotics and never passed her when I gave birth. My second I didn’t have any issues with except she was breeched and was supposed to have her by c section instead I had her by getting induced. and my 3rd she was induced never had strep b with the others and all were virginal births

I had it and got antibiotics, wasn’t worried at all but got a c section instead

It’s really common. I tested positive for it, and they ended up giving me 2 rounds of antibiotics since I was in labor for 30+ hours lol. But as long as you get the antibiotics, your baby will be fine! :grin: I was really worried too at first!