I breastfeed and have been spotting for 6 months: Thoughts?

I’m nine months postpartum, and my baby is exclusively breastfed. For six months, I’ve had super light spotting. The type of spot that’s only on toilet paper. It only happens for about 2 or 3 days. I’ve noticed that it almost happens around the same time every month. Should I consider this a period? I didn’t think I should because it’s not even enough for a pad, but it seems to happen around the same time every month. Have any of you experienced this?

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It’s probably a light period. If you get concerned about it, call your doctor. Otherwise, it’s not uncommon to spot while breast feeding or experience lighter than normal periods.

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I didnt have a ‘full’ menstrual cycle until I stopped breastfeeding. It was the best year of my life lol. Doctor said it was completely normal. But if your worried talk to your OBGYN.

I didn’t get my period back until 6-7 months PP. i had one at 3 months but it was the same as yours, very light spotting. My periods now are light spotting for 3-5 days and actual bleeding for 5-6 days. They say not to expect a full blown period until a few months after you stop breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding and all the changing hormones can make your periods different. Especially in relation to fertility, I would consider this as a period, and know that it’s possible for you to get pregnant. Mention it to your OB just to be safe, but it’s likely just another thing that’s different after kids :slight_smile:

It’s your body trying to have period i think, check with your doctor =)

This can be normal and if your baby is feeding less often on the breast in the last six months it can happen. Either way its normal but you can talk to your obgyn if you are concerned.