I can wean my daughter off the bottle completely?

I need advice please (no bashing)! I am a first-time mom of a beautiful 18-month-old! She takes a sippy cup with her meals and while at daycare but needs a bottle for the ride home from daycare and before bed. How can I wean her off these bottles for good?? Also, looking for suggestions on how to get rid of the vinyl that she needs to fall asleep??


It is a comfort for them to hold onto but when mine were old enough I used to water their milk down until it was more water than milk. They lost interest in it after a while. Worked for me :woman_shrugging:

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Just take it from her & when she’s thirsty enough she’ll take the cup. If you keep going back & forth it only causes confusion.


What happens if she doesn’t give it to her? Say no and deal with her attitude… It’s not like shes getting dehydrated by not drinking in the car.

Just give her the sippy instead.

Best way to do wean her off is cold Turkey and on a weekend! Bottle went bye bye and she has big girl sippy cup. She will throw tantrum for 2-3 days but do not give in, or she will completely hold out until you cave. my 2 sons and 3 of my grandchildren were off bottles by 12 months old and were NEVER allowed to have a pacifier!! If you dont make bad habits you dont have to wean them from anything. Easter Bunny took all their bottles in exchange for bunny baskets!

Why do you need to be rid of them just now? Don’t stress,she’s so small let her have a couple if it gives her comfort( coffee works for me)milks great if your brushing her teeth and she’s doing fab on the wee cup.Give her 6 months, development jumps then and you can gradually chat about 'babies having bottles ect ect lol…honestly couple of bottles is nothing xc


I just stopped giving mine bottles n she was fine same with her binkey

Cold turkey it. Yes it may be very frustrating for all of you the first couple days to week but she will adjust👍 make sure to have her sippy cup available when she would normally get a bottle. Good luck, stay strong mama😁

Just take it away. They get over it in a couple days

You just have to take it away. The older they are the harder I believe it is to get them off the bottle. Babies need formula the first year of their life so my three kids were off the bottle a little before their first birthday. By this time they were eating regular food too.

If she takes a sippy cup already then shell be fine. Say no n stick to it.

Don’t give it to her. You’re ultimately the one in charge. She’s gonna get on your last nerve when she doesn’t get her way but don’t give in!

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I just took the bottle away from my daughter and got use to the sippy. I got her the sippy that was soft like the nipple and gradually moved her up to a regular one. She did fine. The binky was another story.

Please a bit of compassion and education. A kid in this age can’t yet even manage emotions and you all like go cold turkey? A common human need 400 repetitions to change a neuronal pattern. (The wire in your brain that makes you do, think and feel in the way you do) so, to don’t harm you need transition, be patience, isn’t that our job as parents?
Try just stop having your coffe one morning and for ever, or cigarettes or coke… is that easy? And you all are using your brains for long years…what makes you think a brain is not even 12 months old can do that without suffer.

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Just say say no that’s the first word they.learn let her.have a hissy fit the more u put your foot down shell become accustomed to going without it

Throw those choices away.

i made it funny with my granddaughter .used multiple funny voices telling her “big girls dont need no steenkeeng bottle”

Just be persistent and swap the bottle for a sippy cup at all times. Bottles are really bad for their teeth. I struggled to get y daughter off of the bed time bottle then i realised she wasn’t that bothered and it was me who wasn’t ready to take it away

Toss them out and only offer her a sippy. No paci, no baby bottle just her sippy. She’ll catch on. You need the bottle for naps and car rides because it keeps the kid quiet. Let her cry it out when she’s thirsty she’ll use the cup. It is what it is.

Cold turkey… just pack them all up and don’t look back. Each day will get easier.


Have her throw the bottle in the garbage. And just give her the sippy cup. She’ll know the bottle went in the garbage.


Change the milk to water or dilute the milk or reduce the amount in the bottle gradually until there isn’t any left

360 munkin cups are amazing and easy to clean!! I cut my daughter off the bottle at 11 months and it was day and night she would ask for baba and I would just give her the 360 cup.

Had my boy throw his bottles away and he picked out new cups himself. Told him he was a big boy and didn’t need bottles anymore and luckily it worked out haha good luck mama

I never put my son to bed with a bottle I always fed him or give him a bottle before bedtime then soon as he finished I put him right to bed and he didn’t want or need a bottle although he had a pacifier to soothe him to sleep for a long time until one day he just handed it to me and said all done lol

Give her a cup of milk before bed and before the ride to daycare.

She doesnt "need"a bottle in the car or for bed. She wants a bottle. Stop giving it to her. Throw them away. Yea shes probably not gonna like it but its not gonna harm her to be unhappy a few days . Cold turkey dont give in. Im not sure what you mean by vinyl at bedtime but just stop that too. Im sure she naps at daycare without it. She’s capable and will sleep eventually without it just stay consistent.


We have 5 kids and each time right at a year we got rid of the bottles and found a soppy cup they liked. Then from here we started giving cups with straws and went from there. Get rid of them all the way so they don’t even have to see them and want them.

We went cold turkey at 12 months. Hasn’t touched a bottle since. Good luck!

I just got rid of them. I didn’t give them any other option. Fair warning it will be rough couple days. But don’t give in it only last a week tops

Give her the sippy cup instead of the bottle on the way home.

Convince her to throw them in the trash and give her a unbreakable glass with milk or juice and give her a snack.Tell her once she throws them in the trash explain to her she’s a big girl now and don’t need them anymore and you can’t get anymore and don’t buy anymore.

Im having the same concerns with taking my son off the bubba. He just loves them so much. Im very nevrous how to figure out how to comfort him before bedtime without one. Because when he gets too worked up he throws up… So people on here with helpful tips, im willing to read and try too… Thanks!!

Give her the sippy cup instead since she’s used to it And yes have her help throw away the bottles and celebrate with her that she’s now a big girl that doesn’t need bottles:)


Just dont give her one… She may cry on the drive home but that wont last forever… Weening off has to start with taking it away or it doesnt work

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If she is using a sippy cup a majority of the day then the bottles just need to go - out of sight out of mind - just start giving her a sippy cup and she will forget about the bottle and if by chance she throws a fit let her and explain that she is too big for baby bottles and she is such a good big girl using the sippy cups.

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So bare with me because people may think this is weird.
My friend actually started this sticker chart when her daughter used the big girl potty she got a sticker
When she drank from a big girl cup she got a sticker
At the end of the month she counted all the stickers up and if her daughter did well enough they’d go to the dollar store and shed have her daughter spend her stickers on a toy.
Or she would get big girl snacks like chocolate milk easy stuff she would change it up so her daughter didn’t get use to buying new toys :joy:

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We cold turkey at 12months bottles all get throw away or given away. No exceptions, your daughter does not Need a bottle on the way home or before bed.


Just throw the bottles away and tell her you lost them

Just dont give it to her anymore. I weaned my kids from a bottle to a sippy cup that way, I started introducing the soft rubbery topped sippy cups once they could sit up and hold them, and then had them weaned off the bottle before 1 and they are totally fine. If the vinyl you are referring to is a pacifier, just take that away too. I tried the cut the end off method…she carried it around between herr teeth lol, I tried the paci fairy who takes all the paci’s that we had put in a shoe box and taped up to give to the newborn babies lol. Then she’d find every single paci we’d ever lost lol. Went cold turkey, it was like 3 days with a little bit of tears at night then golden.

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We just threw them away and handed her sippy cups instead.

I used the weighted straw munchkin cups to wean my daughter from breastfeeding. I don’t let my daughter sleep with the cup but I lay her down with it she drinks it and I take it back.

Nuk soft nipple sippys closest thing to a bottle helps switch them over works great start off by giving her the sippy during the day and nap time then once she is use to it at nights and toss all bottles

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She doesn’t need it she wants it.
Cold turkey cut off, she’ll probably cry a day or two but it’s the same with the Binky. Toss em all totally out, cups only. Do not give in, don’t let the fake crocodile tears fool you either.

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I just took the bottles. It was a little tough sometimes but just don’t give in and distract her with smthn else. The vinyl, do you mean a mattress cover?..cuz I still have those on all my kids beds and they range from 3yrs-11yrs

Just take it and throw it away! The longer you wait the harder it will be!
I took my sons the day before he turned 1. He never saw I again. And didnt miss it either. Out of sight out of mind. Prolonging it like you are is only going to make it harder, plus bottle rot! GET RID OF THE DAMN BOTTLE TODAY!

You just stop giving them to her. If you truly want to “wean” her off them then first take away the one on the way home and 3-7 days later take away the bed time one.

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Binned them and bought a new big boy/gurl cool cup , they loved it

Cut the nipple. It doesn’t work as well the get frustrated and give them up. It work with both my kids for bottle and soothers.

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Cold turkey just throw them away give a soppy cup every time she asks. You will have a rough few days but she will adjust

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Just take the bottles away, she’ll adjust

My 10 month old refuses to drink out of anything but a bottle

Just get rid of the bottles since she knows how to drink from a sippy!!

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If you get the sippy cups with the soft nipples instead of the hard plastic it’s an easier transition

It’s all a security thing at this point. If you take the bottles away do it all at once but make sure she/he has something with them that they really like. Stuffed animal, toy or blanket type replacement. Don’t force it just keep it close. They will be upset and having familiar security items close by helps. I took the binky early at 6mos then the bottle at a year so less issues at that time, but no matter what security device you are taking they are babies and having some form of security items is healthy and good for development. One of my daughter’s replaced the binky with the silky corner of her favorite blanket. That was fine and helped her to self soothe at bed times and I didn’t have to fight the binky at 2 or 3 years. You’ll find your right path. Just stay strong in the face of tears and tempers. Good luck!

18 months is still very little my daughter is the same age and nowhere near ready to stop having milk. It’s good for them and it’s comfort. My son had a bottle of milk at bedtime till he was at least 2.

Put water in it. She will probably hate it and give it up. After dinner give her the milk then brush her teeth so no more milk. You want to avoid baby bottle rot and that sweet milk just sits on the teeth all night .

I don’t know if someone has said this yet but I used these weighted straw cups to transition from a bottle. They’re nice because they can get a drink from any angle and are easy to take apart and wash.
Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup, 7 Ounce, Pink, Pack of 1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LY8W0T4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ao5hEb4E1D0RC

I just threw the bottles away. Then there was no choice about not taking a sippy cup


I told my daughter that a new baby needs her bottles & was it OK if I gave them to her…it worked

Find a sippy cup that she really likes then completely drop the bottles. It may suck for a couple days but ride it out and she will accept it.

My babysitter just said just don’t give it to them. Only took 2 days. Never asked for it again

Keep diluting the liquid in the bottle. She can get full milk from the sippy or 3/4 milk-1/4 water, then half & half then 1/4 milk-3/4 water. If she needs a bottle of 100% water to sleep no biggie. It’s just for comfort. She’ll give it up on her own.

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The Nuk cups worked for my two… they are bigger cups…like a bottle, but not…they have a soft nipple, but its more square… it’s hard a first, but the more you give her a cup she will get used to it… I’d only give the nuk at bedtime, and the harder nipple sippys during the day… I thought maybe they would think it’s a bottle :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Throw the bottle away. When shes thirsty enough she’ll drink out of a cup. Did it with all 3 of my kids.

Throw them away, it’s that simple.

i threw the bottles away and just straight sippy cups. it was hard the first 2 weeks but eventually she forgot about it

I started feeding mine more solid food,even tually they will quit,give them milk in a sippy cup

I had both my babies off of bottles and onto sippy cups by just taking away the bottle and giving them the sippy as they only option. Neither had an issue. My oldest whined for a day or so, but my youngest didn’t seem to even care. Cold turkey is always the best way to get rid of something. They’re young enough that they get over it quickly.

Throw them out… she will use them

Just don’t give her a bottle. Sippy or nothing.

I used these with my son it was so easy to get him off the bottle. He stopped taking them at about 10 months. Good luck

I just took the bottle completely away from my son and he only gets a sippy cup. Been bottle free for about 2 months now. He is 13months old

Just throw them away lol. My eldest transitioned I’m her own when she rejected formula at 10 mo, but she was still on the binky. At 3yo she lost her binky behind our king sized bed and hubby was at work ands I could move it myself. So I told her “well you lost your last binky so you won’t get it anymore.” She cried for like 30 mins and afterwards it was history lol.

I had to get the soft tip nipples in sippys to break my boys. I started during the day while the was up with one then nap time n bed time they had a bottle then took it away for nap time then bed time. Now they all drink from sippys. But i having another lil boy n it going to be rough since he gets a bottle but the others dont because they want hiz bottle

Recently went through this with my daughter. We took it away cold turkey,had a rough couple of evenings and now she’s totally off of it and over it.

When you say get rid of the vinyl, the only thing that comes to mind is that your daughter needs to listen to old records to fall asleep… But i assume I’m missing something there :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I always started with the soft tipped sippy cups and threw out every bottle

Just stop supplying it and substitute a sippy. It’s only hard for a few days and in a few months you can stop the sippy at bedtime.

Just stop giving her the bottles!!!