I can't seem to lose weight since giving birth...advice?

I’m 3½ months postpartum and trying so hard but haven’t lost a single pound. I feel if I try any harder I’m going to cross the line into unhealthy. Anyone have any suggestions?


Patience honestly! Not everyone can naturally lose the baby weight right away. But I wouldn’t focus on weight loss right now, or stress about it. I know it can be uncomfortable, but eventually your baby won’t be a baby anymore, and it may be easier down the road to lose weight than it is now with such a little one. Your body is doing whatever’s necessary to heal in all ways. You are beautiful in the skin you’re in. Even more so after creating life. Be kind to yourself momma! If you take up your old eating and exercise habits from before pregnancy, that weight will come off eventually. Please just don’t do anything severe to compromise your health or healing. It’s never worth it.

Are you breast feeding or on birth control?

Calorie deficit, portion control, 30 min workouts 4-5 days a week
40lbs down

Are you breastfeeding? I couldn’t lose weight while breastfeeding.

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Breast feeding is suppose to help. I didn’t have the choice I never made enough with all 3 of my boys.

Stop stressing, you gave birth not even 4 months ago! i had the same problem, but unfortunately the only way to lose weight is to eat better and less and maybe go for walks with the baby… u just made a human be proud of yourself 🫶🏼