I do not want to take my kids trick-or-treating...what else is there to do?

What are some things you do with your kids on Halloween that does NOT involve going to a strangers house and taking candy from them…I want to do something new…it feels weird teaching my kdis its play to take candy from stranger and I never understood the concept…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I do not want to take my kids trick-or-treating...what else is there to do?

Make decorations, do a treasure hunt where they follow the clues to find lollies /candy etc. It’s not the law to take your kids trick or treating so make it suit you. :sparkling_heart:


We were being extra safe with COVID the last two years so instead of going trick-or-treating we still dressed up, decorated Halloween cookie houses, and then we did little bags of candy that we hid around the house for a scavenger hunt. This was a way they could still get candy, but not from random people. It was a lot of fun!


I understand where you are coming from but I still take my kids because they look forward to getting the candy and showing off their costumes I make two candy buckets for both my kids separate and hide it - of candy and treats and when after they trick or treat I swap the buckets out because I don’t trust ppl!! To people who laugh just know anyone can lace anything u never know - my sons a 5th grader and little kids get their hands on allot of things makes me a little skeptic - rather be safe then sorry anyway churches, schools and malls usually have events too my kiddo asked to go to a Halloween haunted house so that’s on bucket list


Does Santa come to your house? Or the Easter Bunny?


truck or treats. my town does boo with a badge which involves the police department and fire department. my town also does glow on the row which is held downtown with varies businesses giving candy away.


Most towns have parades or events for kids for Halloween, I’ve never brought my daughter door to door trick or treating because we don’t live in a town where that works but we’ve always brought her to a town event and she loves it

I got a Halloween bucket filled it with Halloween books and Halloween flashlights and Halloween pop its


We order take out food, buy treats and watch a spooky kid friendly movie :grin: I did trick or treat maybe two times and I didn’t like it at all so I followed my heart, let my kids hand out candy (at the time trick or treat was long before sun down) and then we get food and tuck in with pajamas and treats and enjoy a movie :heart:

Just stay home and watch Halloween movies with spooky pj’s and fun dinner? Idk, branch out. Help them hold a seance and talk to their ancestors about your dislike of this fun holiday so they can’t participate.

i never thought lying to children about santa or the easter bunny was right either. but I say, let the children have fun trick or treating, having santa come and looking for eggs that the easter rabbit left . i did and never hated my parents for fibbing to me but was grateful for all they did to introduce me to fictional characters that loved children.

Binge Halloween movies and have a bunch of snacks at home! We also carve pumpkins and dye the seeds to make art!

Does your neighborhood or local school do a Trunk or Treat? That’s typically put on by the school or local families that you may know.

We do a few trunk or treats at the local churches

Lots of churches have festivals take these children. That’s not backing it’s just another holiday just like Christmas or Thanksgiving for the children that for you

Go to a harvest festival at church and or to a pumpkin patch

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Fall festival, church trunk or treat, theme park.

Weird. Why not just go trick or treating to houses you know… or even the old age homes.


Here we go with the cancel culture :roll_eyes: :unamused: :expressionless: (inserts eyeroll)

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During COVID we started a new tradition. Instead of trick-or-treating, we made spooky baskets for the kids. They’re like Easter Baskets but… Spooky Baskets. We spend Halloween at home, with the lights out, in our jammies, watching Halloween movies.

Do you eat fast food? Out at restaurants? I’d trust a wrapped piece of candy before I’d even trust restaurants. Just saying…

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it started to collect money for milk for children.

How do you not understand kids wanting to dress up for candy, Karen?

Have your own mini Halloween :jack_o_lantern: party dress up candy games movie :popcorn: invite a few friends

Look at life from someone else s view let your children experience what you cannot comprehend


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Do an Easter egg hunt except instead of eggs use plastic pumpkins, toy or candy eyeballs, glow sticks etc.

Watch a “scary” movie.

Make a pumpkin barf (my kids love this). Carve your pumpkin. Then take it outside (that’s important if you don’t like cleaning up messes). Poor a lot of baking soda inside, up to the mouth. Then add generous amount of food coloring. Lastly poor vinegar in it.

Take a clear bottle fill with vegetable oil, water & food coloring. Put a glow stick around the bottom. Turn off the lights.

Set up a carnival in your house. Play games for candy.

*You can get balls that look like eyes & some pails at dollar tree. Do a bozo game type of thing.

  • Cover plastic cups with tissue paper. They can punch the paper & keep the candy that’s inside.

  • pin the mouth on jack. Like pin the tail on the donkey but with a jack-o’-lantern instead.

  • Musical chairs

Look up “Halloween games” or “carnival games”.