I don't know how to make anyone happy

I always feel alone that nothing I ever do is wright not for my kids or my husband no matter hard I work at improving myself that it’s never enough I bus my ass off to try to improve myself but it always comes back that I’m not good enough not important enough not worth the time being lied to when he’s gone to see an ex and not talk to me about things but to her it drives me nuts I just dont know how to make anyone happy anymore


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. I don't know how to make anyone happy

Make yourself happy first…then the Grey cloud will clear in your mind…sounds easy but it will get easier.xx


Your biggest problem is you are concerned with how others see you. Worry about how you see you first!


Kids are naturally ungrateful lil shts…your man on the other hand, sounds like you need to dump.


It’s not your responsibility to make anyone happy but yourself!! Do what you need to for that and everything else will follow.


Start to build urself a life… kids will be kids and they are never grateful these days… ur man is a prize twat…

Start to work on urself… stop putting ur self worth in another person’s hand… especially a bloke that seriously has no morals or integrity… why would u care what an arsehole thinks of you???
He isn’t a decent person… so Start working on u… build urself a life… go out with friends … go out and enjoy something that u like to do… build on you and don’t depend on a thing like that… u do that and u will hopefully realise ur self worth and not care what he thinks… he is not worthy to give u any opinion … gd luck and Start to enjoy ur life

First others happiness is not your responsibility. Second you need to stop saying you are not enough. You are more than enough. You can’t be all things to all people, you need to learn to love and accept yourself for who you are


You can’t make any one happy , no one is perfect. You have to make yourself happy, it took me 50 years to figure things out and now things seem to fall into place. Everyone has to find their own happiness in life, you need to work on you for you and Noone else.


What they all said! Make you happy first!


Work on making yourself happy first. Once you have happiness, it will be easier to make others happy, not that it’s your job to make anyone else happy. As for the husband… tell him to kick rocks! He wants to be meeting up with his ex, tell him to go be with his ex, because I promise you that as long as you allow the stuff to go on, it will continue to go on and you won’t be able to find your own happiness.


KNOW YOUR WORTH! Sounds to me your to good , and you dont know it.


Be you and be happy in yourself. Maybe coubseling for self esteem and ?depression?

Make yourself happy. Then you’ll see youre worth more than a lying ass for a husband

Your husband is a pos, leave him. I guarantee without him stressing you out you’ll do better. Kids are kids, they’re learning and don’t always know how to be grateful. Seek out professional help, it sounds like you have depression

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You’d be horrified by the percentages of married folks who cheat with the ex they divorced. You need to recycle that guy and regain your self respect.

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Make YOU happy mama. You deserve it. You can’t pour from an empty cup


It’s not up to you to make anyone happy but yourself and your kids. If he’s treating you like that and making you feel this way let him know things have to change or you’re done because you deserve so much more

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I have to say it seems like your with the wrong person. Make yourself happy first and I dont believe you can achieve that with current spouse given what youve stated… best of luck.

You can’t take care of anyone unless you’re taking care of yourself first.
This is not selfish as you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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Sounds like your husband is making you unhappy…

Him seeing an ex and having private conversations with her has NOTHING to do with you. You have to learn you’ll only be enough for the right person. If he is choosing to devote time to someone else and share parts of himself with her that he does not share with you, that’s his problem. You deserve to be the one your spouse comes to, the only one he shares those things with. He is the problem not you. As far as kids go, they’ll only realize everything you do once they are adults and or have children of their own. They can’t truly appreciate something they don’t understand.

You are only responsible for YOUR happiness, no one else’s. Sounds like you need to kick that husband of yours to the kerb. From what you are saying sounds like you are being gaslighted.