I don't know what to do!

I’m newly engaged not even a month in and I found out that my fiancé cheated on me … I gave him the option of us having an open relationship but thinking it over a few days went pass and I don’t wanna do it anymore… I didn’t sign up to be in a open relationship… I don’t want his actions to force me to be in one but I don’t wanna just call it quits obviously I love him and wanna make it work but besides that we live together and he’s been around my child and family … I don’t know what to do any kind of nonjudgmental advice would help

I would talk to him… you need to tell him how you feel. It’s up to you on whether you want to continue the relationship… it can be hard after trust is broken but if you both work for it then anything can happen. Him cheating is not okay & should not be tolerated and I would tell him after going back and forth about it you aren’t comfortable with an open relationship either. He’s your fiancée, he should be yours and only yours.

Please don’t marry a cheater! You are in love with what you think he is and what you want him to be. You now know he isn’t that person.