I don't think my best friend spends enough time with her son: Advice?

Mind your own business. Not your place to comment. It’s between her and her parents.

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Don’t blame her parents! Maybe they are making sure the child is with someone safe.

Care more for the children instead of your friend. If your that good of friends you should be able to say what you want.

Maybe ask your friend to join you at a park where she could play with her son, or invite her and her son over, that way she will spend more time with him.

Maybe stay in your lane. Also sounds like you are jealous that she has parents to watch her child and give her some time off.

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Mind your business and let her be she’s the one that will have regrets. If it’s too much to deal with with her look into finding another friend

Sounds much like postpartum Depression to me.

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Be present to her but don’t try to fix her. The only people we can fix is ourselves and that can be challenging

Mind your own business and stay out of hers. You’re right it’s not your place to say a word.

Be kind and mind your own business…this is her life choice…



Why are you posting this again. This was shared like 2 weeks ago :face_with_monocle::thinking:


Stay out of her business

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I can only offer prayers. However, if he starts acting out, tell her he just needs your, as in her, positive attention.

You sound jealous that she can still have fun because her parents are supportive and willing to watch her child so she can still have a life outside of being a mother


Just ask honestly if she realizes how much Time she is missing. Also maybe she is going thru some things and feels like all she does to feel better is go out… Me… I rarely leave my kids but some people handle things differently. Just be kind and honest about your thoughts to her and if she gets mad… She will realize eventually


Tell her she is missing some of the most important times of his life

Be blunt, tell her what you think. So much better than posting her business on social media.

MYOB… encouraging her to bring the baby along on outings ok

As her best friend it’s your job to speak up in my opinion

She will be fine…and relax.

I’m sorry your friend is immature and selfish-sadly nothing you say will change that. She needs to learn those lessons herself. Maybe you can try to include her son (and your kids) in anything you do with her?

Not your business she will have to answer for her actions

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Maybe have a heart to heart with her, but if she doesn’t want to change, that’s really her business and you should butt out.


Please stay out of her affairs! They are none of your business.

Be kind, but blunt, the good friends always are

Then move on sorry to say that true friend or not will be tested

I wouldn’t say anything to her because it won’t matter. Time with her own child doesn’t even matter to her. It just shows a lot about your friends character and where her priorities are.

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If that is your best friend. Then come out and say it.
Let it go

If you value your friendship mind your own business.

If she’s really your friend then tell her, use kind words but don’t sugar coat it. Friends don’t let friends hurt themselves. The other part is once you say your piece leave it alone if no changes. This really isn’t your fight unless you think the child is being neglected of course. You have to stay in your lane and not internalize this thing. Her parent’s enabling her is not your business.

She’s immature. Thankfully her parents are willing to help

Not every woman that has a baby is a mother. Today women are giving birth before knowing the father. Grandparents are a lot younger these days, failed with theirs so tries to make up for it with the grands. Forget trying to educate the mother, you be a good friend and dote over the child. If you are being her wing girl, don’t go. Be there for the child when you can. Maybe she will grow up


Tell her to grow the f up! At 29 yrs of age and having a child, it’s high time she grows up and starts thinking about someone besides herself! Her parents are also just enabling her to be irresponsible. That child needs her and if she doesn’t change, she may well end up losing him permanently. As a friend, she needs you to be blatantly honest with her. Period. Perhaps someone should just call Children’s Services on her. Perhaps that’s the wake up call she needs.

Her parents need to step up and let her know that they are not built in babysitters, and they have a life too!!

Nothing u can rly besides talk to her about it but then you will probably lose her as a friend…she’s clearly going through something…

My opinion mind your business

Talk to her. Ask, don’t tell.

Mind your own business.


It’s not your place. If the child is being cared for properly by grand parents, then that should be the only concern. You are not the parent police, you don’t get to decides what is appropriate amount of time to spend. Not your life, not your child, not your problem :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Honestly it isn’t your place :woman_shrugging:t2: worry about yourself.

Mind your own business would be a good start

sometimes unplanned babies do not grow up to be loved children. This is between her and the grandparents. It sounds like the best possible solution at this time. And why are you so concerned - check your motivation.

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Speak the truth in love. You are right. You should not look back at past but also the future is important. She needs to do right with her baby her family and herself. Because it will affect her future. A true friend loves at all times. Luv her and tell the truth. Eventually she will be thankfull for your help💕

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You answered your own question it’s not your place to say anything just be a friend and let her parents be the one to say something

Most of us know someone just like your friend. You can say something to her but be prepared for her to be in denial. Sometimes you just gotta leave people to experience their own regrets for this foolish behavior. :100::100::100:

Mind your own business