I don't think my husband deserves to go out with his mom: advice?

My (untrustworthy) mother-in-law invited my husband for spring break vacation, just him and her and her two daughters. Mind you, she has backstabbed me in the past as well as my husband has put me through hell and back. I’ve had trust issues with him, women, recently drug abuse, he’s clean now (so far), and he’s been jobless for over a year. I have been the only one bringing any kind of income into the home for about a year now. Has he worked overtime to make ends meet, and should he get rewarded? We have three kids together, little ones, and she never considers them nor asks about them. He is aware that she isn’t the best grandma to my children but, of course, covers for her as his mom. Yes, I feel left out, but not only did I not get to take my kids anywhere for spring break because I’m cautious with money, he never wants to do anything, even if it’s the park. He let me know she invited him to leave within 24 hours, and I got upset and asked if he really thought he deserves to go and if it was fair for him to go while we stayed behind? So much more in detail bottom line is I don’t trust him. It’s a work in progress, I don’t trust my MIL and I don’t believe it’s fair ?!

I mean, he is a grown man and can do as he pleases hun. But I don’t like how you are not included. That seems rude to me. Maybe talk to him about how you feel??