I don't think my in laws should visit because of COVID: Advice?

I get what your saying but yes they are willing to be careful and take precautions before exposing your family , and also you said you were around ur side of the family taking precautions so why can’t you be around his taking precautions? And just because ur not doing anything with your family doesn’t mean to stop his family from seeing their grandkids as long as they r taking precautions.


This sounds like some other kind of feelings towards them :woman_shrugging: why isn’t the husband handling his own parents if you both feel they shouldn’t come?


In my most humble opinion, please go with your gut, your maternal instincts and think of your immediate family. You and your parents have decided not to have Christmas together so why in the world would you even consider having Christmas with in laws who are travelling and not self isolating for 14 days before they visit.Not to mention that your MIL works in Emergency. It could be 10 to 14 days before she tests positive. Please, it is too risky ( and some might say unconscienable ) to let them near your small children and yourselves.

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I have the same basic situation going on with my mother. She keeps telling me that she is coming to visit my children and I, regardless of the fact that both of my kids and I are all high risk due to different health issues. I finally had to tell her that since she doesn’t want to listen to me and cares more about “getting away” from her home than the health and safety of her grandchildren and child, that if she shows up on my doorstep, the door will be locked and she will not be allowed inside. Nor will she be allowed near her grandchildren at a future date because obviously she has no regard for their health or safety. I haven’t heard from her since, nor has she shown up.

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I totally get it. I’m hosting dinner in my home with my in-laws. I prefer to cancel but my husband’s 88 year old grandma insists. I feel she is totally risking her life to have this dinner. We are in Indiana and cases are skyrocketing. Public schools just got shut down. I don’t think we can talk her out of it. If we cancel, she’ll have it at her house.

You’ll be fine. As long as nobody in your house has a preexisting illness, even in the long shot chance your mil,fil give you covid chances are you wont even know. My entire family got it. We felt like crap for a day and a half and were fine the next day by dinner. Unless you’re old or sick you’ll be fine. Let the mil fil come visit.

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Masks don’t prevent COVID-19. I wear a mask everywhere besides home, work in healthcare and still got COVID-19. I tested negative on a Friday, then positive the following Tuesday. I had a tickle in my throat and that was my only symptom. Stay firm on your no.


Everyone has there own rights to do what they want but remember we are never promised another day so it could be your last holiday with one on your family members and this I know because I lost my son 7 years ago before Christmas and it’s so hard missing loved ones so for me and my family we will get together and live our lives without fear or control from government


If they test negative before they come, I don’t see the big deal. This sounds like you’re using covid as an excuse for something else. Just my opinion :woman_shrugging:t3:


Do what you feel is right for your family. That’s what’s important not visits

Stop! There’s a protocol for recovery in five days. Live yr life,. trust God!

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Easy solution here; don’t answer the door when they come knocking :hugs:

It IS your family so your word thatcounts

Stick to your guns .

People need to grow a set!
Feed the Fear! Thats the way! :laughing:… You cant change the inevitable! You Cant Control this! Just live your Life! Have Faith in something, start with God! Not the Government. And surely not Demacrats or Dr’s … Live YOUR life!

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You lost me with the last sentence. So you have been going around your family “carefully” I’m assuming because they live close, but his family makes plans months ago, and its not an option for you guys to be around them carefully as well? I would say if you guys were 100% staying in, not having any contact with ANYONE outside your home then yes your point and concern would be valid. But you haven’t. It seems wrong to me that you can go around your family, but not his who probably doesn’t get to see you guys or their grandkids as often anyways. I mean ultimately its your home and your decision, but the fact that you admitted to still going around your family just doesn’t seem right. You can’t pick and choose what side of the family is “safe” to be around and shun the other.

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The CDC is recommending everyone stay home… You can test negative before you board a plane and be exposed in the airport or on the plane. I would stand my ground . Better be safe than sorry.

The only people I’m seeing for thanksgiving are my parents. And that’s because we live a block from each other and they babysit for me everyday. I already told everyone else that my son and I will not be around others, not even for Christmas, but they are welcome to FaceTime or fb video chat if they want. Don’t let up. If you say no, they need to respect that.

I think no matter what you dislike your in laws .

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Cheryl Wasik can I safely fly from one home to another if their both mine??

So put your foot down