I fear being judged when I tell my family that I am pregnant: Advice?

I have four kids(twins, same dad), 9 yr old (diff dad), and a 6 yr old(diff dad). I’m currently pregnant with my bf’s baby. We have been together almost a yr, and we live together. My younger two are with us full-time, and twins half time. I’m nervous about telling my family due to being judged and all the negative comments. I haven’t lived at home since 2013. I was just wondering if anyone else has been thru something similar. Thanks:)

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No matter what judgments anyone has, they don’t have the right to tell you how to live your life if you aren’t dependent on them. You’re out on your own and taking care of each of your kids. As long as each kid is provided for, nurtured, and loved then I don’t see why you have to justify yourself to anyone. Life happens and things don’t go as planned. But as long as you’re able to match each of the children’s needs, you’re doing your job. It’d be nice to have your family’s support I’m sure. Main focus should be on continuing what’s best for your kids.