I feel guilt for leaving my kids...advice?

Mommas! I started working at night so my kids can be watched by their dad. But i feel so guilty for leaving them but its my only way of income. How can i make sure to let them know mommy is still there?


I’m going through this too except they’re with my brother. I learned spending time with them before you go is helpful. Like real time no electronics, stay off your phone. Talk play a game cuddle. All that. It still hurts cause mommy guilt is real butt it makes things better. And they feel seen and heard. Also mini dates help. One on one time once a week has definitely helped

spend time with them individually on your days off

Are u together or separated? Either way just explain that you are going to work and will be back in the morning for them to get around for school. It’s hard working thirds but my kids understood that it made it to where I could attention all there things and spend more time with them during the waking hours of the day.