I feel like I am failing as a parent...advice?

I feel like I’m failing as a parent my baby doesn’t want to eat anything other than purées she’s 10 months old doesn’t even want to hold the food and also not crawling or standing up.


It’s not your fault some babies develop later than others maybe try some classes or watch videos online keep practicing don’t give up. Stay strong and reach out to support system feel free to reach out to me as well. :heart::heart::heart:

I feel ya girl…my baby boy is a year in a half and has a physical therapist working with standing…he won’t hold the spoon or a bottle even…I try not to let the mom guilt get to me…I know he’ll get there…but its frustrating at times and my mom told me not to compare him to other children…kids learn at different speeds…your little one will get there

I am a mother of four children. They are grown up now. I also have 8 grandchildren. I would say introduce her to small foods snacks such as Cheerios, baby crackers that they can gnaw on, soft banana and maybe don’t puree her food as fine. Let it be a bit chunky not as puréed. Some pastina, small macaroni. Introduce to small bits of fruits, they love gold fish. Start small. Good luck.

You are not failing! It’s okay if she doesn’t want to eat solid food yet. Babies do things at different rate. As long as your pediatrician isn’t concern neither should you be. Keep working with her and she’ll get it on her time

All baby’s are different. My now 3yo didn’t crawl until 11month and I put chocolate buttons across the floor in a line to get her to crawl for them :see_no_evil: my 10.5mo walks round the furniture. I have 3 and theyre all so different! My 1st had purées at 10m old, you’re 100% not failing, every child is so different! :white_heart:

Does t matter if the baby is only eating purees , as long as they are eating if the baby is growing and gaining wait I would not worry, as far as crawling and standing they all do that in their own good time . I had 4 kids that all did at different ages . Ask pediatrician

Every baby is different. Mine didn’t start crawling until his 1 year mark or standing up. But I will say if you are concerned there are normally early intervention groups that can help you through his development. My son is talking, crawling and eating solid foods and started pulling himself up finally at 13 months but is having less success in standing alone or trying to walk. So as a mom I have taken advantage of a free early intervention service they give you lots of ideas on exercises you can do with your child to help his/her development. If you’re concerned reach out to these programs in your area!

Every child is different but it would be in her best interest to see a developmental pediatrician who can evaluate if she needs any kinds of therapy.

I always eat with my kids so they will see me eating and they will eat too. Maybe that will help and let her to feed herself doesn’t matter how much mess it will make, you always can clean it

All children are different. Some are just late at doing things I would not be too hard on yourself or worry too terribly much yet. However, if your too concerned definitely talk to your pediatrician.

Not your fault. Babies learn on there own or could have autism. My niece was Like that, she over 1 years old and still has a hard time talking. So possibly is also autistic. It’s nothing us parents can do. They will do what they want and how they want lol. Some are stubborn too lol

You’re not failing. People just tend to develop at different paces, including babies. My oldest kid didn’t start walking until I was on maternity leave with her sister, and they are 16 mos apart!

Every baby is different, maybe try making own fruit purées or yogurts/ rice pudding as for the crawling mine just did in there own time I wouldn’t stresss to much

offer finger food alongside purée, put it in her hands and eat with her, modelling how to do it. she’s still small don’t worry😊 all babies go at their own pace and some don’t ever crawl, they just go straight to walking!

It’s not u all kids do things at different times just keep encouraging her to eat new things and if she wants something then leave it we’re she can see it and let her go get it she will go get it if you don’t get it for her. If she’s been given the all clear from a doctor then she’s being lazy not ur fault in the slightest. I had one lazy one out of my 7 but she’s 17 now and perfectly fine and healthy don’t stress to much I no it’s hard x

Ten months??? Let her be a baby girl it goes too fast mother of Three 13 18 and 25 again it really does go toooo fast enjoy this time amen

Your not failing. Every baby is different but that doesn’t mean ur a bad mom. Hold ur head up and try different things

Well unpopular opinion here but if your baby isn’t crawling perhaps ask your physician about that . Just want to make Sue they are healthy and advancing at the rate they should as far as the food i wouldn’t be that concerned as long as they are eating and growing :heart:

Babies do things on their own time not ours…

Every child is different. Ten months isn’t old purees is ok . Some babies won’t crawl if they are carried alot.

My oldest walked the day she turned one. My youngest walked at ten months. Every baby is different. Don’t be so hard on yourself

Sounds like you got a fruit lover baby.

Maybe u should talk to your pediatrician just in case.

All children are different. My son didn’t eat or sit up until he was a year old.

Your not failing hun
All babies do things at different times
As for puree if she is happy with that
Let her have it
As for solids
Give her some carrot sticks , fruit toast
That she can use as finger food
Yes it will no doubt end up on the floor
But that’s part of introducing solds
We have all been there

Baby is 10 months it’s okay. Especially with the first…

Shes not even 1 don’t worry.
Shes 10 months old not 4

Food before 1 is just for fun.

10 months old is still very very youngz they will gwt there in their own time.c

My 2.5yr old would still live on pouches if i let him too so dont worry too much about that . Eatinf is the goal who cares if its pouches at this age, although you can easily and cheaply make your own

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10 months is still young. I would wait a couple of months. If nothing improves speak to your Pediatrician. Some babies don’t crawl and don’t walk until 14 months old.

That’s okay baby’s do at their own pace as long as u expressed concerns to pedi and what they say but my last baby she was late with everything didn’t sit up til almost a year none of my kids crawled and walked talked at their own speed

Babies don’t need solid foods til after a year old, anything prior is just practice, baby still gets everything they need from their milk.

As for the mobility, if you’re concerned, I would ask your doctor, but my youngest never crawled. Not once, he did this weird scoot thing for a small amount of time then learned to start walking.