I feel like I am failing as a wife and mother!

We are a softball family!! Gone 24/7 ! I am on the board at our park, my oldest plays travel, my youngest plays rec , and my husband plays tournament men’s league. We recently took custody of my twin nephews ( 15) and one is handicap. Our house is embarrassing. It is a mess. Laundry for days, clutter, and I will not allow anyone to visit. I handle the finances, cook home cooked meals every night, work full time from home, handle pretty much everything with the kids and still try and be spend time with my kids and husband…

. My husband works full time… but feels because he works in the heat and I work from home, I should be able to keep the house up. He is always falling asleep as soon as he comes in the house, and I understand that. Heat exhaust you. But he feels he should be able to pick up in the house once every couple weeks and it should stay clean. He doesn’t wash dishes and only washes clothes when he has to throw something he wants to wear in the laundry. Kids ask him to play in the yard or I ask him to do something in the afternoon, its “no, bc my feet hurt” … " I actually work and not get to sit at home"… etc. But yet he will go spend a whole Saturday (sometimes from 8am till 2am )on the ball field doing something he wants. And expects us to sit with him the whole time to “support him”

We make our kids do chores, but of course, like any kids, they mess things up. He calls them lazy bc they dont keep the house spotless. I feel like I am running in circles and can never meet all the needs that we have as a family. I feel like I am failing and always fussing for something to get done bc when he gets home he acts a fool if the kids havent cleaned all day.


Kiddos are not meant to be the ones who ensure the house stays spotless. Maybe hire help?